Real Scenes: Los Angeles

The latest entry in Resident Advisor’s Real Scenes brings us to the City of Angels and features the likes of Matthewdavid, Dam-Funk, Sun Araw, the Dublab crew, Camella Lobo of Tropic of Cancer or M. Geddes Gengras as our guides through the city’s night life and music scene. What makes this rather interesting is the absence of certain artist you’d expect to appear in this video, diversifying and expanding one’s image of the city – after, what, four or five documentaries on the L.A. beat scene.

Teebs – Wobble Trap

Just don’t you worry, there are no wobbling basslines or trap music involved in the following. The photo for Teebs‘ latest show on dublab depicts the Chino Hills-based artist holding The Free Design’s folk album Heaven/Earth and that’s far closer to what you can expect in his 52-minutes show. A couple of funk and soul records, some hip hop beats. Just the perfect soundtrack for the beginning of Spring!

And since we’re talking about Teebs already, let me make sure you took a listen to his new Brainfeeder-released album Estara by now!

Tomorrow’s Harvest at Lake Dolores

I don’t want to talk about publicity stunts here, I want to talk about beauty. These last couple of videos by Boards of Canada have a lot of that: the composition of the picture, the colour grading of the film, and of course the music that complements these visual aspects. Above you can see some footage from a listening event in the middle of the Californian desert, where about hundred devoted fans travelled to for 15 hours to listen to the Scottish duo’s new album in full. Just think about that for a moment, what a wonderful experience that must’ve been.

So again, like Reach for the Dead, this one was directed by Neil Krug. And only three more days until the official release date!