Detroit Not Detroit III

It’s almost been two years since Georges of Lamixtape invited me to compile a playlist for the website. As the name maybe suggests Detroit Not Detroit the focus lies on techno music from the motorcity, but also music drawing inspiration from it, anything that (in my humble opionion) carries a certain Detroit vibe. A second volume followed a year later, and since everything needs to be a trilogy for some reason, the final volume went online this week.

Detroit Not Detroit III01. Autechre – Windwind (Warp)
02. St. Vitus Dance – Tunnel Vision (Peacefrog)
03. Seven Davis Jr – Summers (Apron Records)
04. Deadbeat – I.D. 6 (BLKRTZ)
05. Los Hermanos – Quetzal (Los Hermanos)
06. Clark – Riff Through The Fog (Warp)
07. Huerco S. – Elma (Opal Tapes)
08. Ron Trent & Chez Damier – Morning Factory (Peacefrog)
09. Recloose – Cardiology (Isolée Remix) (Playhouse)
10. Patrick Pulsinger – City Lights (City Of Starsigns) (R&S)

You can listen to the selection on Lamixtape or Spotify!

My First Mixtape

I’m not a DJ, I’m a music lover and record collector. I have several turntables in my flat, but I never owned a mixer in my life. Aside from a mixtape I made years ago to impress a girl (it didn’t work) and another for my mum (oh boy), I have never done anything like this. Still, when my friends at Colectivo Futuro asked me to contribute to their podcast, I was flattered and -more importantly- motivated to go ahead and try just that. I decided to pick the saddest, most melancholic music in my collection, music that fits well into the season, and started recording. And then I recorded some more. Several weeks later, I managed to come up with a selection running for 45 minutes, enough to fit on a C90 tape, which I hear is a trendy thing to do these days. Here’s a look at the tracklist:01. Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind – Rocky Mountains [Warner Bros]
02. Mark Pritchard – ? [Ho Hum]
03. Turiya Alice Coltrane & Devadip Carlos Santana – Illuminations [CBS]
04. Nelsinho E Sua Orchestra – Chove Chuva [Blue Note]
05. Quarteto Em Cy – Talvez [EMI]
06. Daedelus – Fin De Siecle [Brainfeeder]
07. Build An Ark – Fun’s Theme [Kindred Spirits]
08. Teebs – Arthur’s Birds [Brainfeeder]
09. Dimlite – Gone-O-Tron [Now-Again]
10. Flying Lotus – Auntie’s Harp (Rebekah Raff Remix) [Warp]
11. J.K. & Co. – Fly [White Whale]
12. Jackson C. Franck – Milk And Honey [Brown Records]

There’s also a little interview with me you might want to read. As for the mix, I’d recommend listening to this without distraction, on your headphones, without skipping through it – that’s how this was intended to be. Hope you enjoy!

Detroit Not Detroit

A couple of months back, Georges of Lamixtape approached me whether I’d like to contribute a mixtape. Mixtape as in putting together a cassette for a friend, that’s the whole idea of the website. Took me while, but in the ended up compiling a top 10 of favourite Detroit techno tracks, including music by non-Detroit artists.

Lamixtape: Detroit Not Detroit

Everything you need to find out more about the tracks included:01. Psyche – Elements (1990, Transmat)
02. Clark – Christo (1995, Planet E)
03. Splinterfaction – Ultraism (2004, Digital Soul)
04. Ian O’Brien – Mad Mike Disease (1996, Ferox Records)
05. I:Cube – Tunnel Vision (2003, Versatile Records)
06. Nu Era – Marz 2010 (2001, Archive)
07. As One – Undefeated (2001, Ubiquity Records)
08. Stacey Pullen – Tsunami (2001, Science)
09. Neon Jung – Too Many Facets (2011, Magic Wire Recordings)
10. Domu – The Long Way Up (Nu Era Remix) (2004, Neroli)

Now head over to Lamixtape and listen to Detroit Not Detroit, only available this August!

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

Earlier this month, we have restocked our t-shirts (and lowered the price) and while at it, two of these totes have been printed with Rubens Lp‘s illustration. They can hold several 12-inch records and as we don’t have plan to sell these, we want to give them away to a lucky winner who’ll complete the following steps.

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

First of all you have to share this post on Facebook, or click the Tweet button below. You can do both, it only doubles your chances. On Good Friday, two lucky winners will be drawn by an emotion-free algorithm.

A giveaway instead of a giveaway

The plan was to give away some records today, but it turned out I didn’t get those records yet. As I got so enthusiastic about giving, the plan was changed and I’m now giving away three of those t-shirts Paul Pre is showing off below.

Paul Pre got a brand-new shirt

This is how you enter the competition: Go to our Facebook page and hit the like button (I’m sure you did that long ago, right?) There you will find the announcement to this competition. Like it or share it, but make sure to leave a comment with your size (choose between M, L and XL!) Winners will be announced on January 21, 2012. It’s that easy!

Not on Facebook, not the lucky type? There are still some shirts left in the store!

January 22, 2012 This giveaway is now closed, all winners have been notified!

T-Shirts! T-Shirts!

It’s been a while since I did a small run of t-shirts, but I finally had the chance to make some more. Designed by my good friend Rubens LP, they were meant as a thank you to the contributors to our podcast series. Well, there are a few left and you can buy one if you want to support this little blog.

T-Shirts! T-Shirts!

All shirts were printed with love and care, using water-based colors and organic cotton shirts. Naturally, I tested a couple of brands to make sure the shirts are durable and the colors don’t wear off.

There aren’t too many available, so you better be quick to get one. Depending on the demand I might make some more in the future.

Buy now!

Free T-Shirts!

As previously mentioned on Twitter, I’ve been printing some t-shirts to give away to friends and supporters of this website. The design was made by my good friend Rubens LP and screen-printed in two colours on white shirts. t-shirt

So why am I telling you this? I decided to give the first samples I made. No fancy brands, just simple white shirts – for free! So if your size is L (large), just leave a comment with your name and email and by Wednesday next week I’ll pick the winners.

PS: more shirts should be available September/October for a nice price!

As time goes by

About this time a year ago, the current design of the site went online. So I went a little through my files to share some previous incarnations and early drafts with you.

As you can see, the very first draft was very simple and the content was in rounded boxes. It even adjusted alright for different text lengths, but the idea was scrapped after all. The actual design was really simple then, as we didn’t want to delay the launch of the site anymore as some of the content was already prepared. After a while, I noticed that old content quickly disappeared so it called for a new design that allowed banners for some of the older features. As for the second version of the site, I think it was easily the worst design so far, which is why it only lasted for about half a year. I find it quite interesting we always started with a bright layout while drafting, but changed it to something darker for improved readability.

It keeps surprising me that current version is only a year old, if feels much older. While it still has one or the other flaw, I think I could go on with it for a while, maybe polish it up a little bit some time this year.

If you want to leave any comment of suggestions or critique, this looks to be the right post to do so!

SoundCloud Blog of the Week

The folks at SoundCloud figured I’m using their player widgets quite frequently and asked me what that’s all about. So, for their very first Blog of the Week feature they did a little interview with me. Feels a bit awkward to be asked questions for a change, I guess I feel more comfortable being the interviewer myself. But of course I’m also very proud to be part of this, so my thanks go to Michelle and the entire SoundCloud team!

Send me your track

And while we’re at it, you can always send me your music to my DropBox (click above). I am perfectly aware that I should integrate it better into the site, as it’s actually the prefered way to send me new tunes. Working on it!

New Layout!

You were probably suspicious about the few articles in the last week, and indeed I was busy finishing this new layout. I consider this only a step towards the new site, but I found it important to give some older articles more spotlight. I’m planning a major change to follow later this year, but for now that’s it. I hope you like it! There will still be glitches, but hopefully nothing too serious.