My First Mixtape

I’m not a DJ, I’m a music lover and record collector. I have several turntables in my flat, but I never owned a mixer in my life. Aside from a mixtape I made years ago to impress a girl (it didn’t work) and another for my mum (oh boy), I have never done anything like this. Still, when my friends at Colectivo Futuro asked me to contribute to their podcast, I was flattered and -more importantly- motivated to go ahead and try just that. I decided to pick the saddest, most melancholic music in my collection, music that fits well into the season, and started recording. And then I recorded some more. Several weeks later, I managed to come up with a selection running for 45 minutes, enough to fit on a C90 tape, which I hear is a trendy thing to do these days. Here’s a look at the tracklist:01. Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind – Rocky Mountains [Warner Bros]
02. Mark Pritchard – ? [Ho Hum]
03. Turiya Alice Coltrane & Devadip Carlos Santana – Illuminations [CBS]
04. Nelsinho E Sua Orchestra – Chove Chuva [Blue Note]
05. Quarteto Em Cy – Talvez [EMI]
06. Daedelus – Fin De Siecle [Brainfeeder]
07. Build An Ark – Fun’s Theme [Kindred Spirits]
08. Teebs – Arthur’s Birds [Brainfeeder]
09. Dimlite – Gone-O-Tron [Now-Again]
10. Flying Lotus – Auntie’s Harp (Rebekah Raff Remix) [Warp]
11. J.K. & Co. – Fly [White Whale]
12. Jackson C. Franck – Milk And Honey [Brown Records]

There’s also a little interview with me you might want to read. As for the mix, I’d recommend listening to this without distraction, on your headphones, without skipping through it – that’s how this was intended to be. Hope you enjoy!