Bopstar – Captured (live)

The live version of Bopstar‘s Captured is the result of only two days of rehearsing. Last Thursday, it was brought to stage featuring singer Zara McFarlane, Baby Sol on background vocals, Karl Rasheed-Abel on bass and Richard Spaven on drums.

You can download the full track on Bopstar’s blog, where he also posted a free sampler of his work with Zara McFarlane.

Weekly Bits 25/2009

As an appetizer to Flying Lotus‘ performance at Brainfeeder Barcelona, L.A. Record posted this mixtape. A video from the actual night has also been spotted, witness the crowd go crazy to the finest beats from Los Angeles.

In the latest XLR8R Podcast, Dudley Perkins walks us through a selection of love songs. Unconditional Love features music from Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Eddie Kendricks and everyone else who is concerned with matters of the heart.

London’s Bopstar returns with another podcast, this time presenting his favourite tunes of the year so far. Everybody with a soft spot for soulful dance music should get this one.

Carl Craig’s Planet E has finally announced the Tribe album “Rebirth” to be released on Community Projects soon. While there are no further details, this should be enough to make you wet your pants.

Crate diggers need to check out this serious looking portable turntable called Linos. Finally something that really fits into a pocket.

At last, I want to mention this trailer to the upcoming documentary on French pioneer Jean-Jacques Perrey.

So I asked around, part 2

Instead of following the usual Best-of talk at the end of each year, I sent some questions to some of the musicians I like.  In the second part of my survey, I asked about the expectations for the new year.

Question: What do you look out for most in 2009?

“The Phlash and Friends LP “Deep Electronic Sounds” on Archive will be amazing. Also Star Wars the T.V series should come out. And Transfomers 2 – The Revenge Of The Fallen and GI JOE – The Rise Of Cobra! For the child inside you! (urgh!)”
Domu (TrebleO, Archive)

“donaeo, fuzzy logik, phlash & friends, jodi milliner, jose carretas, that damned eska album (just stop making us wait now!), d’angelo(?) (same thing!) erykah’s part two, supposedly a new kodwo eshun book called ‘hat and beard’,, kenny dope @ soul heaven fingers crossed, the return of broken beat but not as we know it…”
Bopstar (Restless Soul)

“Creativity, Progression and Change”
Mark de Clive-Lowe (Antipodean)

“In 2009, simply look out for what you don’t already know! We will see more genres becoming interwoven next year and I reckon it’s going to be a very good year for new music.”
Jonny Miller (Phuture Lounge, Jus’Listen)

“I look forward to putting out my first solo lp. It’s been quite a process making it and I cant wait to let people hear what I’ve been doing. I also look forward to building my wealth and making my marriage stronger. These days people are getting divorced left and right so this year I plan on doing things that will keep the wife and kids as happy as I can make them.”
Probe DMS (Spymusic)

“The continual emergence of The DEEP and Rhythmically spiritual.”
Aybee (Deepblak)

Just in case you missed it: here is the link to part one, taking a look back at 2008.

So I asked around, part 1

Instead of following the usual Best-of talk at the end of each year, I sent some questions to some of the musicians I like. Here’s the first part, looking back at 2008.

Question: What do you feel was the most overlooked thing in 2008?

“the kind of uk funky that broken beat and jazz heads would get – a lot of people in our corner of the music world wouldnt ever listen to black uk funky house, because the best known stuff is frankly too cheesy, but producers like fuzzy logik and hardhouse banton and donaeo, are making wicked stuff. im a fan. i dont play it in my sets but theres a lot of music types i love that i dont play in my sets so thats nuthin new. then again, in the wider world they havent been ignored at all, banton and donaeo are both huge. but they were ignored by our world.”
Bopstar (Restless Soul)

“Erik Rico”
Aybee (Deepblak)

“I think the most overlooked thing in 2008 was individuality. People are so scared of what other people think these days and worry so much that they are looking and sounding current or cool. Lets just slow it all down again and set the pace for change a little less frantic and appreciate things a little longer. With all these 2 minute beats people’s attention spans have got a little short.”
Domu (TrebleO, Archive)

“I think the the most overlooked thing this year was the ability to get music out to people easily via the Internet. I met too many good artists sat on a huge amounts of music theyve made that they could release via the web but hadn’t, simply because they didn’t really understand what was possible. The age of making a living from selling records and CDs is pretty much over for most artists, they just have to adjust, learn new things (to develop a live show for example…), embrace and trust the online system and get the music out there to the fans somehow.”
Jonny Miller (Phuture Lounge, Jus’Listen)

“Well being I’m a super hard r&b fan, I’ll have to go with the Day 26 lp. Everything from the production to the harmonies to the writing was all excellent. You would think these guys are lame cause they were formed on making the band but these kids can sing their asses off.”
Probe DMS (Spymusic)

The second part will follow tomorrow, where you will get a look at 2009!

Bopstar Mix CD

There’s a new mix CD available for all Bopstar fans. Maybe a bit unlikely to get an actual copy, it’s a self-produced CD and there are only about 100 available. Lucky us, it’s Christmas time and the mix is available to download on Bopstar’s blog.

Bopstar Radio Show 2008-11-16

The ever-mysterious Bopstar from Restless Soul is host of a radio show on London’s Vu Live. For those of us who are not that fortunate to live in London, there’s a podcast available on his blog.

Bopstar Radio Show November 16 2008
01. Phlash & Friends – Jungle Orchidz
02. Louie Vega vs Cerrone – Love Ritual
03. Afefe Iku – Mirror DUB
04. Lil Louis – I Called U (The Conversation)
05. Bopstar – Chiaroscuro (Vudoo remix)
06. Ron Hall Marc Evans – The Way That You Love Me (Bopedit)
07. Sara Devine – Take Me Home
08. Perempay n Dee – In The Air (Bop mixes)
09. EOL – Into My Life (You Brought The Sunshine)
10. Bopstar – Desire
11. Jihad Muhammad – No More War (feat. Chris Dockins)
12. DJ Spinna – You Should Be Loving Me (feat. Ovasoul 7)
13. SAF – So EZ (feat. Pete Simpson) (Bop & Toni’s dub)
14. Phlash & Friends – Exaltation (feat. Sandra Nkake)
15. Lil Louis – Do U Love Me
16. Kaidi Tatham – In Search Of Hope
17. Kaidi Tatham – He Laughs She Cries
18. Kaidi Tatham – In Search Of Hope Pt. 2

Looking at the last three tracks, you might have guessed already why I’m featuring this show – three tracks from the upcoming Kaidi Tatham album! Truth is I did not now the podcast by now, and there’s more goodness in the archive.