Addison Groove – An We Drop

Berlin’s !K7 gives one final taster to their new DJ-Kicks which drops tomorrow. It’s one of six exclusives on the mix and it is courtesy of Bristolian Addison Groove.

There hasn’t been any mentioning whether there will be any 12-inches alongside the new DJ-Kicks. Previous editions were accompanied by EPs with tracks exclusive to the mix. In any case, Scuba‘s addition to the series will be available on CD and 2-LP.

Onra – A New Dynasty

Taken from the forthcoming Onra album Chinoiseries pt 2, Dublin’s All City label is giving us a first teaser to the record.

The download should make the wait for the release more bearable. Chinoiseries pt 2 will be available on vinyl, CD, cassette and digital download from November 15th on.

Fulgeance – London Falling

Hailing from the south of France, Fulgeance has to be considered one of the leading figures in the beat scene. This coming November sees the release of his debut album To All Of You on German imprint Melting Pot Music and as of today you get a first taste from it.

Watch out for more details and (hopefully) a review of the record before it drops on November 11, 2011.

Kuedo – Severant

As you should know by now, Planet Mu has finally released Kuedo‘s much anticipated solo debut Severant this week. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it by now, but the snippets sounded most promising and early reviews confirm that impression.

Whether you’re undecided or still waiting for the mailman to deliver your physical copy, you can listen to the full album below.

Apart from the obligatory CD, LP and download, Planet Mu offers Severant as a limited cassette release. Of course it’s always best to support the label directly, but you can also get your copy from Bleep, Rush Hour or even iTunes.

7even Exclusives

Having reached its 20th release, Tokyo’s 7even Recordings has good reason to celebrate. To make you feel invited, the label decided to give away a free mini-compilation. On it you’ll find five tracks from the likes of F, Joaan, Helixir, Likhan and Ena.

01. Likhan – The Dawn
02. Helixir – Cooly Groove
03. F – Mind The Gap
04. Ena – Come With Me
05. Joaan – Bats & Birds

You can listen to the full tracks above or head over to Bandcamp to get your free download.

(via Sonic Router)



Cover Artwork

Adult Swim and Scion A/V have teamed up to bring you a free compilation sporting UK underground music from the likes of Kode9, SBTRKT, Lukid, Ikonika, Actress, Zomby and many more (including some US peers.) Here’s a look at the full trackslist.01. Ikonika – World On Mute
02. XXXY – Kerpow
03. Untold – Peaky
04. Geiom – Pure Bristle
05. Ginz – Chrome
06. Lukid – Running from the Demons
07. Geeneus – Knife & Gun (Dusk & Blackdown 2step Mix)
08. SBTRKT – Golddigger
09. Starkey – Eris
10. Actress – Murder Plaza
11. Zomby – Hexagons
12. Dauwd – Ikopol
13. Boxcutter – Waiting for the Lights
13. Babe Rainbow – Give You Time
14. Burial – Street Halo
15. Kode9 – Just Inside
16. Pinch – Blow Out The Candle
17. Cooly G – R U Listening

Go and get the download, but don’t be to hasty about it: there are also two video interviews with Actress and Pinch worth checking out on that website!

Radiohead – TKOL RMX 1234567

Radiohead - TKOL RMX 1234567

Cover Artwork

With the last of the seven TKOL RMX 12-inches being out on Monday, all tracks from the forthcoming double-disc TKOL RMX 1234567 have been revealed on Radiohead‘s SoundCloud profile.

Among the remixers of the band’s eighth studio album The King of Limbs is an all-star cast of (mostly UK-based) artists such as Jamie xx, Mark Pritchard, Four Tet, Pearson Sound, Lone, SBTRKT and many others. But all that shouldn’t be much of a surprise after all Thom Yorke has been involved in recent years: collaborating with the likes of Flying Lotus and Modeselektor, playing records on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide and the Mary Anne Hobbs radio show and even at reknowned Low End Theory. Not to forget the band’s office charts on their website.

So, let’s give you the opportunity to listen to the entire remix album as it will hit the stores in about two weeks time.



Hardcore fans who still play CDs might be interested in the Japanese import of TKOL RMX 1234567 which is already available from HMV Japan (and soon on Amazon Canada. The rest of the world has to wait until October 10, the official release-date.

Neon Jung – Too Many Facets

Released in the first half of 2011, the b-side on Neon Jung‘s 10-inch on Magic Wire is a track that deserves a late mention here. Ten years ago, tracks like this weren’t that unusual and were coined broken techno. This hybrid of techno and broken beat (as if that wasn’t a hybrid of everything already) was put on the map by almost forgotten names like Nu Era, Titonton or Seiji’s Opaque moniker.

If you missed the Neon Jung’s record the first time, you can still get physical copies from Piccadilly or HHV. Digital releases can be found on Bleep or Boomkat.

For more music like this, I strongly recommend 2002’s Soul in Motion compilation.

Cardopusher feat. Sensational – We Want Ca$h

One of the biggest surprises for me this year was Cardopusher‘s album Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up on Kid 606’s notorious Tigerbeat6. Mostly made of instrumental tracks somewhere in the uncharted territory between dubstep, house and hip-hop, one of the album’s exceptions is We Want Ca$h featuring rapper Sensational, which was now released on single featuring several remixes.

01. We Want Ca$h (feat. Sensational)
02. School Daze
03. Pupusa (Kid606 Remix)
04. We Want Ca$h (feat. Sensational) (Nehuen Remix)
05. We Want Ca$h (feat. Sensational) (Sesped Remix)
06. Antisharkz (Pocz & Pacheko Remix)
07. We Want Ca$h (feat. Sensational) (Baconhead Remix)
08. We Want Ca$h (feat. Sensational) (Instrumental)

Pretty good stuff if you ask me, though vinyl collectors might be disappointed about the digital-only availability of We Want Ca$h. Anyway, you can get yourself a copy from Juno, Boomkat or iTunes

Braille – A Meaning EP

As of this week, the second EP from NYC’s Braille is available through Hotflush Recordings. The b-side of his previous release is already one of my favourite tracks for the year, and I look forward to the release of the Sepalcure debut album later in autumn – Sepalcure is the another project he’s involved in together with Machinedrum.

A1. A Meaning
A2. Riverbed
B1. Breakup
B2. Chain Gang

If you’re interested in making this EP one of your’s, I’ve spotted the vinyl on Rush Hour, Bleep also has a download in various formats.

Gerry Read – We Are/Narry

RAMP Recordings‘ house offshoot Fourth Wave is about to release a new 12″ from Gerry Read, already the second on the young label. Below you can listen to snippets for both of the tracks, I recommend the paying attention to the second track Narry (which you might have heard on a mixtape before.)

I couldn’t find an official announcement about the release date, but Juno lists it with an availability of September 12, 2011. If you slept on the Gerry Read podcast before, please do listen!

LA♥JPN♥LA Vol. 2

Compiled and produced by Hashim Bharoocha, the second LA loves Japan will be available starting tomorrow. Once again this compilation is meant as support for the victims of last March’s earthquake. For only $9.99 you get 26 tracks from the likes of TOKiMONSTA, Grooveman Spot, Free The Robots, MONKEY_sequence.19 and others from both sides of the pond.

01. Grooveman Spot – Promise
02. Omid Walizadeh – Gol Azeez
03. KK – op.311
04. Late Bloomers – Eenie Meanie
06. Labwaste – Collect All and Save
07. Conflict – Spacesuit
08. Jonwayne – 40 Winks
09. Keita Sano – Problem With Dub
10. ELOS – The Wired
11. MONKEY_sequence.19 – before computa
12. Free The Robots – Alpha Numeric
13. ZOOL.GEL – zoolaa
14. EmV – stop error
15. mabanua – Love Dub
16. The Life Force Trio – Bizarre Bazaar
17. repeat pattern – Bruce Lee Poster
18. Sacred – hope
19. mfp – here comes the lord
20. Languis – Chord
21. kazzzzz – plug_and_play
22. RLP – dukk
23. The Astronotes – wait a moment
24. TOKiMONSTA – Brugge
25. Subsequents(AZZURRO x DULO)- re-generation
26. Helado Negro – Con Suerte (Mezcla Adentro)

Make sure to visit the LA♥JPN♥LA blog to find artist profiles for each of the involved musicians.

Get yourself the download from Bandcamp or wait until tomorrow and find it on iTunes. In case you missed the first volume, it’s still available.

September 6, 2011 The Bandcamp player still isn’t working, but you can listen/buy the compilation at Boomkat or iTunes

Thundercat – The Golden Age of Apocalypse

As if three weeks of listening time weren’t enough, I missed another chance to deliver a review on time. I’m sure you heard about this album by now, maybe even got yourself a copy. For those that didn’t, here’s one late review.

So the wait is over, the debut album from LA’s Thundercat is finally available in stores worldwide. And all the praise it received beforehand is justified. For Brainfeeder it’s the ultimate manifestation as a truly diverse label (and next up is Martyn!), one that brings different music to its audiences and embraces true musicianship. But let’s start at the beginning.

You should have heard about Stephen Brunner’s background by now: former member of Suicidal Tendencies, bassist for Erykah Badu and Sa-Ra Creative Partners (and that’s not all.) He connects Flying Lotus, contributes to his last album Cosmogramma and in return the Brainfeeder head produces his album.

01. HooooooO
02. Daylight
03. Fleer Ultra
04. Is It Love? and l
05. For Love (I Come Your Friend)
06. It Really Doesn’t Matter to You
07. Jamboree
08. Boat Cruise
09. Seasons
10. Goldenboy
11. Walkin’
12. Mystery Machine (The Golden Age of Apocalypse)
13. Return to the Journey

Cosmogramma was the first sign that Steven Ellison is interested in more than just making beats, he’s a real producer with the understanding what an artist is looking for. The Golden Age of Apocalypse doesn’t sound like anything you’d expect from Flying Lotus (but then who knows) and that’s actually a good thing. Like others said before me, it sounds indeed more like Thundercat’s hero George Duke, an organic sounding record with hypnotizing basslines and laidback grooves. The vocals reminded me of some of Donald Byrd’s albums .So it’s maybe no surprise you’ll find the George Duke cover For Love (I Come Your Friend), a song with true sing-along qualities that will hopefully put the album on the radar of occasional listeners as well. The same could be said about Walkin’, which suprised me at first with an disco beat that makes it stand out from the rest of the tracks. Despite only running for 37 minutes, the tracks blend nicely into each other and invite you to play this on repeat for a couple of days.

I spoke to several people about this album and interestingly we all agreed on its resemblance of some of IG Culture’s music (New Sector Movements and Likwid Biskit), though Thundercat will hopefully gain a wider audience with this record. One last thought that didn’t leave: imagine a collaboration of Thundercat and Kaidi Tatham, what brighter future could there be?

The Golden Age of Apocalypse is in stores since Monday, you can find it on CD, 2-LP and digital download. Try the Ninja Tune store, Bleep, iTunes or the source of your trust.

Scuba – DJ-Kicks

Scuba - DJ-Kicks

Cover Artwork

They say the age of the mixed CD has come to an end, and in the new age of the internet it’s easy to believe. There’s hardly a music publication without its own podcast and live-recordings from clubs around the world are only a click away. But I believe in the rule of exception and !K7’s DJ-KiCKS series is not only one of the first mix CD series, for me anyway, but also an exceptional one (again exceptions apply everywhere!)

Today, they’ve announced their latest addition from no other but Hotflush founder Paul Rose, better known for his music output under the names of Scuba and SCB. From his reputation as a DJ and his taste in selecting artists for his label, I have reason to believe he will continue the recent winning streak (I’m thinking of Apparat and MCDE) in the series. At least that’s what the tracklist suggests.01. Sigha – HF029B2
02. Surgeon – The Power of Doubt
03. DBridge – For Tonight
04. Badawi – Lost Highway (Incyde remix)
05. Peverelist – Sun Dance
06. Until Silence – The Affair
07. Addison Groove – An We Drop
08. Roska – Leapfrog
09. Trevino – Shorty
10. Beaumont – CPX11
11. Function – Two Ninety One
12. Braille – Breakup
13. Quest – Everybody in the Place
14. Sigha – Let Me In
15. George FitzGerald – Shackled
16. Jon Convex – Streetwalk
17. Mr Beatnick – Don’t Walk Away From My Love
18. Boddika – Acid Battery
19. Marcel Dettmann – Captivate
20. Arkist – Rendez-Vous (SCB edit)
21. Locked Groove – Drowning
22. Recloose – Tecumseh
23. Sigha – Where I Come To Forget
24. Sex Worker – Rhythm of the Night
25. Scuba – M.A.R.S.
26. Jichael Mackson – Gedons
27. Rivet – Running S
28. Recondite – Backbone
29. Ludovic Vendi – Mental Bright
30. Rivet – Slant
31. Scuba – Adrenalin
32. Sepalcure – Inside

Scuba’s DJ-KiCKS will be in stores on October 25, 2011. While this hasn’t been confirmed, we expect it to drop in the usual trilogy of CD, LP and a 12-inch with exclusive music.

Juk Juk – Winter Turn Spring

It’s good to see Four Tet‘s label Text Records growing the way it does. The latest addition is London’s Juk Juk with a track you might have heard on the latest Worldwide show.

I guess it’s no suprise this caught Kieran’s attention, fans of Four Tet should easily fall in love with this. As always, TEXT012 will be a vinyl exclusive release and you should find it in all good record stores from September 12, 2011!