Kelpe – Wind in The Windows (live)

Only a couple of days ago, London’s Kelpe got to support Squarepusher (wow!) at Hackney’s Empire. The track Wind in The Windows is taken from 2009’s Cambio Wechsel, but as you should know, Kelpe released new music since then. Bags of Time, his latest EP on Svetlana, came out only a couple of weeks ago.

Mo Kolours – Brave

It took the new Mo Kolours 7-inch little more than six hours to sell out. I’m sorry if you were after a copy, but the hand-stamped white label was only limited to 300 pieces. However, if you don’t mind a digital release, you can still grab Brave/Dredd Music in a format of your choice. In fact, you can download the a-side for free!

Nosaj Thing – Eclipse/Blue

How long have we’ve been waiting for a new sign from Nosaj Thing and now here it is in the shape of a video teaser. There’s not much info coming with the clip, but apparently there’s a new single coming out on Innovative Leisure, scheduled for a release on October 2, 2012. Eclipse/Blue features vocals from Blonde Redhead singer Kazu Makino and could first be heard on Mary Anne Hobbs earlier this year.

You can pre-order the digital download on Amazon US and Amazon UK, a vinyl release is also planned.

Joe – MB / Studio Power On

One of the great mysteries in the world of (can I just call it) “post-dubstep” to me is how underrated Joe is. I mean compare him to the likes of Pearson Sound, FaltyDL or maybe Fantastic Mr Fox. All of them are incredibly versatile producers, not afraid to try out new things and they gained a relatively large fanbase over the years. And to me, Joe fits in perfectly in that line-up. Okay, I have to admit my admiration is largely based on this 12-inch on Hessle Audio, which has two brilliant tracks on it. But take his remix for Scuba or his release on Apple Pips – nothing but quality! And as a reminder, it basically took Joy Orbison just one record to take over the world, so quantity should be no issue.

Anyway, let’s talk about the near future and that brings us to Untold’s Hemlock Recordings. The label is set to release new music from Joe and you can listen to preview snippets of both tracks in the player above. If you like what you hear, you will be delighted to find out that this drops later in the week on September 7 – at least when you order it directly from the label’s Surus store. By the way, that’s also a good spot to find previous releases from Joe, in case you were unable to find them anywhere else.

Vlek Guided Tour

Here’s a compilation you can’t buy or steal, but since we’ve been short on Vlek releases we’d like to take this opportunity and make up for that. Fifteen tracks from names you should have heard before: Cupp Cave, Wanda Group aka Dem Hunger, Ssaliva, Herrmutt Lobby and others.

You can stream this in full below, just hit play and sit back!

01. Cupp Cave – Thoughtograph
02. Sagat – ESC
03. Ssaliva – Hobo4030
04. Dem Hunger – Squint Fucker
05. Squeaky Lobster – Flying Rupees
06. Richard Colvaen – Polimetria
07. Cupp Cave – Hypersport
08. Sagat – Few Mysteries Solved in a Year of Contact
09. Cupp Cave – Mind Bones
10. Squeaky Lobster – Killing Eleven (Tailor Made for Dublab)
11. Herrmutt Lobby – Cosmonautes Funk for 2 Joysticks (Live Take)
12. Squeaky Lobster – Aarnivalkea
13. Ssaliva – SPA82 3.06 2161 plays
14. Cupp Cave – Pear Pressure (DICE POOL EP outtake)

While you can’t buy this, there is an option of getting the entire Vlek back-catalogue: 41 tracks for unbeatable €14.99, available on their Bandcamp page.

Kutmah presents Worldwide Family Volume 2

As you certainly heard by now, Kutmah’s Worldwide Family Vol. 2 on Brownswood will be out next week on April 16, 2012. The label did a little interview with the Brighton-born DJ, talking about drawing, his Sketchbook parties in LA, and of course some of the tracks chosen for the compilation.

(via 92bpm)

Hawthorne Headhunters – Luv Galactic

California’s Hawthorne Headhunters new album is due on Plug Research and here’s a track that reminds me of those days when the Bugz in the Attic album came out.

Titled Myriad of Now, the album is available as of today on iTunes.

Jimmy Edgar – Switch Switch

I’m really excited about the forthcoming Jimmy Edgar album on Hotflush Recordings, and that’s not only for the cover artwork that reminds me of my favourite Grace Jones records of all time (not the one shown below!) Well, this track proves my excitement is justified, but listen for yourself.

It’s actually just the b-side from the new single This One’s For The Children, but it will also appear on the Japanese version of the album. Titled Majenta, it is expected in stores in the first week of May.

Bullion – It’s All In Sound

His Bullionness has uploaded a cut from his forthcoming EP, Love Me Oh Please Love Me, and it’s sa release to look forward to. Listen for yourself.

Sporting six new tracks, the EP will be first release on new Dutch label DEEK and it will be out on April 30, 2012. You can pre-order the 12-inch and digital from Bullion’s Bandcamp page.

Souleance – La Belle Vie

New material from Souleance and I first look-out to their debut album “La Belle Vie” soon to be released on First Word Records.

You can look forward to collaborations with Shawn Lee, Raashan Ahmad and Homecut or proceed straight forward to Bandcamp where you can listen to further tracks and pre-order the item, same goes for iTunes.

As for the video, it was directed by French artist Émile Sacré!

Pixelord – In The Mine (Mirror State Remix)

Only today, Russian label Hyperboloid released Pixelord Remixes, a compilation of ten tracks featuring remixers such as Naive Machine, Kuhn, NVG or Deft. I picked the Mirror State remix to listen to, it’s probably my favourite track on the compilation.

You can stream the rest of Pixelord Remixes in its entirety, and if you like it purchase the digital download for only $8.

Dimlite – One Of Uh Infinity’s Countless Uh Tiny Cycles

Oh Dimlite, you know you’re my hero. Your music is in a league of its own and I love how the humour in your track titles is always trying to play it down. Or take this video, utterly brilliant and responsible for the smile on my face.

This one is taken from the Grimm Reality released late last year on Egon’s Now-Again label. Needless to say I recommend it!

Mr Beatnick – Sun Goddess

It was about two weeks ago when London’s Mr Beatnick gave us a first taste of his forthcoming release. Today he sent over this video put together by Toby Knight.

Looks like I was wrong with my previous claim and this is indeed the full version of the track. The release date remains unchanged, the vinyl will be out on Don’t Be Afraid on March 19, 2012.

DVA – I Know

Leon DVA Smart starring at you throughout an entire video, that alone is kinda hilarious already. The song featuring singer Natalie Maddox is also one of my favourites from the forthcoming album, so let’s give it a proper listen.

Title Pretty Ugly, the album will be out on Hyperdub on March 20, 2012. Until then, you can stream it in full on Hype Machine.

Gaby Hernandez – Twin Flame

I have fallen in love with Gaby Hernandez‘s voice since I heard her first on Dimlite’s Outernational Duet, or maybe it was something from Build An Ark, I don’t remember. Unfortunately, I never bothered to check out her solo material, but maybe this one will make me remember that I should!

This one is taken from the forthcoming Worldwide Family Vol. 2 compilation, put together by the great Kutmah and out on Brownswood by the end of the month. Don’t miss!