Favourite Mixes: Dego’s Selector Series Vol. 2

The Selector Series Vol. 2 mixed by Dego @ Scattered Snares (http://scattered-snares.tumblr.com)

Alright, I had this coming for a long time, but hey I’m a great procrastinator so it often takes a little extra time to put something down. Well, I’m part of a generation that grew up on (mostly jungle) mixtapes and later the mix CD, a format that had a much higher significance back in the nineties, before the internet, podcasts, even long before SoundCloud or Mixcloud. To me, the mix CD has often been the media that taught me about the music that was available in the clubbing landscape, probably even at a time when I was too young to actually go to parties. !K7, or Studio !K7 as they were known at the time, played a huge part in that with their influential DJ-Kicks series, which will see it’s 50th release this year. My obsession with that series went that far, that I ended up getting the unmixed vinyl of the DJ-Kicks series, for that was a way to own some amazing tracks from those mixes on vinyl — and ultimately broadening my interest in different kinds of music.

Today, I’d like to talk about one of my favourite mix CD, released in 2003 on West London’s Goya Music, at a time when mixed CDs had surpassed their peak time. Interestingly, this is also the first ever mix CD by 4hero co-founder and broken beat innovator Dego. The Selector Series itself was meant to be a way to showcase music released through Goya’s distribution services, selected and mixed by some of the top DJs involved in the legendary Co-op nights: IG Culture, Bugz in the Attic, Domu, Phil Asher and so forth. Instead, only two volumes were ever released.

Unlike Alex Attias‘ selection of „top tunes”, Dego picks more unexpected

01. Likwid Biskit – The All New Ummmph! Part 4 (Everglades Runnings)
02. Meikbar – Feelings
03. Blaktonez – Pleasure Ride
04. Soul Drummers – Space Time (Restless Soul Galaxy Mix)
05. Bugz In The Attic – Waiting
06. Ne-Grove – Let It Ride
07. Bah Samba – Sugar Beet
08. Swell Session vs. Ernesto’s Let Me Decide
09. Mark de Clive-Lowe – The Way That It Goes
10. Stephane Attias – Liquid Pleasure
11. Starlight Express – Starlight Express
12. SK Radicals – Reachin’ 4 Da Farside (Misa Negra Remix)

Dego – Dimensions 2015 Mix

When was the last time Dego had such a momentum? The Two Pages period? The dawn of his 2000Black label? In any case it’s a good thing! Following his recent appearance on Benji B’s show and several NTS Live shows, London’s veteran producer is back for another mixtape for Dimensions Festival. The mix features music “inspired by Claude Young & Titonton Duvante”, namely classic Detroit techno and proto-broken beats.

Also watch out for what’s coming at you in the next couple of months, as Dego has several releases lined up, including a new album and his second EP with Kaidi Tatham on Eglo. Theo Parrish released another EP by the two longtime-collaborators earlier this month, and there’s a new 2000Black EP on Rush Hour.

Benji B with Dego

Benji B with Dego © BBC Radio 1

I’m always excited when there’s a chance to listen to a DJ set by 2000Black mastermind Dego. Yesterday the legendary underground producer stepped up for an exclusive mix for Benji B’s show on Radio 1. The tracklist reads as follows:Steve Miller Band – Space Intro
Dego – Dego’s Dancehall Cry
Kelela – A Message
Kaytranada – At All
Hudson Mohawke – Ryderz
GoldLink – Sober Thoughts
Kendrick Lamar – Complexion (A Zulu Love)
D’Angelo – Dreamin’ Eyes (Jay Dee Mix)
Gila Monsta – I Feel Empty
Logos – Glass
Arca – Sad B***h
Onra – Intro
Residence La Revolution – I Am Paint
Icube – 109bpm
Hardrive – Deep Inside (Deep Inside Remix)
Sandy Rivera – Come Into My Room (D Menace Remix) (feat. LT Brown)
Tuff Jam – Tumblin Down
Chez N Trent – The Choice (Witch Doctor Remix)
Floppy Sounds – Entertainment (Carl Craig Remix)
Cousin Cockroach – This Ain’t Tom N Jerry
Dego – Late Night Fright
Lordamercy – New Guitar New Mars
Dego – We’ve Been Here Before
Dego – Feminist Meetings
Dego – Keep It Moving Right
Dego – With Love
Dego – Moths In Wallets
Dego – The Stronghold Of Itharus
Electric Street Orchestra – Scorpio (2000 Black Remix Version 4)
Harmonic 313 – Flash
2000Black – Steady Jam’
Unknown – PimpSlap (Matt Lord Edit)
Philoso – Fist
MonoPoly – Needs Deodorant
Tension in the Ranks – Untitled Demo
Theo Parrish – Cypher Delight
Marcos Valle – Pista 02
Lil Silva – 606
Pangaea – Something In Your Eye
Anthony Naples – Miles
Quest – The Oceans Of Time

Many of those previously unheard tunes are taking from the forthcoming new Dego album The More Things Stay The Same, which will be out via 2000Black on May 26th, 2015. Listen to the preview:

In order to support quality radio, please do listen to the BBC stream while remaining online. This is the best way to support the show (and you can still grab a copy later on!)

2000Black – Make It Hard

Dego and the usual suspects Kaidi Tatham and Akwesi Mensah have reunited under the name of 2000Black and are about to release their first EP on Amsterdam’s Rush Hour imprint. And whether it’s the name of this renowned label or the fruits of Dego’s creative exchange with FaltyDL, the most suprising element for me in this liaison is big music sites such as Resident Advisor or XLR8R are actually writing about it! A good thing since these cats have been overlooked way out too often in the last decade or so.

“Make It Hard” is one of three tracks on the EP, and you can pre-order your copy from the Rush Hour store. If I remember correctly, Alexander Nut was playing another new cut by Dego & Kaidi, taken from a forthcoming record on Eglo, their second following the self-titled debut from last year. Keep your eyes peeled!

Update Actually, Alexander Nut played the mentioned Dego & Kaidi track again last weekend

Kaidi Tatham – Test Mastering Nose

I’ve already expressed my love for the new Dego & Kaidi EP on Eglo (I guess I always had a thing for them doing vocals on their own), now here’s another new demo by Kaidi Tatham sounding very promising. There have been several demos that never made it on a release or stayed up on SoundCloud for longer than a couple of months, so take a good listen before it vanishes for good.

Also, how much longer do we have wait until we can hear a proper London-LA collaboration? Chances might be better than ever before, as Eglo have a Shafiq Husayn record lined up next!

Dego & The 2000black Family

Dego & The 2000black Family

Another year, another moniker for Dego and his longterm collaborators Kaidi Tatham and Akwasi Mensah. It can be confusing if you’re not a devoted follower and the purpose isn’t always clear, I certainly find it difficult to make out a difference. But at the end of the day it’s the music I care for and incidentally the 2000black family consists of some of my favourite musicians.

So, there’s a new record coming out on Enrico Crivellaro’s Neroli imprint, the label that released some of Dego’s finest dance music many moons ago. Judging from the snippets, the highlight of the new EP is the opener Find A Way featuring Kaidi and Akwasi on vocals. The other vocal track brings back Bembe Segue, who we haven’t heard of in a while.

You can listen to the snippets or simply pre-order your copy on Rush Hour or Juno, the release date is September 2, 2013.

Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks – Mr Pickles

2000black are teasing us properly lately, first the free downloads, then a video from the recording sessions. Today, they present us another video and a first full track from the forthcoming album by Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks. Still no details on the album, but I’m getting used to this teasing – keep them coming!

In the studio with Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks

There’s no doubt the forthcoming album by Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks will be good, a look at those names makes it clear already. Once you’ve watched the video and seeing them have a good time during their record sessions, you know the album won’t just be good – it will be great! I certainly had a smile on my face and I’m looking forward to more details on the new album. In the meantime, you can download these freebies if you haven’t already.

2000black Freeness Vol. 4

As mentioned on Twitter the other day, there’s a new Kaidi Tatham album in the making. Scratch that, it’s actually an album by Kaidi Tatham, Akwasi Mensah, Matt Lord and Dego, a team that has collaborated before in one way or another. Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks, or let’s just call them TMLR for the moment. There’s no title for the TMLR album yet (presumably self-titled), neither is there a release date – but being finished raises hopes that it might not be too long.

For now there are a couple of outtakes available for download. Keep an eye on the 2000black for further announcements from TMLR!

Weekly Bits 11/2012

As you might know by now, the great IG Culture is about to release a new album on Kindred Spirits. Reason enough for Alexander Nut to invite the legendary West London producer on his Rinse FM show to play records. If you missed that one, click here to listen again

Alex Chase’s One-Handed Music is giving away the second Mo Kolours EP for free, the digital that is. You can buy the vinyl at the same link, unless you prefer shopping at Rush Hour, Sounds of the Universe or elsewhere.

Following the very special Julia Holter podcast, FACT Magazine has interviewed the Los Angeles-based producer about her latest album.

I’m very excited to hear there’ll be a new release from Shokazulu, which is likely another moniker of Dego McFarlane and Kaidi Tatham. Should be in stores this week, snippets are available here.

Benji B invited Scratcha DVA on his show to talk about his forthcoming debut album and play some music from it. There’s also a video interview with the man to check out on i-D Magazine.

With spring starting in the Northern hemisphere, we restocked our shirts and sell them cheaper than ever before. If you want to show your love and support this site, please consider buying one!

Dego – As Is

Can’t get enough of Dego‘s trademark bass and beats? Yeah, me neither! The man keeps giving away some treats for free as he did some months ago. On Freeness Vol. 3 you get the instrumental you can hear below and another tune with longtime collaborator Face.

I guess most fans got both tracks already, but those who aren’t familiar with Dego’s music, please check out his latest album and see what else you’ve missed.

Update If the download still isn’t working, you can cop the track above here and the other one there!

(via Moovmnt)

PMOI presents Dego Live in London

Dego Live


New York based Dego (of 4hero and 2000black fame) will make a stop in London in September to bring his latest masterpiece A Wha’ Him Deh Pon? to the stage. As usual he’s supported by Kaidi Tatham and Akwasi Mensah.

The whole thing takes place on September 15, 2011 at London’s C.A.M.P. with support from Eric Lau and Tanya Auclair.

For tickets and further informations visit Put Me On It!

Dego – Casual Play #19

Especially those who didn’t get his new album A Wha’ Him Deh Pon? yet, should take a good listen to Dego‘s new mixtape for Casual Play. Dig those sounds, then why not get yourself a copy of the record?

01. Vangelis – Memories of Green
02. Bun – Hellen
03. Soul Litchfield – Snowblind
04. Broadcast and The Focus Group – The Be Colony/The Dashing/What on Earth Took You?
05. Karriem Riggins – 12s in 8
06. Budamunky – Buds
07. Jaylib – Beat 11
08. Samiyam – Moon Shoes
09. Kan Sano – Elements of Notice
10. Hazel – Piano Boy
11. Metal Fingers – Burdock Root
12. Illa J – Sounds of Love (Carlos Nino + Miguel Atwood Ferguson In Space Remix)
13. Teddy Rok Seven – Damn Straight
14. Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood Ferguson – Untitled/Fantastic (Georgia Ann Muldrow Remix)
15. James Pants – Devilry and Sorcery
16. SA-RA Creative Partners – Souls Brother
17. Georgia Ann Muldrow – Amnrh Interlude
18. Mount Kimbie – Before I Move Off
19. Madlib – Dollar Bill
20. Shape of Broad Minds – Unnamed
21. Mono Poly – Oil Fields
I’m not sure (yet) whether you can download this without breaking the law, but why not give it a try?

Oh and sorry for the autoplay, I know it’s annoying!

Dego – Monday Blues

And here’s more teasing for Dego’s forthcoming longplayer A Wha’ Him Deh Pon?, which is only a week away from today (June 20, 2011.) Video directed by Heather Summerfield.

Let me also remind you of DJ Brainchild’s mixtape full of Dego productions, it is probably the best way to get through another week before the album drops.

DJ Brainchild beats Dego

As Dego‘s new album A Wha’ Him Deh Pon? is coming within reach, DJ Brainchild is reminding us of the brilliant productions he’s been involved in: DKD, 4hero, 2000black, Silhouette Brown, Da One Away.. it’s all in the mix.

DJ Brainchild - It's all over the place01. Dego – Da Fuzz (feat. Matt Lord)
02. 4hero – Hold It Down (feat. Lady Alma)
03. Silhouette Brown – They Can’t Tell Us
04. DKD – Future Rage
05. Dego – DNP exclusive
06. Dego – Love & Hate You (feat. Obenewa)
07. Dego – Sparkling Minds (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
08. 4hero – Something In The Way (feat. Bembe Segue & Kaidi Tatham)
09. Silhouette Brown – Strawberries In Vinegar
10. 2000Black – Lose It (feat. Face)
11. DKD – Natty Head
12. Dego – They Never Know (feat. Sarina Leah)
13. Dego – We Are Virgo (feat. Kaidi Tatham)
14. Tek 9 – Interlude
15. Dego – Whatever (feat. The Luv Bugz)
16. Capitol A – Doing It Up
17. Dego – Valentines exclusive
18. Dego – Pushing You To Begin (feat. Ferraz)
19. 2000Black – So Right (feat. Ferraz)
20. MM Black – 2000 Black (feat. Roy Ayers)
21. 4hero – Universal Love (feat. Carol Cosby)
22. Tek 9 – You Got To Slow Down
23. Jacob’s Optical Stairway – Jacob’s Optical Illusion
24. Da One Away – Trash Da Junk
25. 2000Black – If You Got 3 Wishes
26. 2000Black – Forgot The Steel Pans
27. Focus – Having Your Fun (4hero Remix)
28. 2000Black – Got Me Puzzled (feat. Face, Dego & Kaidi)
29. Dego – Right From Wrong (feat. Tosin Tao)
30. Dego – Road Lessons exclusive

Whether you want to rediscover some of those classics or hear them because you weren’t around the first time, you got to download this!

June 17, 2011 Tracklist via Omar Ellis