Cid Rim – Charge

Earlier this year, Vienna’s Affine Records released a new record by Cid Rim, his first on the label since 2005’s Full Nelson EP. The label has now revealed a video for its title track, directed by long-time collaborator Gregor Lehrl.

If you haven’t heard any of the music on Charge/Kano before, make sure to check out Jameszoo‘s remix as well.

You can grab the full release from Bandcamp, Bleep or iTunes.

Cid Rim – Charge (Jameszoo Remix)

Vienna’s Cid Rim has a new record out on Monday, this time released through his hometown’s Affine Records. Among the three tracks you will hear Cid’s trademark synth-lines and complex drum layers and a bugged out remix from Amsterdam’s Jameszoo, which is easily my favorite on the record. You can pre-order your copy today on Bandcamp or pay a visit to your favorite record store next week.

Dorian Concept & Friends

As you might have noticed, I’m rather busy with other things than blogging lately. But it’s always worth taking the time when there’s some Dorian Concept related news, don’t you agree? It’s still a month to go until his new album Joined Ends drops on Ninja Tune, but the Vienna-based producer couldn’t help it but play a couple of new tunes at yesterday’s Boiler Room event in his hometown. He also brought some friends, namely his fellow Affine family consisting of Cid Rim & The Clonious, Sixtus Preiss et al.

Okmalumkoolkat – Holy Oxygen

A couple of weeks back, Austrian label Affine Records officially announced a collaboration between South African MC Okmalumkoolkat and the label’s very own Cid Rim and The Clonious. The track above gives us a first impression of the 4-track EP that will be available on August 4th, 2014. I’m little surprised about the production quality on the track, though I might have to get used to the lyrical side of it (I love Okmalumkoolkat’s work with LV though!) Let’s see, some things just take more time to shine and I’m confident Holy Oxygen will not disappoint. Watch out!

Holy Oxygen I

Considering the year-long hiatus since Affine last released a record, 35 seconds of teasing doesn’t sound like a lot. But given the label’s consistency in quality, there is much more to it. For once, it marks the return of The Clonious and LuckyMe rising star Cid Rim, to the label. The third member in Holy Oxygen is South African MC and former LV-collaborator Okmalumkoolkat.

“Holy Oxygen I” will hit stores around the world in July 2014.

Cid Rim – Animus/Anima

Taken from last year’s excellent Muty City EP by Austrian drummer and producer Cid Rim, watch the official video for Animus/Anima, directed by Belgian “visual gangster” Maxime Quoilin. If you somehow missed Mute City when it came out last September, you can listen to it on Spotify or buy your copy on Bleep or iTunes.

Cid Rim – Mute City (live)

If you’re following Cid Rim on Twitter, you were probably anticipating the radio session he’s been teasing us with for days. Apparently, the thing is hitting the airwaves today on Austrian radio (Dorian Concept did that, remember?) and for the rest of us, here is a track to get a glimpse of what that mind sound like. Also, with the end of the year approaching, I think this is a good reminder of the Mute City EP, which the Austrian drummer and producer released this autumn on Glasgow’s LuckyMe label.

December 21, 2013 You can now download all tracks from the session or watch a video recording.

Cid Rim – Red Ocean (At Home Session)

Austrian website They Shoot Music visits musicians at their home or other spots in the city of Vienna. New on the list of visited producers is LuckyMe-affiliated Cid Rim, who plays a cut from his Mute City EP released a couple of months ago. Take notice, that you’ll have to enable the subtitles, as they’re not hardcoded into the video. And if you like that video, also check out an older one with Dorian Concept!

Cid Rim – Fade (Live Edit)

I have a soft spot for good music videos, no doubt about it. But when you look at the last couple of posts on this website, it might the impression that I’m posting nothing but videos. Don’t worry too much about that, it’s only caused by a lack-of-time period that should be over soon.

Anyway, when Fulgeance tweeted about a rhythmical beauty, I came across the latest Cid Rim video. Well, we had quite a bit of him lately, but this makes up for the unmentioned video for Red Ocean. LuckyMe affiliated director Peter Marsden is responsible for the live edit of “Fade”, one of the tracks taken from new Mute City EP. He did a magnificent job if you ask me!

Cid Rim – Mute City (Joseph Marinetti Remix)

A second remix from Cid Rim‘s forthcoming EP on LuckyMe has popped up via XLR8R. Like the Mike Slott version, this one comes from a label mate, though I can’t say that I’ve heard of Joseph Marinetti before in that context. Good remix though, a bit short maybe, and available for free download.

Cid Rim – Extend Ranges (Mike Slott Remix)

As delighted as we’re to hear the reinterpretations of Cid Rim‘s recent Mute City EP, we couldn’t be happier to hear new music from Mike Slott. One of the original founding members of LuckyMe—alongside Hudson Mohawke and The Blessings—Mike hasn’t released any new music for two and a half years—which is a shame! So, here he is with his remix for Cid Rim, and it’s part of the Mute City Remixes out due October 1st, 2013.

PS: Make sure to check out Mike Slott in conversation with Cid Rim as well!

Cid Rim – Mute City

While we’re still waiting to hear new music from Dorian Concept, his friend and Affine label-mate Cid Rim readies his second release on Glasgow’s LuckyMe imprint. Titled “Mute City”, the five track EP is his first release since last year’s mini-album and his first physical output on the label. Pitchfork premiered the full version of Extend Ranges the other day, now it’s ten days of patience until we can pick it up in record stores around the world.

Sixtus Preiss – Samba Feeling Beein This

There’s not much I can tell you about Sixtus Preiss, except that he’s based in Vienna and has a 12-inch in the pipeline on the city’s industrious Affine Records. As you might have suspected already there isn’t much samba on the record either. I guess if there’s a name for this kind of music, it has the word turbo in it. But seriously, this is one was clearly made for the dancefloor. At the same time it doesn’t really suprise why it came out on that label, and I’m nowhere near suggesting that you couldn’t dance to Dorian Concept and his peers! (Does anybody still follow me?)

So, I look much forward to listening to the entire release. It should be available on October 15th and it comes on shiny black wax or in a sequence of binary numbers. Comes with a Cid Rim remix too!

September 27, 2012 Also check out the video-teaser for the EP!

October 16, 2012 XLR8R is giving away the Cid Rim remix for free

Solid Steel Radio Show with Cid Rim

It looks like Vienna’s Cid Rim is about to rise into similar heights has his friend and bandmate Dorian Concept. His debut album was well-received and being on a respected label like LuckyMe certainly helped building up a reputation.

This week, he did a guestmix for Solid Steel, playing music that influenced him, such as Boards of Canada, Forss or Cinematic Orchestra, as well as unreleased music from his Affine label mates.

01. Sixtus Preiss – Kation
02. Donnis – Hello Kitty (Cid Rim Remix)
03. Forss – Funk For Nerds
04. Yellow Tangerine – One For The Clouds
05. Cinematic Orchestra – Durian
06. Medeski, Martin & Wood – Chinoiserie
07. Cactus – One Way Or Another
08. Sixtus Preiss – Samba Feelin Beein This (Cid Rim Remix)
09. Boards Of Canada – Gyroscope
10. Prefuse 73 – Uprock And Invigorate
11. Alacrair Ensemble – Fussy Fuss
12. Dorian Concept – Hold Your Hand By Command
13. Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools
14. Boards Of Canada – Live At ATP #1

The second half of the show has a mix from DK, grab the download and leave a comment if you enjoy the music!

Cid Rim – Poellau

In the style of those video-teasers, Glasgow’s LuckyMe put out another video for the previously unreleased Cid Rim track Poellau. The track is an out-take from his self-titled debut album on the label and available for free download thanks to the folks at Dummy Mag.

For those that haven’t given the album a try yet, you can listen to (and buy) it at Bleep or iTunes.