Astronautica – Replay Last Night

Astronautica - Replay Last Night
Pushing up and outwards from her self-titled EP released last year, young Edrina Martinez is the proud owner of her first full length album released this week under the covering fire of LA label Alpha Pup. With a wealth of west coast beat-makers before her there is some evidence of inspiration being drawn from such others as label mate Daedelusand the Brainfeeder entourage. With that said, Martinez has taken some graceful leaps in the right direction with this deeply impressive first album.

From start to finish this set of balanced, blissful and sun-drenched beats revolve around the headspace, calming and seducing any ear it comes into contact with. She tames her and quells her over-excitable percussion with a soft and a tentative women’s touch, never letting anything stray too far from the nest. An evident infinity with musical instruments and modern day production styles alike is layered onto each minute with love and care. Each track picking up the momentum forged by its previous and maintaining a cocktail of complex strung melodies, luscious synth lines and warming vocal pitches. This is not to say that the album is in anyway repetitive or predictable; each track really is neither homogeneous by name nor homogeneous by nature; a unique set of rules has been applied to each of the family of eleven giving them character and life.

Califlorida flies the flag straight out of the gate with a mesmeric combination of rhodes style bells, breath-like vocal drones and cute reverbed guitar riffs. They all flow neatly on a bed of machine gun high-hat rolls which churn and chop second after second. The title track Replay last night plays through a hazy percussion section; the clicks and claps fumbling along-side tightly tuned snare hits that echo off into the night albeit accompanied again by her now distinctive melted guitar melodies. Cruise – the track set for the single release later on in early March is possibly my favorite track of all; uniting all the overwhelming positives of the album into a neat four minutes. Drenched in heat Cruise propels you through a reflection of last night’s events, touching you down and soothing the hangover with a warm feeling of the LA sun on your face, the sand beneath your feet and the sea lapping at your heels.

Replay last night is a well-polished sound from a producer 10 years her senior would undoubtedly be proud of. Martinez’s youthful styles and techniques set a foundation which soon builds to a more and more intricate album with every listen. I know listening weeks from now I will still find stutters and jitters nestled deep in the ensemble performing an important part of the album as a whole. It is calm, cool, collected and provides obedience to class abundant amongst her contemporaries. Astronautica has landed and is here to stay…01. Califlorida
02. Cruise
03. ∞
04. Lowrider
06. Champagne Constellation
07. Weekends
08. Replay Last Night
09. You&Me
10. Lucid Dreams
11. Something About You

Replay Last Night will be available from February 26, get out and get this. Pre-order your copy from Bleep, Boomkat, Amazon or iTunes.

Words by Untrst

Ages – Bryan

Ages - Bryan

Cover Artwork

There’s an album lying on my harddrive since before the summer break, so it’s been around for a while now. It’s the work of Orange County-based Michael Lundy, released under his stage name Ages. And it’s one of those records you can easily get lost in, made of beautiful dreamscapes with lots of reverb – the right kind of music if you’re into Tropics or Hyetal (I’m sure I’m missing a lot of similar music!)01. What Happened to You?
02. I’ve Been Having Strange Dreams
03. Very Well Then…
04. Lisa
05. Esplanade (feat. MNDSGN)
06. The Spirit Sings
07. These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty
08. You’re On Your Own Again
09. I Don’t Mind the Word Moist
10. Senordrones
11. I Am the Earth (Intro to an Outro)
12. Outro (You Can’t Always Get What You Want)

As I said, Bryan is out for a while already. It’s a digital only release and you can get it from Boomkat, iTunes and many other places.

Free The Robots – Rattlesnake

If you haven’t checked out the new Free The Robots release The Mind’s Eye yet, here’s a free track to change your mind.

Grab the download and get the digital-only EP from Bleep, Boomkat or iTunes.

And while at it, Redlight Radio had Free The Robots in for a guestmix worth listening to.

Virtual Boy – Mass

Don’t ask me about Virtual Boy, but the Los Angeles based duo seems to have been around for a while. Their website has some videos taken at Low End Theory and mentions airplay on Mary Anne Hobbs show.

The tune of their’s just popped up on the Alpha Pup SoundCloud page and seems to be taken from a forthcoming release on the label. However the full story goes, you can grab yourself a download of the track.

Take – Neon Beams (The Clonious Remix)

The Take Remix Contest is over and it’s Vienna’s Clonious who won the top spot – a release on the official remix album.

Already on that album are mixes from Tokimonsta, Mux Mool, Alex B, Low Limit, Teebs, FaltyDL, Shlohmo and many others. Watch out for a release early next year!

Nosaj Thing at Mapping Festival

Following Los Angeles, Amsterdam, São Paulo and probably many more, we bring you some live footage of Nosaj Thing recorded at Geneva’s Mapping Festival.

I can never get tired watching these, I hope you feel the same way too!

(via 92bpm)

Get to know Nosaj Thing

Some more of these Nosaj Thing videos we’re posting regularly, but hey – we love that guy! This time he’s been interviewed by the manufacturer of an energy drink, who already brought us videos featuring Daedelus, Diplo and some other cats.

These are only the videos I liked best, but you can find the rest of the series on YouTube.

(via Green Tea Session)

Nosaj Thing U.S. Tour

Los Angeles’ Nosaj Thing will bring his fantastic visual show to selected cities in the U.S. and he’ll be accompanied by Toro Y Moi and Jogger. He is easily one of the best live-acts I got to see in recent years and in combination with those stunning visuals an experience you don’t want to miss!

Nov. 10 The Loft – La Jolla, CA
Nov. 11 El Rey Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
Nov. 12 Rickshaw Stop – San Francisco , CA
Nov. 13 The Red Fox Tavern – Eureka, CA
Nov. 15 Holocene – Portland, OR
Nov. 16 Neumos – Seattle, WA
Nov. 17 Biltmore Cabaret – Vancouver, BC
Nov. 19 Urban Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT
Nov. 20 Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO

You can order tickets for all of the listed stops on his website. Let me also remind you of hiss new remix album which was released only a couple of days ago.

Take Remix Contest

Los Angeles producer Take has launched a remix contest for his Only Mountain album released earlier this year. First results are now available on his SoundCloud page and you can listen to them below.

If you’re a producer yourself and think about entering, head over to the contest website and download the parts of the track Neon Beams. This is what you can win:

1. a spot on Take’s new album “Only Mountain – The Remixes”
2. a special Partner Instrument from Ableton
3. a $100 gift certificate to

Take’s remix album will be out in January and already features mixes by Tokimonsta, Mux Mool, Alex B, Low Limit, Teebs, FaltyDL, Shlohmo and many others.

Nosaj Thing – Nightcrawler

A long time has passed since the release of his album Drift, but Los Angeles’ Nosaj Thing has just uploaded what appears to be the first new track since then.

Unfortunately, the Alpha Pup man did not specify what his plans with this track are. Also, there are still no details on the supposedly upcoming remix album.

Free the Robots for Ableton

So I mentioned this Miguel Atwood-Ferguson concert footage the other day and I ran across some other videos by Greg Ponstingl (check him out!) Here is one with Californian Free The Robots, who explains why Ableton Live is his weapon of choice for both production and live performance.

Free The Robots had his album Ctrl Alt Delete released on Daddy Kev‘s Alpha Pups imprint.

In studio with Free the Robots

Following his visit at Take’s studio, Low End Theory founder Daddy Kev meets up with Free the Robots at his studio in Santa Ana to discuss recording gear.

Wonder what all this sounds like? Check the Free the Robots album Ctrl Alt Delete, released some months back on Alpha Pup.

Take – Incredibright

Only Mountain, the new album from Take, finally started going on sale this week. You can get this digital only release from a couple of online shops, including Boomkat, Bleep and many others.

Also new is this video for the track Incredibright, directed by Green Lab Cinema.

In studio with Take

Video of Los Angeles producer Take as he guides Daddy Kev through his studio in Hollywood.

Don’t forget that Take’s new album Only Mountain will be out next week, here’s a free track from it.

Alpha Pup Spring 2010

Los Angeles based label Alpha Pup has sent me some amazing new albums over the last couple of weeks, both their own output and from other labels they distribute, like Brainfeeder or Elm&Oak. I previously reviewed the latest (and greatest) from Daedelus, but I didn’t have time for more. So here is some catching up.

Alpha Pup Records

Let’s start with the debut from Free the Robots titled Ctrl Alt Delete, which is available since last week.

Ctrl Alt Delete is a staggering work of mind-warping electronics, fuzzed-out psych and devastating hip-hop beats. Combining dusty swap-meet samples, futuristic synthesizers and live instrumentation.

You can get the digital-only release from a wide range of retailers, including Bleep, iTunes, Boomkat or Turntable Lab.

As reported, Alex B‘s debut Moments will be out tomorrow. You have heard some of his beats on the Brain Food mix before.While mostly instrumental, the album also has vocals from Count Bass D, Lilla D’mone and Sunk1.

The tracks on Moments are intricately crafted with painstaking care and attention to detail — a careful mix of analog and digital sounds elevated by imaginative samples and the insight of a classically trained musician. The result is a blend of timeless warmth and future beats.

You might also want to check out the official teaser video for the album.

New music from Jneiro Jarel will surface next week. His new EP “Android Love Mayhem” is probably the most promising of all mentioned releases.

The track above is a first teaser, you can download it from the XLR8R website.

Another week later and you get a new one from Take, his latest album called Only Mountain.

A dense and groundbreaking work, Take’s Only Mountain stands as a staggering collection of gorgeously brilliant melodies and deep subharmonic bass. Truly future music towards a brighter end.

“Only Mountain” will be out on April 20, 2010.

As you can see, there’s quite some new music for beat enthusiasts and fans of anything coming out of (or through) Los Angeles. Looking into the future, Alpha Pup has even more to come. Watch out for new music from Lorn (Brainfeeder, May 25), the Precious Cargo EP from FLYamSam (Brainfeeder, TBA) and a remix album of Nosaj Thing‘s debut Drift.

In the meantime, have a look at the free music from Alpha Pup. I will keep you posted on some of the mentioned releases once there’s more to say.