Misel Quitno – Seams of the days / Part 1

Swiss label Ripl Music revealed the first piece from the forthcoming new record by Misel Quitno, his first original work since 2007’s Sleep Over Pieces Vol. 1 (which had Sassy J on vocals?!) If you didn’t know, Misel is a, erm, “good friend” of Dimitri Grimm otherwise known as Dimlite. You better read about their story over on the official release page, because I’m going to play a part in this 😉

The track above is only the first half of the new release, and we hope we don’t have to wait too long for the second one to be revealed. Get it directly on the Ripl Bandcamp shop!

Dorian Concept – The Sky Opposite (Dim Grimm Interpretation)

It’s been quiet about Dim Grimm (aka Dimlite) for some time, and so far I blamed the recording of his Cite album for it. However, only yesterday I found about his new Dym Quell Holo alias, but then again that’s a different story. Today, the official Dim Grimm is back with an interpretation of Dorian Concept’s “The Sky Opposite”, taken from last year’s Joined Ends album.

Ninja Tune is about to release the official Joined Ends Remix EP in late April, featuring Tim Hecker’s interpretation of the same track. In the meantime, Dim’s take is available for free download!

Jameszoo – Cogwheel Gag (Dimlite Cover)

Dutch producer Jameszoo was so kind to share a track by his live-band with us, a cover-version of Dimlite‘s “Cogwheel Gag”. Not the best quality, but a great appetizer to go out and catch him at one of his live-shows. You can download the track for free on his Bandcamp page, or listen to the original on Dimlite’s Abscission mini-album.

Dimlite – Tonight

What can I say, I don’t know anything about TV on the Radio, probably never heard a track by them. (Just to put my ignorance in some relation). I do know one or the other track by Dimlite though, and I try and talk all my friends into giving him a try. Such an under-appreciated musician, still–after all these years!

Anyway, Dorian Concept shared this cover-version of TV on the Radio’s Tonight as performed by Dimlite. Available for free download as well! Also, let’s not forget about his new album project Cite, which looks like it could still need a little support.

Chop – Feedback (Dimlite Remix)

We’ve been embracing all news about Dimlite‘s music since the very start of this blog. Such news are scarce, sometimes mysterious or even misleading (at least there’s a lot to speculate about!) Well, here’s official news in the form of an upload to SoundCloud, where the Swiss producer shared his remix of Chop’s Feedback, the original being taken from the all new album on Now-Again (no word about a release of the remix though.)

In other news, Ripl Music sent out the word today that Dimlite is also working on a new album under the name of Dim Grimm. You participate in the making of that record, more info about that here and there.

(Hat tip to ReqEffect for the Chop remix)

Chapelier Fou – Protest (Dimlite’s re-ça va pas)

Bern’s Dimlite isn’t exactly known for his amount of remixes, but I guess that’s what makes them special. His latest is for Frenchman Chapelier Fou and will be “available soon” on Ici D’ailleurs Records.

Hugo Sonia – Vessels

We’re not going to make any assumptions who Hugo Sonia is, we don’t know more than the Ripl Music website tells us. Could be the true, could be another of Dimlite‘s attempts to disguise himself. In the end it doesn’t matter, it’s the music that counts. And this first full preview from the forthcoming EP called Simulations Vol. 1 (Cracked Vessels, Joyful Disposition) sounds very promising. Second release on Ripl, out sometime in spring.

The Gaslamp Killer – Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun

The collaboration between The Gaslamp Killer and Dimlite is one of the highlights on Breakthrough, the debut album from the LA-native and Brainfeeder-affiliate. Watch the Twin Peaks-inspired video for the track directed by Phil Nisco.

In other Dimlite related news, you might want to check his new video for Peg, a track taken from his Abscission EP and (probably) the follow-up to this video.

Merz – The Hunting Owl (Dimlite Re-Hunt)

A look at his Discogs page quickly reveals the number of Dimlite remixes available. I have to admit I was a bit surprised, though I have most of these sitting in my shelf I didn’t think it were that many, though there aren’t too many. There are of course his brilliant re-interpretations of Carlos Niño, Ahu, Flying Lotus, Ritornell, Found, or his own Misel Quitno moniker.

Since November 11, there’s a new one, the track you can hear above, a remix for Merz on Matthew Herbert’s Accidental Records. Looks like a digital-only release, but that does not mean you can’t buy it.

Dimlite – Ripl Mixes 01

Dimlite - Ripl Mixes 01

Switzerland’s Ripl Music launches its series of mixtapes with a contribution from no other than Dimlite. The label previously gave us his Abscission EP, a Misel Quitno Sample Pack and now this mixtape. Mmmmmmh, I guess it’s save to assume that Ripl is one of our favourite Swiss producer’s covert operations, better keep an eye on them!

No tracklist or any further information on this mix, so let’s download this and trust a good man’s taste. (Thanks to Kelpe for the heads up!)

Dimlite – Hubris for hubris

A couple of weeks ago, you could listen to 10 minutes from the upcoming Dimlite mini-album Abscission. Now there are two full tracks to listen to, one of them below, and the release-date has been set as well.

You can pre-order Abscission on the Ripl Music Bandcamp page for €5 (or more), it will be available on June 20th, 2012. For your convenience, you can also purchase it on iTunes and Boomkat.

June 20, 2012 Oh, there will also be a vinyl release later in August!

Dimlite – Zoo in fluttering Red

The Champions League final delayed this a bit, but now it’s time to share a free download from our favourite Swiss producer, the one and only Dimlite.

And as I said download, here you go!

(officially my shortest blog post to date, sorry about that!)

Dimlite – One Of Uh Infinity’s Countless Uh Tiny Cycles

Oh Dimlite, you know you’re my hero. Your music is in a league of its own and I love how the humour in your track titles is always trying to play it down. Or take this video, utterly brilliant and responsible for the smile on my face.

This one is taken from the Grimm Reality released late last year on Egon’s Now-Again label. Needless to say I recommend it!

Dimlite – Grimm Reality

Dimlite - Grimm Reality

Cover Artwork

When I posted the video a bit more than a week ago, the new album by Dimlite still seemed so far away. Maybe I was expecting more teasing, maybe the Prismic Valuta Rising situation was still too present – I didn’t see this coming so soon.

As of today, you can order Grimm Reality on CD, triple 10-inch or get the digital download exclusively from Stones Throw. Both physical releases were wrapped up into a beautiful packaging by Swiss designer Anneka Beatty, some pictures are available on the Now-Again website. The vinyl also comes with a download code and a special 7-inch record exclusive to the format.01. You Very Rich Believer.
02. Pour Some Blood, We Got This.
03. Blur, Blur, Blur, Blur.
04. Healing A Random Tyrant.
05. New, Better Pain
06. Yes, Welcome
07. XY
08. Through The Grimms/Stars Down
09. Than Them
10. Fridge Note
11. One Of Uh Infinity’s Uh Countless Uh Tiny Cycles
12. Heroine Roof

Lastly, you can download the track New, Better Pain as a free teaser. Most Dimlite fans, like myself, will not need this but order the record immediately.

February 4, 2012 Digital buyers get get their copies directly from Dimlite’s Bandcamp page

Dimlite – Fridge Note

If you followed Dimlite‘s releases so far, you know the man never repeats himself. Today, he’s given another outlook to his forthcoming album Grimm Reality and it’s quite a shift from his previous sounds.

The album will be out on November 2nd, 2011 and it’s Stones Throw sidekick Now-Again releasing it. Some excerpts are available on Dimlite’s website.