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A lot has happened since this blog was started four years ago. After the first year, a podcast was launched, we printed t-shirts for our fans and contributors, and more recently first steps in preparation of a record label have been taken. That’s a lot of work for the three of us and it probably started to show. We thought about letting the site grow for a while now, but at the same time we were worried about what it might become.

In the end we decided to be open for new and different influences and that’s were you could play a part. If you like what we’ve been doing over the years and think you could add something to the site, you are more than welcome to contribute (and there are benefits!) At the moment we are most interested in people who can write reviews of new record releases.

If you are interested, please submit examples of your written work and your favourite releases from the last 6-12 months to the address above.

Disclaimer: You can probably imagine that we already receive a lot of emails. Like you, we don’t like emails we didn’t ask for and we hate spam! We hope you understand that we will delete all unrelated mail sent to that address.