Mr Beatnick – Waning Moon (Best Available Technology Remix)

You don’t need to be as wasted as I am on this Sunday afternoon to be able to enjoy the track above. No, not at all. But you can take my word that helps heaps in the process to fully recover from a night of partying. As mentioned before, London’s Mr Beatnick released tracks from his last couple of 12-inches on a CD called The Synthetes Trilogy. If you trust my word by now, you already got yourself a copy of the CD—or maybe the repressed records, if you missed them the first time around. Otherwise, let this remix from Best Available Technology be another reminder for you. Free download for newsletter subscribers!

December 6, 2013 The track is now a public download via XLR8R

Mr Beatnick – The Synthetes Trilogy

Mr Beatnick - The Synthetes Trilogy

It’s been a great decision to bring together Mr Beatnick‘s last couple of EPs and release it on CD, because this music works in an album-context and deserves to be heard by many more people. The Synthetes Triology collects most of the vinyl tracks, adds some bonus tracks and new artwork by illustrator Emily Evans. We’ve talked about the music in detail before, so this one meant to be a reminder for all people that do not own a record player: go and buy this, even more so if you’ve been waiting the last ten years for a new Metro Area album to drop.01. Synthetes
02. Symbiosis
03. Beneath The Reef
04. Waning Moon *
05. Casio Romance
06. Shifting Sands
07. Yacht On The Nile *
08. Sun Goddess
09. Nuit Blanche *
10. Savannah
11. Parallax Scroll
12. Never Dies *

* previously unreleased

The album is available as of today and you get your copy from Boomkat, Kudos, iTunes and all good record stores. There will also be represses of the previous EPs and a release party taking place on November 1st.

October 22, 2013 Added stream for the bonus beats

Mr Beatnick – Savannah EP

Did we mention Mr Beatnick‘s latest release on Don’t Be Afraid yet? It’s been ten months since we recommended his last one and the new one has just arrived in stores. In short, Savannah is nothing but another recommendation. At this point you’d often read about Mr Beatnick being the producer raised on hip-hop living out his love for house music on this trilogy of 12-inches, but while all of this is true, the description might transport a bit of a limited view of the London-based producer. I’ve come to know Nick as a walking knowledge base of good music from all kinds and ages, and I’m deeply impressed on how he keeps up with all of it. If you heard his show on NTS Live, you might have caught a glimpse of that. Yes, Savannah fits perfectly in the line of its predecessors, but while sharing certain sound qualities, it’s also the most versatile of the three. The title track has most in common with the previous ones, analogue warmth with a determined dancefloor drive reminiscent of classic Metro Area material. On Symbiosis he flexes his muscles and delivers a classic NYC house track, just to surprise you with the UK hardcore inspired Parallax Scroll. He ends the journey with Blue Dream, a track that reminds of early I:Cube, John Tejada and Ian O’Brien.

On my first listen, I was maybe a bit too quick on picking a favourite, with every other listen it left me more undecided and I think it speaks for the EP. You can pick it up in all good music stores, or buy it online at Boomkat, Rush Hour or Juno.

Spargel Trax

Spargel Trax Vol. 1 & 2

Not only lies Record Store Day more than a month in the past, the asparagus season is almost over as well. As But discovering good music is never too late, so let us talk about Spargel Trax. The connection between vinyl and asparagus (Spargel in German) might not seem obvious, but the date of asparagus harvest coincides with Record Store Day. Hence London’s Don’t Be Afraid label decided to bring together their love for delicious vegetables and jacking house beats.

1. Lily – Dollen Haze
2. Freeman – Points D’Amour
3. Herbaceous – Love Tips
4. Spargel-Tarzan – Sauce Hollandaise
5. James Duncan – Bed Stuy Beat
6. Untitled-W – Green & White
7. Slazenger’s People – Basel Piss Test
8. Melvin Elephant 303 – Spargel Jack

Mr Beatnick, who released two excellent EPs on Don’t Be Afraid, put together this Ich Liebe Spargel minimix to give you a taste of both EPs. And since it’s all about taste, each record contains a recipe how to make the perfect asparagus – that’s what I call dedication.

Guessing from the numbers stamped on my copies, there might be only 300 of each record available. If these got your mouth watering, get them from Juno, HHV or Boomkat!

Mr Beatnick – Sun Goddess

It was about two weeks ago when London’s Mr Beatnick gave us a first taste of his forthcoming release. Today he sent over this video put together by Toby Knight.

Looks like I was wrong with my previous claim and this is indeed the full version of the track. The release date remains unchanged, the vinyl will be out on Don’t Be Afraid on March 19, 2012.

Mr Beatnick – Sun Goddess

I mentioned the Gilles Peterson radio rip of this new Mr Beatnick tune a couple of days ago, now here’s a slightly longer version without voiceovers. My guess is that it’s still not the full version, sounds to me like the intro is missing, but still enough to get an impression.

The Sun Goddess EP is the follow-up to last year’s Synthetes, one of my favourites in 2011. And it’s a good follow-up, don’t you think?

You can pick this up on vinyl on March 19th through the Don’t Be Afraid label, and if you buy digital you have to wait a week longer.

Mr Beatnick – Synthetes EP

We’ve mentioned Mr Beatnick‘s latest EP one or the other time, but the digital release is only available since recently. The record is too good, especially the title track, so we had to remind you of this gem.

A1. Synthetes
A2. Don’t Walk Away From My Love
B1. Casio Romance
B2. Synthetes (Architeq Remix)

You can buy it from Juno, Bleep or even iTunes. If you look closely, you might even find physical copies, but you better hurry!

Mr Beatnick – Synthetes (Architeq Remix)

This new 12-inch from Mr Beatnick already got lot’s of praise and deservedly so. Aside from the brilliant title track, there’s also this Architeq on it. You can listen to that in full lenght right here.

Also from the same 12-inch is the track Casio Romance (we posted the BNJMN Remix), but you should just walk into a record store and pick up the 12-inch.

It’s out on Don’t Be Afraid and you can find it on Boomkat, Juno, Rush Hour and so forth.

Mr Beatnick – Casio Romance (BNJMN Remix)

The forthcoming EP from Mr Beatnick already gained some attention among headz, Gilles Peterson being one of them. Next week, you will be able to pick up your copy from your favourite record store.

Until then, you can download BNJMN‘s remix off the same EP via FACT Magazine. Oh, and if you’re one of those lucky Londoners, make sure to drop by the release party next Friday!