Wiley – Step 2001

My life has become more enjoyable since I ignored Zomby on social media and re-focused on the reason I came to love him in the first place: his music. His latest production is a remix of Wiley’s Step 20, the latest addition to Big Dada’s recent series of records reworking the London MC’s back-catalogue. Previous entries included reworks from Actress and Special Request, and this new one will be available from September 24, 2015.

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Wiley – Flying

I’m not necessarily a huge fan of Wiley, frankly speaking I don’t know too much of his output, leaving aside those two Mark Pritchard productions from last year. However, I did become a tremendous fan of Ruffmercy‘s work after seeing the videos for Blue Daisy, House Shoes and the others. So, enough talking – watch!

(Oh, and if you’re into Wiley, why not check out his new record on Big Dada dropping on Monday?)

Wiley/Pritchard – Scar/Money Man

Wiley/Prichard - Scar/Money Man

Cover Artwork

Earlier this year, when Wiley’s Evolve Or Be Extinct came out, I asked how long we had to wait for his collaboration with Mark Pritchard. Scar premiered on Benji B’s Best of 2009 show and it took full two years until it was released as part of the album. Well, to be honest I didn’t care too much for the album and was secretly hoping this would happen: a 12-inch with both of the Pritchard produced tracks. Eventually, it happened!

1. Scar
2. Money Man (Harmonic 313 Remix)
3. Scar (Instrumental)
4. Money Man (Instrumental)
5. Money Man (Harmonic 313 Remix Instrumental)

As you can see, there are five tracks on the digital release. The 12-inch only comes with four, leaving out the original instrumental of Money Man. Shouldn’t matter that much, as both Ninja Tune and Bleep add the files to the vinyl purchase. Out on October 15, 2012 – that’s after this weekend on Monday!

Wiley – Scar/Money Man

Ouch, how long have we been waiting for Scar to finally come out? I actually did a quick search on Google and among the first hits was Benji B’s Best of 2009 show. Two thousand and nine!

As Mark Pritchard has uploaded this snippet on SoundCloud, the new Wiley album practically around the corner. Big Dada will release Evolve Or Be Extinct on January 19th -yes, that’s next Thursday- on triple vinyl, CD and digital download. According to Mark, there will be a Harmonic 313 remix of Money Man soon after.

I don’t like posting snippets, but you got to big up Mark Pritchard for the creative snippet. It serves its purpuse, but at the same time you can enjoy listening to it multiple times!

June 20, 2012 According to Berlin-based HHV both tracks will be out on vinyl in the last week of June!