My Panda Shall Fly & Mau’lin – 15 Keys (KRTS Remix)

Originally released as part of the Beatport-exclusive Project: Mooncircle compilation, New York’s KRTS just put his remix for My Panda Shall Fly & Mau’lin on his SoundCloud page. The compilation came out in November 2014 and is a cross section through the label’s back catalogue, the remix one of its few exclusive tracks. You can listen to the original version on 2014’s Push EP.

In other My Panda Shall Fly related news, there’s a full album —titled Too— coming out on Project: Mooncircle in April 2015.

Moxie Presents Vol.1

I first heard the name of Moxie when she was Benji B’s invisible (or inaudible) sidekick on his show many years ago. That said, I don’t even know if she’s still on the job, since the heydays of the show are long over (for me anyway!) What I do know instead is her own regular show on NTS Live.

Today, she released a free compilation featuring music of some of her favourite artists, including the likes of Ikonika, Lokiboi, Kowton, SCNTST and more. Not one of terrible 50 track compilations, this feels more like some real selection has been done.

Check it out for yourself, it’s a free download!

Jessy Lanza – You and Me

Jessy Lanza‘s music is probably the closest thing to pop-music ever released on Hyperdub, but it’s so seductive that I keep revisiting her album regularly. However, I’m even more excited to hear new music from the Canadian producer such as the track you can listen to above.

“You and Me” is part of Hyperdub 10.2, the second compilation celebrating the label’s tenth anniversary. Out on CD and digital on July 21, 2014!

Danny Breaks – Vaultron

Veteran producer Danny Breaks joins the ongoing drum & bass renaissance with a private press 20th anniversary release of his Droppin’ Science label. The first half of the two disc compilation features tracks previously available on vinyl only, while the second half is made of alternate versions, dubplates and beat tape tracks.

Available now for £10 on the Droppin’ Science Bandcamp store, where you can choose between a physical copy and a digital download.

Machinedrum – aeolia

Created by Warp Records in 2004 as follow-up to their Warpmart online store, Bleep will be celebrating its 10th anniversary with a compilation full of exclusive music. Among the artists contributing is New York’s Machinedrum, whose track aeolian is one of the first you can listen to upfront (the other being by Fuck Buttons.)

Other contributors include Shackleton, Dabrye, Lone, Nosaj Thing, Oneohtrix Point Never and others. And while Bleep: 10 won’t be available before May 10, 2014, you can instantly download both tracks available for preview when pre-ordering a copy. It will be available on 2-LP vinyl, CD and digital download, all wrapped up in a beautifully sleeve designed by Give Up Art.