2000black Freeness Vol. 2

Until a minute ago, I felt too miserable to do anything productive today, but then I got this email from Mr. Good Good. Whether it was the pure excitement or the healing powers of music, my headaches are gone and I’m all bouncing to these two tracks.

Well, I’d love to tell you more about this, but I have no idea whether these are some joints from the forthcoming Dego LP. Same goes for the release date of that very same album, but it’s supposedly called A Wha’ Him Deh Pon?. What you can be sure of: I’ll keep you posted on every little bit of information coming in!

That’s it for now, visit the 2000black blog and grab the download!

Cold Mission – The Remixes

Cold Mission - The Remixes

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This record is quite an oldie, it came out back in 1996 on 4hero‘s Reinforced label. However, I did not know about its existance since Mr. Beatnick wrote his fantastic article on broken beat music.

Behind Cold Mission itself are Reinforced founders Dego and Marc Mac, just one of the production duo’s many monikers alongside 4hero, Tom and Jerry, Jacob’s Optical Stairway or Waterproof.

The Nu Era remix on this 12-inch is a production by Marc Marc, and it can be argued whether it marks the first attempt at broken beat. Reinforced has long been the breeding ground for artists such as Seiji, Domu, Volcov and further inviduals of West London’s Bugz in the Attic collective.

If you like the track above, you can easily find yourself a copy on sites like Discogs, Gemm or MusicStack. For more of a similar vibe, I strongly suggest checking out Volcov’s Soul in Motion compilation released back in 2002.