Reformat the Planet

As you might know, the Blip Festival stopped in Tokyo last weekend. So I thought this might be the appropriate time to introduce Reformat the Planet, 2-DVD set about 8-bit consoles, chiptunes and birth of the first annual Blip Festival.

The DVD set is already available from the 8bitpeoples store. For infos about the forthcoming festival in Scandinavia and other events, please visit the Blip Festival website.

Blip Festival Tokyo

Blip Festival Tokyo 2010


If you happen to be in Tokyo for the next weekend, you might want to consider dropping by at the Blip Festival. So if you’re into this whole culture of retrogaming, 8-bit sounds and blocky graphics, the festival should definitely be worth it.

Among the line-up are musicians Quarta330 (Hyperdub) and 8bitpeoples‘ Nullsleep, Bit Shifter, Stu and No Carrier. Each performance is backed up by international VJs and visual artists, check out some footage from previous installments of the festival.

A schedule for the festival is already available, tickets can be ordered on the website or from 8bitpeoples.

Update Have a look at this Invite ROM video!