Warp20 NYC

Warp20 NYC took place over a year ago and you’ve probably seen this video elsewhere. However, only recently director Lorenzo Fonda uploaded this to his Vimeo page.

In this full documentary on the event, he filmed and interviewed involved artists Flying Lotus, Jamie Lidell, !!!, Hudson Mohawke, Clark, PVT and others. Click on the names to watch the individual parts only.

Mike Slott – Amanallah

When it comes to design, the art of arranging letters has to be my favourite discipline. This new Mike Slott video directed by Stuart Langfield makes great use of typography, reason enough to feature it here.

The track Amanallah itself is taken from last year’s Lucky 9Teen EP, which you can still buy on vinyl and digital.

Kelpe – Dig Up Stupid

Taken from last year’s Microscope Contents, London based beatmaker Kelpe uploaded one of the tracks for you to stream.

I’m absolutely in love with this tune, the 12-inch is greatly missed in my record collection. If you like it, please leave your comment on Kelpe’s SoundCloud page.

RE:09 Black Dynamite

While 2009 was a flourishing year for new and exciting music, it didn’t look so good for movies. Unsurprisingly, my favourite movies of last year were both “just” documentaries, Man On Wire being one of them. For music fans though, there were a few cinematic highlights I want to mention.

One of them is Soul Power, a documentary exclusively composed out of film material from the legendary music festival Zaire 74. It is already out on DVD and BluRay and is was a gift for subscribers of Shook Magazine. The second movie is Still Bill (trailer), a documentary on Bill Withers. Unfortunately, I was not yet able to watch this one, as it should be hard to find a cinema screening the film. Rumour has it, a DVD will be out in May 2010.

TV had some good stuff to offer as well, or at least I’m aware of these two great documentaries on BBC Four. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Kind of Blue album, 1959: The Year that Changed Jazz not only focuses on the most famous Miles Davis record, but also portraits jazz musicians Dave Brubeck, Charles Mingus, and Ornette Coleman. Another recommendation is Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany. As the name suggests it tells the story of bands such as Can, Kraftwerk, Faust, Neu! and Amon Düül and how they pioneered the music in post-war Germany. You can currently watch that one on YouTube, but you should consider it could be deleted soon.

Now, what I really want to talk about today, is the movie Black Dynamite. That’s a Blaxploitation film from last year, that comes astonishingly close to the originals from the seventies. It’s quite simple to decide whether that’s your type of movie – if you like the trailer you will like the movie.

The reason it works so well, is the producer’s affection to recreate a movie as if it was shot in the peaktime of the Afro-American movie phenomenon. It’s not a bad remake like the 90’s version Shaft and it’s a more consequently adaptated than anything you have seen from Tarantino. It doesn’t try to be anything better one of these a vintage films, it’s just as trashy as the originals.

Another reason why the movie has this authentic feel is its music. Like the picture, it’s no collection of old, instead all tracks were exclusively written and arranged for the film. Wax Poetics has this video putting you in the picture of the recordings of the music.

I only got myself a copy of the score, but there is also a soundtrack available. The score was recorded by multi-instrumentalist Adrian Younge, playing the Rhodes electric piano, Hammond organ, Hohner Clavinet, harpsichord, synthesizer, vibraphone, guitar, bass, flute, sax, cello, and drums! Here are some snippets to listen to.A1. Black Dynamite Theme
A2. Cleaning Up the Streets
A3. Man with the Heat (Superbad)
A4. Shine
A5. Jimmy’s Dead
A6. Shot Me in the Heart
A7. Black They Back
B1. Gloria (Zodiac Lovers)
B2. Anaconda Malt Liquor
B3. Jimmy’s Apartment
B4. Jimmy’s Dead (Interlude)
B5. Chicago Wind
B6. Rafelli Chase
B7. Jimmy’s Dead (Instrumental)
B8. Dynomite (Suckapunch Re-edit)
The original soundtrack was recorded by multiple artists in the same fashion as the score. As I don’t own a copy of that, I can’t really say anything further about it.

Both soundtrack and movie score are available on limited vinyl pressings (2000 hand-numbered pieces). And they sell fast for a reason! If you shouldn’t be lucky to get copies (try Juno and Rush Hour), there are also digital releases available.

I:Cube – Falling EP

Record Sleeve

Record Sleeve

It’s been quite a while since Nicolas Chaix has released his last album. Whether you count in his live LP or not, something between four and seven years have passed already. Being a huge fan of both his work as solo-artist and Château Flight I was delighted to hear about his latest release.A1. Falling
B1. Un Dimanche Sans Fin
B2. Operation Hypnosis

So again it’s not an album, but some great music nevertheless. Sounds a bit like the improvisations from the (stellar!) Planetarium sessions matured into full-grown tracks. Wouldn’t mind to hear some more of that.

The Falling EP is already available from his label Versatile, the vinyl and the MP3s are both available from Juno.

Kid Vector – The Rebirth Of Yule

Is there a nicer way to wish you a Merry Christmas than with some good music? I will borrow the music from Kid Vector, who is not only good at mixing records, but also a great designer. You might know the artwork for his own Infinity City mixtape or the sleeve-design for Comfort Fit’s Polyshufflez album.

Kidvector - The Rebirth Of Yule

Well, he just put together this Christmas mixtape for you. And as there is no tracklist available, I will just recommend the download and wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Dâm-Funk – Mirrors

Just in time to remember us of the upcoming release of the 5-LP box set of Toeachizown, the ambassador of funk presents his new video for the track Mirrors.

The debut from Dâm-Funk is already out on double-CD and digital download. You can pre-order the vinyl box on the Stones Throw website, the official release-date is January 4, 2010.

Recomposed Kevorkian & von Oswald Mixes

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

I didn’t expect another record with remixes of last year’s Recomposed album, but being a big fan of Carl Craig and Moritz von Oswald, I’m glad about the news. The first volume included remixes from Ricardo Villalobos and Carl Craig himself, now it’s Moritz von Oswald and François Kevorkian stepping up.

On the A-side comes a dancefloor-oriented collaboration between Kevorkian and Oswald. The flipside holds a solo mix from Oswald, reminiscent of his Rhythm & Sound output – quite dubby with very subtle use of percussion.

A. Berlin Meets NY by François Kevorkian & Moritz von Oswald
B. Development Mix by Moritz von Oswald

The record is already available in stores and it looks like it’s only available on vinyl. You can get your copy at Juno or Rush Hour.

Moonstarr – Farfisa 45

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Kevin Moon’s Montreal-based label Public Transit has put out its first 7″, a collaboration between Moonstarr and organist Tony Ezzy.

Moonstarr teams up with Montreal’s funkiest musician Tony Ezzy on PTRs first 7inch 45 rpm! Farfisa 45 is guaranteed to heat up any dance floor. The songs pay homage to great Brazilian organists like Walter Wanderley and Ed Lincon. Featuring dirty drum breaks and samples played by Moonstarr and jazzy Farfisa Organ work by Tony Ezzy.

While doing some research on the record, I stumbled across three different release dates. However, the record should also be available in most recordshops by now, I spotted it at Juno and Rush Hour.

You know you support this best when you buy directly from the label, Public Transit sells it for unbeatable $3.5!

If you don’t call a record-player your own, you can get a Farfisa 45 from digital stores worldwide, including big players like iTunes or Amazon.

North / South / East / West

Bleep teamed up with British photographer Shaun Bloodworth and designer Stuart Hammersley (GiveUpArt) to create a “musical and visual document”, titled North / South / East / West (NSEW).

Both artists have built their reputation in the dubstep scene, Bloodworth being the photographer for the iconic album covers from Skream or Benga or the L.A. Dope series. In most cases, Hammersley does the graphics for the mentioned products, but he is also responsible for the (corporate) designs of Tempa, Apple Pips or London’s FWD club.

On 14 prints, NSEW documents artists from the North and South UK and the East and West coast  of the United States. In addition to that comes a CD with 12 tracks from those artists, including Flying Lotus, Daedelus, Hudson Mohawke, FaltyDL and Headhunter among others (full tracklist below).

01. Daedelus – A Bloodworth
02. Hudson Mohawke – FUSE
03.  Geeneus – Ultrafunkula
04. Flying Lotus – Comet Course (Matthew David Alternative Mix)
05. Headhunter – Collecting Butterflies
06. Falty DL – Some Day My Queen Will Come
07. Flying Lotus – Rickshaw
08. Skream – Slumfunk
09. Mike Slott – Giants Meet
10. Kotchy – You Know You
11. Rustie – Bad Science
12. Taz Buckfaster – Au Revoir
The entire package is available in two limited editions, the only difference is the inclusion of an A2 poster. You can pre-order both editions from Bleep, the release-date is December 1st

Bartellow – If you don't know

From Munich-based producer Bartellow comes this instrumental of a new track, which he created at this year’s Schmiede. Schmiede is a community platform for producers much like the far bigger Red Bull Music Academy. They are hosting a workshop/festival kind of event near Salzburg (Austria) every year.

You can grab this track from Bartellow’s SoundCloud, where you can also leave a comment. Another track is also available for download.

Izzi Dunn – Tits & Ass

Eight years after first making an appearance on Kaidi Tatham’s classic Betcha Did and her debut album produced by the same man, Izzi Dunn reunites with the London based keyboarder for her new single.

Tits & Ass sounds like Izzi is aiming to gain a wider audience, but the fact the Kaidi has co-written and co-produced the song is enough for me to post this video. Her new album Cries & Smiles will be out in early 2010.

A Guide to 12345678

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Düsseldorf’s electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk released their eight albums from 1974’s Autobahn to 2003’s Tour de France in a box-set. While some fans will be sad that early albums Kraftwerk, Kraftwerk 2 and Ralf & Florian are not included in the selection, the ones included were remastered for the first time by today’s standards. If you’re not sure what this means or what you can expect, I recommend having a read on 5 against 4 for an in-depth comparison.

Another question for die-hard fans is the language of this 8-CD box set. Kraftwerk originally recorded albums with both German titles and lyrics. For the English speaking part of the world, however, the quartet chose to re-record the albums. Many got to learn Kraftwerk from these “translations” and may want to stick to that. On the other hand it’s not only the orthodox fans that want to get their hand on the “original” versions, but it’s also a chance to discover something slightly different.

So, here’s an overview on the different options available to you. In Germany, Kraftwerk’s own Kling Klang imprint releases both versions of 1234568, otherwise identifiable by the cover saying “Der Katalog” or “The Catalogue”. In the UK it’s Mute putting out the English box set, in the States it’s Astralwerks.

Der Katalog / The Catalogue
Radioaktivität / Radio-Activity
Trans Europa Express / Trans Europe Express
Die Mensch-Maschine / The Man-Machine
Computerwelt / Computer World
Techno Pop
The Mix
Tour De France

Apart from the CD-only box set, all of the included albums are available seperately on remastered LPs. To spot the right version for you, it is recommend to take a closer look. Amazon sells the vinyl versions in  Germany, United Kingdom and the United States. The former is the only one with both versions available. However, if you spot a version at your favourite record-dealer, you better ask staff or listen to the record before buying.

It also seems that U.S. buyers still have to wait for the box to be released.

o1o – Bread and Circuses EP

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Oakland’s Aybee is back with a new EP under the o1o moniker. On Bread and Circuses he keeps it deep, but with a different twist than the music on the East Oakland Space Program album from earlier this year.

Not sure how to describe the music best. It’s not house or techno, this is definitely more hip-hop influenced. The third track features vocals from Malena Perez, you might remember it from the video I mentioned before on Twitter.01. The Meeting
02. Moonstalk
03. Refuge feat. Malena Perez
04. Release The Kraken

You can listen to two of the tracks in full-length on the Deepblak SoundCloud. Or get your copy directly from the label.

Aardvarck – Titi

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Amsterdam’s Mike Kivits must be considered one of the best in the city’s rich music scene and luckily he is also very busy to maintain this status. You know him best as on half of Rednose Distrikt, and when he’s working solo he calls himself Aardvarck. His debut on the Eat Concrete label came out last month already and it’s his 4th solo album following “Find the Cow”, “Cult Copy” and “Pig Style.”

If you heard any of these, you already know Aardvarck as a restless spirit, always in search of something new or different. While Cult Copy was inspired by Detroit techno, Pig Style was his fresh approach on electronic hip-hop. Some of the early Rednose output was played by broken beat DJs worldwide, and if you heard his recent Bloom series, you also know he’s got a growing interest for dubstep.

On his latest, Aardvarck follows a similiar path as on his 2001 album Find the Cow. Released on Delsin in 2001, it’s his most versatile and most experimental production to date, with influences reaching from early Squarepusher to Domu or Tek 9. Well, Titi may not be as radical and not as nineties-inspired either, yet many comparisons can be drawn.01. Unttld
02. Ndutt
03. Nutelt
04. Titun
05. Teutld
06. Tldt
07. Dlunte
08. Lnttd
09. Ltdutn
10. Dnt
11. Duntit
12. Nutt
13. Tulti
14. Edun
15. Titi
16. Tl
17. Ednui
18. Untitle
19. Nl
20. Idlunt
21. Etuti
22. New Acid (Bonus1)
23. Ahahah (Bonus2)
24. Cow (Bonus3)
25. Troooopmix (Bonus4)
Most of the tracks follow an atmospheric, mostly dark synthesizer with beats ranging from hip-hop to broken schemes. Once again, I must quote Soul in Motion for its comparable mood. This mood lasts until the very end of the album, when the bonus tracks take a different direction, each reminiscent of another of Aardvarck’s periods.

I guess one has to be a fan of Aardvarck to like Titi, but I know there are many among the readers of this blog. When you look at the song titles, you won’t get rid off the feeling these are somehow unfinished tracks. The highlights are clearly within the bonus tracks, which would deserve a release on vinyl. However, Titi is a download only album, available directly from Eat Concrete, Juno and many others. In fact, you should still be able to download a low-bitrate version for free, if that helps you deciding on a purchase.