Psyche\BFC – Elements 1989-1990

Psyche\BFC ‎– Elements 1989-1990Apart from the Planet E Classics 12″ and those recent remixes for the label’s 20th anniversary, Carl Craig’s output as as Psyche and BFC is relatively difficult to come by – at least when polyvinyl chloride is your preferred music storage. Carl released his very first records under those monikers on Derrick May’s labels (I think Psyche came first, but I think it’s mentioned here.) Since then, the best option to get hold of the music was a digital release. Planet E has reissued some of Carl’s albums in recent years, including 69 and Paperclip People, now it’s time for some of his oldest material to shine again.A1. Psyche – Elements
B1. Psyche – From Beyond
B2. Psyche – Neurotic Behavior
C1. BFC – Chicken Noodle Soup
D1. BFC – Galaxy
D2. BFC – D. Funk
E1. Psyche – Crackdown
F1. Psyche – Andromeda
F2. BFC – Evolution

The remastered version of Elements 1989-1990 is a vinyl-exclusive, limited to only 1,000 copies. You can get your copy from Boomkat or Rush Hour.

Kyle Hall aka KMFH – The Boat Party

Kyle Hall aka KMFH - The Boat Party

Cover Artwork

Oh yes, here’s some good news from Kyle Motherfucking Hall. Following at least 10 EPs on renowned labels such as FXHE, Hyperdub, Third Ear Recordings and his own Wild Oats imprint, the young and most gifted Detroit producer has announced the release of his debut album titled The Boat Party. A quote from the press release states that “you can find tracks that have soulful, funky, and organic feels, while others have a more abstract, mechanical, and robotic sentiments”, which basically sounds like this:A1. KIXCLAP$CHORD$NHAT$
A2. Dr. Crunch
A3. Spoof
B1. Flemmenup
B2. Crushed
C1. Finnapop
C2. Grungy Gloops
D1. Measure2Measure

The record will be out in mid-April, no detailed release date yet. However, you can pre-order your copy directly from the label and leave all the trouble to the postman. Oh yes!

XLR8R Podcast by DJ Stingray

With the twentieth anniversary of James Stinson‘s, the Twittersphere reminisced about all things Drexicya the other week, sharing YouTube videos, old interviews and the likes. A week later, XLR8R presents its latest podcast, fast-paced and sinister like only a Detroit man could’ve delivered it – in this case Drexciya tour DJ Stingray.

XLR8R Podcast by DJ Stingray01. The Advent – Dark (Fader) Side
02. Hell & Jonzon – Lifeform
03. Delinquent Dialect – Minimal Electronic
04. Ultradyne – Fantasy Era
05. Shadow People – Firestarter
06. Autechre – Dial
07. Dead Silence Syndicate – Edge City Express
08. Galaxian – Repent
09. E8 – Micropacer 1
10. Addison Groove – Work It
11. Tactical Systems – Graviton Force
12. Silicon – Electron Push
13. Transllusion – Cerebral Cortex Malfunction
14. The Sentinel – Wrong Time
15. Alden Tyrell – Digger
16. Silicon – 0%
17. The Advent – Wasper
18. Cosmic Force – Optical Rape
19. Delinquent Dialect – Fear LED
20. Galaxian – Repent
21. Drexciya – Positron Island

As always, the mix is available in two flavours. Head over to the download page and make your choice!

Paperclip People – The Secret Tapes of Dr. Eich

Paperclip People - The Secret Tapes of Dr. Eich

Cover Artwork

Paperclip People is one of Carl Craig’s longest running projects, the debut release Oscillator EP was released in 1991 on a small Detroit record label. Between then and the first release of The Secret Tapes of Dr. Eich in 1996, Carl released some of his best known records including Throw, The Climax/Clear and Present and Steam.

In fact these were so popular, that several releases with different versions came out on a handful of labels. Some of them are easy to find in record stores or on the internet, especially the Planet E reissues. If you’re a die hard collector it must be tough finding all of them, how did people even keep track before Discogs?

When the remastered version of the Secret Tapes, I was afraid this could be another pricey endeavor like the 69 boxset. It’s not!01. Welcome Center
02. Oscillator
03. Paperclip Man
04. Climax
05. The Floor
06. Clear & Present
07. Throw
08. Steam
09. Parking Garage Politics
10. Country Boy Goes Dub
11. Slam Dance
12. My Neighborhood

Personally, I don’t care so much about it being remastered, who even know what it means. The only downer for me is the new artwork, but it’s the unplayed records I’m looking forward to. If you’re after the first issue, second hand copies aren’t expensive. The reissue is available on CD and 2-LP, I haven’t found a digital version yet (iTunes sells the 1996 version!)

While I’m at it, I should also mention there’s a live recording from a 1998 gig in San Francisco. Good music and hilariously funny!

Stylin’ with Underground Resistance

Those of you, who have been visiting this site for some years, will surely remember the Carl Craig special on the Stylin’ radioshow, as I was constantly promoting it as one of the best in its history. My opinion on that hasn’t changed, but here’s a new one that’s just as good and it features another legend from Detroit: Underground Resistance.

01. Timeline – Return of the Dragons
02. Mad Mike – Alpha UR-040
03. UR – Rainbows Over Paradise (The Rain)
04. Atlantis – Words from Atlantis
05. Underground Resistance – Transition
06. Funkadelic – One Nation Under a Groove
07. George Clinton – Man’s Best Friend
08. Sweat Band – Freak to Freak
09. George Clinton – Atomic Dog (Instrumental)
10. The Martians and Starchild – Starchild
11. Members of the House – Share this House
12. X-102 – Xanadu
13. Mad Mike – Hi-Tech Dreams
14. Underground Resistance – The Theory (Mind Mix)
15. X-102 – Tethys
16. Drexciya – Wavejumper
17. The Aquanauts – Relentless (Xpect no Mercy Mix)
18. Los Hermanos – Galaxy Traveler
19. Underground Resistance – Amazon
20. Final Cut – Now to that’s Funky
21. Underground Resistance – Eye of the Storm
22. Esteban Adame – Aztlan Reclaimed
23. Ican – Caminos del Niño
24. Thee Midniters – The Town I Live In
25. Ican – A Quien
26. Mantronix – Bassline (Instrumental)
27. War – Galaxy
28. The Aztec Mystic – Jaguar
29. DJ Skurge – k@r3ir (54m4r174n h4x0r)
30. DJ Skurge – Slide Skate
31. DJ Skurge feat Juan Atkins – Turn the Knob (demo)
32. Waajeed – Tron
33. Waajeed – Tetris
34. P-Gruv & DJ Dez – Grind
35. UR – Codebreaker (Side A)
36. The Martian – Meet the Red Planet
37. UR – Ma Ya Ya
38. Timeline – The Ghost of Greystone

Like on that other show, you can expect two hours of music from the label and host Ennio Styles talking to Mad Mike Banks, Cornelius Harris, Esteban Adame of Ican, and DJ Skurge. Probably the best history lesson in your life!

The download will be available for a week, so you better hurry up!

February 12, 2012 If you missed the download, there are still some ways to listen to the show!

Jackmaster & Spencer – Detroit Special

Only two days ago, Numbers‘ Jackmaster and Spencer played special Motor City show on Rinse FM. Two hours and 40 tunes, including many classics from Carl Craig, Omar S, Underground Resistance, Drexciya and pretty much everybody else!01. Derrick May – Rest
02. 69 – Sound On Sound
03. Arpanet – Infinite Density
04. Cesaria Evoria – Angola (Carl Craig Remix)
05. Marcellus Pittman – Somebody’s Out There
06. Erotek – Tek Slo
07. Rick Wilhite – Blame It On The Boogie
08. Optic Nerve – The Gateway
09. Reese – Just Another Chance
10. Omar S – Psychotic Photosynthesis
11. Blake Baxter – Get Layed
12. Secret Tune
13. Blake Baxter – When A Thought Becomes U
14. Paperclip People – Oscillator
15. The Vision – Detroit
16. E Dancer – Banjo
17. Kenny Larkin – Integration
18. Drexciya – Sighting In The Abyss
19. Psykofuk – ???
20. UR – Codebreaker
21. Model 500 – Night Drive (Time Space Transmat)
22. X-101 – Sonic Destroyer
23. Robert Hood – Unix
24. Japanese Telecom – Character Maps (Perspects Remix)
25. Davina – Don’t You Want It
26. UR – Timeline
27. Aril Brikha – Groove la Chord
28. Seperate Minds – First Bass
29. Elecktroids – Remote Control Hornet
30. Rob Hood – The Protein Valve A3
31. Electric Soul – Come on Baby
32. Soletech – Jit remix
33. Anthony Shakir – Soundblaster
34. Infiniti – Game One
35. Robert Hood – ???
36. AUX Men – The Vibe
37. Complex – Midi Merge
38. Fix – Flash
39. Top Secret Detroit Belter
40. Tronik House – Up Tempo

I guess you were looking for the download link after a quarter of the playlist – so here it is!

Real Scenes: Detroit

The follow-up to the feature on Bristol has some truly magnificent imagery making it worth watching alone. But of course this is once again about a city as a breeding ground for new music.

The documentary features the likes of Rick Wilhite, DJ Skurge, Kyle Hall, Mike Huckaby or Reference. And of course the talk about things like Motown, The New Dance Show, warehouse parties and Youthville.

Kyle Hall on NTS Radio

Need I say more, it’s the KMFH spinning 100% pure goodness in his set on NTS Radio!

Starts nicely with Theo Parrish’s go on Can Take It, Stacey Pullen remixing Sade and some early Derrick May joints under the name Rhythim is Rhythim. If you’re into the sounds of Detroit, get the download instantly!

Scion A/V interviews Carl Craig

With Planet E turning 20 this year, I’m sure this isn’t the last post on Carl Craig to appear on this side. Here is a short interview in which the Detroit producer talks about his beginnings and how he started the label.

If you haven’t checked out Carl’ humorous take on bootlegs, you should do so now. There are currently five tracks you can download for free!

Paperclip People – The Climax Re-edits

Here’s the “C2 re-appropriated re-edit of the appropriated version by Unknown Artist Track 3 that is The Climax“. Confused? A bootleg of this classic Paperclip People’s made the rounds and Carl Craig is taking it with some humor – he’s stealing it back.

He is also inviting you to support him in his cause, so download his re-edit of the re-edit (!) and if you’re a musician make a version of your own. And that’s what Quinto and Guy’Hom did, listen to their versions below.

Watch out for more versions on Carl’s Twitter account.

Weekly Bits 44/2010

Let’s sum up some the Twitter happenings this week, we haven’t done this in quite a while!

Nalden posted the trailer for the Influencers documentary a while ago, now the full film can be watched online. The only disappointment is its lengths, it runs for only 13 minutes.

Another documentary goes by the name of Jamdown, a thirty-year-old film on roots reggae by French director Emmanuel Bonn.

For Mochilla’s Mulatu Astatke show, British DJ and producer Quantic has put together a mixtape titled Music, Words, & Arrangements from Ethiopia. Mark de Clive-Lowe made a mix to promote his Church night in Los Angeles.

Serbian label Svetlana Industries teamed up with Kelpe to present their fifth shortcast on MixCloud. More podcasts come from Space Dimension Controller (for Resident Advisor) and Matthewdavid (for XLR8R).

The first release on Hoya:Hoya features music from Illum Sphere, Krystal Klear and Lone. Get your copy at Boomkat or Juno.

The SoundCloud guys had Andreya Triana in for an acoustic session, you can listen or watch here.

An incredible Google Map shows every record label in Detroit, past and present. More Detroit can be found in this magazine posted by Tresor Berlin.

Planet E: Talking Shopcast

Maybe not quite as good the Stylin tribute to Carl Craig, but still a great retrospective of Planet E‘s late discography. But then it’s really all about this interview, the mix by Monty Luke is only a bonus.

Talking Shopcast with Planet E01. Paul Woolford – Achilles (promo edit)
02. Franck Roger – Re-Scape
03. Agent X – Driftin
04. Kirk Degiorgio – Vesuvio
05. Quadrant – Hyperprism (edit)
06. Psycatron feat. Blake Baxter – She Is Music (promo edit)
07. Newworldaquarium – Trespassers
08. Reference – Best Night in Detroit
09. The Oliverwho Factory – Nightlights (C2 Bonus Beats)
10. Monty Luke – Art, Love & War (C2 Version)
11. Paperclip People – Slam Dance
12. Paperclip People – Clear and Present

Oh, and for the download just click on the image!

Model 500 – Huesca

Here’s the b-side taken from the new Model 500 12-inch on R&S, the Detroit outfits first new release in over a decade. If you have any doubts about what a couple of mid-forties are still be capable of, this track should teach you a lesson in deep and powerful techno music.

On the a-side you will find OFI (click for a stream) in its original version and a remix by Mad Mike Banks of Underground Resistance. Thanks to the guys at XLR8R, you can download Huesca for free.

Pre-order the 12-inch from Juno or the digital release Boomkat. The release date for this is September 6th, 2010.

XLR8R Podcast by Kyle Hall

Another mixtape from young Detroit producer Kyle Hall, whose releases on FXHE, Hyperdub and his own Wild Oats imprint have caused a lot of attention lately. Great follow-up to the Worldwide Podcast from the other week, don’t sleep!

XLR8R Podcast by Kyle Hall01. Hakim Murphy – The Artificial Tsunami
02. Scott Grooves – Afro Riddum
03. Drexciya – REFF Rhythms
04. Fatima – On the Go
05. Kyle Hall – Must See
06. Theo Parrish – White Label SS40
07. Karizma – Jill Scott, Just Want to Be Loved
08. Marcel Fengler – Yaki
09. Alex Omar Smith – Simple Than Sorry (Phaser Mix)
10. Kaidi Tatham – Do What You Gotta Do
11. Chez & Trent – All About You
12. Jimmy Edgar – Hush (Kyle Hall’s Metro Retro Mix)
13. Schmoov – Playground
14. Hanna – About You
15. BSMNT City Anymle Kontrol – The Perfekt Sin

Available in two formats from the XLR8R website, your choice!

Model 500 live at DEMF

Today is the last day of this year’s Movement/DEMF and incidently Model 500 are on the line-up for tonight. Here you can listen to their live show from the 2005 Detroit Electronic Music Festival, or Fuse-In as it was called that year.

Recorded at Hart Plaza on May 28, 2005 – download here!