Detroit Not Detroit

A couple of months back, Georges of Lamixtape approached me whether I’d like to contribute a mixtape. Mixtape as in putting together a cassette for a friend, that’s the whole idea of the website. Took me while, but in the ended up compiling a top 10 of favourite Detroit techno tracks, including music by non-Detroit artists.

Lamixtape: Detroit Not Detroit

Everything you need to find out more about the tracks included:01. Psyche – Elements (1990, Transmat)
02. Clark – Christo (1995, Planet E)
03. Splinterfaction – Ultraism (2004, Digital Soul)
04. Ian O’Brien – Mad Mike Disease (1996, Ferox Records)
05. I:Cube – Tunnel Vision (2003, Versatile Records)
06. Nu Era – Marz 2010 (2001, Archive)
07. As One – Undefeated (2001, Ubiquity Records)
08. Stacey Pullen – Tsunami (2001, Science)
09. Neon Jung – Too Many Facets (2011, Magic Wire Recordings)
10. Domu – The Long Way Up (Nu Era Remix) (2004, Neroli)

Now head over to Lamixtape and listen to Detroit Not Detroit, only available this August!