Quadron – Average Fruit (BUG Remix)

I wasn’t aware that Quadron are running a remix contest, but then I found BUG‘s submission in my inbox and instantly fell in love with the track. Hear for yourself!

Other noteworthy submissions to the contest come from D’Stephanie, fLako or DZA. Many more can be found here and on top of that you can download the original version for free!

BUG – Cosmic Lab / 20 Winks

Gavin Handley’s Jus’ Like Music was one of the first music blogs I’ve been into, long time before considering to try it myself. Last year he started his own show on Laid Back Radio and just today he unveiled his new label called Jus Like Music Records.

The first release comes from London-based keyboard player, songwriter and producer BUG.

“Deep bass, and subtle arrangements, groovy and chill!” – Débruit

“Butter!” – Eric Lau

“I dig this BUG ish! Proper vibes, ill post-dilla beats and smooth space jazz synths. Pow! Bumpin’ this hard!” – Kidkanevil

Speaking of Kidkanevil, BUG is currently working on a remix for him – watch out for that one! In the meantime you can download BUG’s debut for free from his Bandcamp page.

Up next from Jus’ Like Music and Apple Juice Break is a compilation called “Oscillations”. I will keep you updated on that one.