Detroit Not Detroit III

It’s almost been two years since Georges of Lamixtape invited me to compile a playlist for the website. As the name maybe suggests Detroit Not Detroit the focus lies on techno music from the motorcity, but also music drawing inspiration from it, anything that (in my humble opionion) carries a certain Detroit vibe. A second volume followed a year later, and since everything needs to be a trilogy for some reason, the final volume went online this week.

Detroit Not Detroit III01. Autechre – Windwind (Warp)
02. St. Vitus Dance – Tunnel Vision (Peacefrog)
03. Seven Davis Jr – Summers (Apron Records)
04. Deadbeat – I.D. 6 (BLKRTZ)
05. Los Hermanos – Quetzal (Los Hermanos)
06. Clark – Riff Through The Fog (Warp)
07. Huerco S. – Elma (Opal Tapes)
08. Ron Trent & Chez Damier – Morning Factory (Peacefrog)
09. Recloose – Cardiology (Isolée Remix) (Playhouse)
10. Patrick Pulsinger – City Lights (City Of Starsigns) (R&S)

You can listen to the selection on Lamixtape or Spotify!

Detroit Not Detroit

A couple of months back, Georges of Lamixtape approached me whether I’d like to contribute a mixtape. Mixtape as in putting together a cassette for a friend, that’s the whole idea of the website. Took me while, but in the ended up compiling a top 10 of favourite Detroit techno tracks, including music by non-Detroit artists.

Lamixtape: Detroit Not Detroit

Everything you need to find out more about the tracks included:01. Psyche – Elements (1990, Transmat)
02. Clark – Christo (1995, Planet E)
03. Splinterfaction – Ultraism (2004, Digital Soul)
04. Ian O’Brien – Mad Mike Disease (1996, Ferox Records)
05. I:Cube – Tunnel Vision (2003, Versatile Records)
06. Nu Era – Marz 2010 (2001, Archive)
07. As One – Undefeated (2001, Ubiquity Records)
08. Stacey Pullen – Tsunami (2001, Science)
09. Neon Jung – Too Many Facets (2011, Magic Wire Recordings)
10. Domu – The Long Way Up (Nu Era Remix) (2004, Neroli)

Now head over to Lamixtape and listen to Detroit Not Detroit, only available this August!