Clap! Clap! – Kuj Yato

September 8th is the day when Black Acre will release “Tayi Bebba”, the debut-album by Italian producer Clap! Clap!. This is only the second track leaked from the record, following Rainstick Fable some weeks back, but I’m already convinced we’re in for something to look out for. Limited white labels are available from the Black Acre store!

Fantastic Mr Fox – The Trap

Manchester’s Fantastic Mr Fox returns to Black Acre with a modern-edge rendition of a vocal house track. The Trap is one of two tracks from his forthcoming EP on the label, the pre-order is available from Chemical Record. In other news, Mr Fox also announced he started working on his debut album, be sure we’ll keep you in touch about that as well!

Blue Daisy – Used To Give A Fuck

I was literally blown away after seeing Ruffmercy‘s last video for Blue Daisy (or the one for House Shoes!), now they’ve teamed up once again with the London-based producer. Used to Give a Fk is the title track from his latest EP on Black Acre, another collaboration with Unknown Shapes and available now on vinyl and various digital formats.

Get your copy from Bleep, iTunes and all good record stores. Also have a look at this t-shirt!

Black Acre presents Rebuilds

Black Acre is a label to have an eye (and ear) on, otherwise you’d miss out on a lot of good music from a diverse scene of underground producers. Last year’s albums by Blue Daisy or Hyetal have found many fans, and there’s no need to argue about the talents that Fantastic Mr Fox, Lukid, DZA or 1000names are. You find a bit of all that on the label’s new Rebuilds compilation.

Black Acre Presents Rebuilds01. Fantastic Mr Fox – Sketches (SBTRKT remix)
02. Hyetal – Diamond Islands (Boddika remix)
03. Blue Daisy & Anneka – Raindrops (John Talabot’s Cosmic rework)
04. Hyetal – Phoenix (Fantastic Mr Fox remix)
05. Memotone – Multicolour (Lukid remix)
06. 1000names – Pocket Calculator (Lynx & Hellrazor)
07. DZA – Bullseye (feat Mujuice & Non – Dizz1 remix)
08. Hyetal – Searchlight (Stay+)
09. Blue Daisy & Anneka – Blood Petal Roses (Sunken Foal remix)
10. Von D – Truth (Tes La Rok remix)

Many of these tracks have so far been available on vinyl only, so make sure not to miss it if you don’t collect records. For me, the Phoenix Remix (listen below) makes it worth buying alone.

You can buy Black Acre presets Rebuilds from fine places such as Boomkat, Bleep – or iTunes.

Blue Daisy x Unknown Shapes – Beautiful Nightmare

Following last year’s If I Should Die EP, the ever amazing Black Acre label is about to release the first official collaboration between Blue Daisy and Unknown Shapes. Listen to a first track off their Bedtime Stories EP.

The six-tracker will be out on August 6th, 2012 and it will be limited to only 300 copies on orange vinyl. You can pre-order your copy at Boomkat, Chemical Records or Amazon.

Kelpe Live at Home

London’s Kelpe got a new toy and it’s not to make beats on it: it’s the GoPro camera that you might know from these near space videos. Mounted on his head, Kel filmed himself while performing two of his tracks at home.

The Blankout Agreement

Toy Castle

As you can see, there are a lot more toys involved: Akai’s MPD24, a Korg Monotribe, Doepfer Dark Energy and the oh-so-beautiful OP-1 by Teenage Engineering. If you’re more interested in the music, you can find Toy Castle on the Margins EP and The Blankout Agreement on 2009’s Microscope Contents.

Fantastic Mr Fox – Speak Nuh

Not sure where I heard this before, but it definitely sounds familiar. The track is taken from the forthcoming Fantastic Mr Fox EP on Black Acre, the same label that brought us some stunning releases from Kelpe, Blue Daisy and of course Hyetal.

A. Pascal’s Chorus feat. Alby Daniels
B. Speak Nuh
C. San’en feat. Alby Daniels
D. Yesterdays Fall feat. Alby Daniels

Looks like this one will be out on rather unusual 2×10-inch, a format I’m actually quite fond of. Pre-orders are available from various online stores, but no need to hurry as the record won’t be out before June 4, 2012!

Hyetal – Searchlight (Night Mix)

It’s still sometime until February 20th, but fans of Hyetal should mark the date as that’s the day when Black Acre releases his new 12-inch. Both tracks are originally taken from last year’s Broadcast album, a personal favourite of mine, and have been remixed by Stay+ and Hyetal himself.

I can imagine physical copies one will sell fast, so keep your eyes open for this one. However, Black Acre has a history of putting out digital releases as well, so there are alternatives.

Hyetal – Broadcast

Hyetal - Broadcast

Cover Artwork

Perhaps I was a bit overwhelmed after the fist couple of listens, but after being hooked on Hyetal‘s debut album for two weeks, I think I can safely call this one of my favorites of the year. And it came as a suprise, as I haven’t really followed his music so far – shame on me. But then again, Broadcast is pretty different from those dancefloor oriented EPs released on Punch Drunk or Build Recordings.

Overall, the record is clearly eighties inspired, washed out, colourful and sometimes appearing out of tune like the tapes from your childhood. It brings to mind artists such as mind John Carpenter, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Cure or contemporaries such as Tropics, M83 and to some extend Lone or Ital Tek.01. Ritual
02. Diamond Islands
03. Phoenix
04. Beach Scene
05. The Chase
06. Searchlight
07. Dime Piece
08. Boneyard
09. Transmission
10. Black Black Black

Broadcast draws its space from reverbing drums and the ethereal synthesizers creating ever beautiful and melancholic melodies. The atmosphere sometimes drifts into darker parts like on Ritual or The Chase, but the overall vibe of the record is uplifting like on the standout tracks Phoenix, Beach Scene or Searchlight. Occasional vocal appearances add some variety, but even without those the tracks nicely flow into each other, making it easy to listen to the album from start to end.

Already available since end of May, Black Acre offers this album on CD, LP and digital download. While DJs will be happy about the generous triple disc vinyl option, vinyl collectors might feel a bit left out as they only get half of the tracks featured on the CD. Apart from Phoenix, which previously saw a seperate release, all the important tracks are on that LP.

In the meantime, Black Acre also made a remix from Fantastic Mr Fox available for free download, while Hyetal put together a mix of influential tracks for The Fader. Also, don’t sleep on the free remix he made for Ratatat.

Hyetal – Beach Scene

How good is this video? And how good is the album? I have to say it’s one of the best things I heard all year. The video was probably made by another huge fan of Hyetal, but it fits the the overall vibe of the song (and the entire album) very well.

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to his album Broadcast yet, I urge you to do so. It is available now from Black Acre Records and you can choose from CD, 2xLP and digital download – whatever suits you best.

(via Gimme5)

Kelpe – Margins EP

Kelpe - Margins EP

Cover Artwork

A year has passed since the fantastic Cambio Wechsel album was released, now Kelpe makes his return on Black Acre with four new tracks. We mentioned the video for Margins already, let’s talk a bit about at the music.

I have already expressed my love for the title track, a journey through psych rock guitar riffs, oriental music and some truly magnificient drum beats. That’s it, go buy! Oh right, there are some three more tracks and they’re definitely worth checking out. The drums stay punchy (Toy Castle!), but in come the synthesizers giving the other tracks a much more electronic feeling. All of the tracks have this playfulness in common, that makes it easy to fall in love with.A1. Margins
A2. No Film
B1. Toy Castle
B2. Taps On

To find out what this really sounds like, have a listen to the snippets below..

Pre-order the 12-inch at Juno or get the digital release from Boomkat – or ask the beat merchant of your choice.

Kelpe – Margins

Following his 2009 album Cambio Wechsel, London’s Kelpe is set to return with a 4-track EP on Team Acre. Below you can listen to its title track “Margins”, which is also my favourite on the release.

I love how music and video compliment each other, which is probably because Kelpe filmed the footage himself on a trip to Nevada and California. The music will be available digitally on October 4th, the vinyl will follow a week later!

1000names – Secondary Fauna

Taken off their Illuminated Man, “Secondary Fauna” by Bulgaria’s 1000names got this nice video directed by Vitto Valentinov.

You can get yourself a copy of the album at Boomkat or Rush Hour!

Blue Daisy vs Tokimonsta – USD

What sounds a bit like that unofficial Flying Lotus remix of Mr. Oizo ($tunt$), is actually a collaboration of the highly talented individuals Blue Daisy and Tokimonsta.

The track will be part of the a forthcoming release on Team Acre, a sub-branch of the Black Acre label. If you like the track, leave them a comment on SoundCloud!

Aug 5, 2010 In the meantime, this has hit stores worldwide. Get the digital release or buy the vinyl at Rush Hour or Boomkat.