Cardopusher feat. Sensational – We Want Ca$h

One of the biggest surprises for me this year was Cardopusher‘s album Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up on Kid 606’s notorious Tigerbeat6. Mostly made of instrumental tracks somewhere in the uncharted territory between dubstep, house and hip-hop, one of the album’s exceptions is We Want Ca$h featuring rapper Sensational, which was now released on single featuring several remixes.

01. We Want Ca$h (feat. Sensational)
02. School Daze
03. Pupusa (Kid606 Remix)
04. We Want Ca$h (feat. Sensational) (Nehuen Remix)
05. We Want Ca$h (feat. Sensational) (Sesped Remix)
06. Antisharkz (Pocz & Pacheko Remix)
07. We Want Ca$h (feat. Sensational) (Baconhead Remix)
08. We Want Ca$h (feat. Sensational) (Instrumental)

Pretty good stuff if you ask me, though vinyl collectors might be disappointed about the digital-only availability of We Want Ca$h. Anyway, you can get yourself a copy from Juno, Boomkat or iTunes

Mixtape Monday #23

Here’s a micro-edition of our popular Mixtape Monday, featuring four new mixes and another we slept on before.

Let’s start this with Ital Tek‘s summer mix for Percussion Lab. The man will be on an extended tour through the United States in October. Listen to the mix and you’ll know why you want to go.

Barcelona based Cardopusher first came on our radar when he released his (highly recommended) album Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up on Tigerbeat6. For FACT Magazine Portugal he contributed a mixtape containing music off that album as well as some unreleased joints.

George Fitzgerald had some strong releases on Aus Music and Hotflush this year. We also liked his mixes for URB Magazine and Sonic Router. He has made another one, this time for Resident Advisor!

Remember Sonar Kollektiv? They released a podcast mixed by their very own Stee Downes to promote a label night going down in September.

Lastly, here’s one we slept on before. It comes from Braille, who is one half of Sepalcure, and was released for Hotflush’s podcast series earlier this summer.

Weekly Bits 28/2011

Whenever I hear one of the Detroit producers reminiscent about The Electrifying Mojo, I go an seek recordings of his shows. Which is how I stumbled across this interview with Prince (transcript) and this compilation which was incidentally released this month.

Resident Advisor has an interesting article on The rise of streaming club music, featuring Boiler Room, Dublab or Percussion Lab.

DFA’s Juan Maclean has released a 12-inch under the name of Peach Melba. The standout track the dub of dub version, which all Rhythm & Sound fans must download immediately.

If you’re into Sun Ra, check out Klimt’s new 3-LP boxset The Mystery of Being. Also looking tasty are those Radiohead remixes from Pearson Sound, Lone and Four Tet, as well as those from Mark Pritchard and Nathan Fake.

Will Saul’s Aus Music is preparing a Japan exclusive compilation of some of its back catalogue. It’s cover artwork well crafted and Save Vinyl shares some photos of its making. Selected Works will be out next week and if you must you can get it from HMV Japan.

Scratcha DVA has done a mixtape for Red Bull, Cardopusher for 1000Dragones, and Throwing Snow for Wholemeats.

Eglo’s first lady Fatima has performed at this years’ Montreux Jazz Festival, here is a video capturing some moments.

And lastly, grab Greg Wilson‘s edit of the 808 State classic Pacific State.

Cardopusher – Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up

Compared to my early twens, I’ve been pretty much out loop when it comes to Kid606’s Tigerbeat6 label, but luckily I remained a faithful subscriber to their newsletters. Which is how I heard about this new album from Venezuelan Cardopusher, his third album to date.

If you don’t mind crossing the borders between hiphop, dubstep and nineties rave music, you should give it a try. Below you can listen to the full album.

01. Antisharkz
02. Paintbrush
03. Naked In Front Of A Broken Computer
04. Juice In Blender
05. We Want Ca$h (feat. Sensational)
06. Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up
07. Nice Up (feat. Juakali)
08. Idle Talk
09. Kid606 & Jesse Quattro – Holiday (Cardopusher remix)
10. Tuff TItty Rap
11. Coppertoned Punch
12. Juice In Blender (Mr. Gasparov remix)
13. Coppertoned Punch (Ghosts On Tape remix)

Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up will be out tomorrow and you can choose between CD and a digital release. Get the format of your liking from Bleep or Boomkat.