Weekend Mixtapes

We started the week with a Mixtape Monday, now it’s the time to think about the weekend. Here are five mixtapes to get you started.

London’s Tempo Clash collective celebrated its first anniversary about a month ago. They’ve been kind enough to record the B2B set by Kutmah and Om Unit. To get a glimpse of the vibe, stream or download the recording.

I didn’t expect Dego to allow his set recorded at the Boiler Room to go online, but that’s exactly what happened earlier this week. That’s a must have!

There used to be a new Pete Concrete mix every 6 months or so, but for his latest one he took a bit longer. His new one is called Psycho in Active and it’s as good as always.

George FitzGerald‘s releases on Hotflush and Aus Music are always worth checking out, but there aren’t that many of his mixes available. This week, he’s contributed one to the XLR8R Podcast.

And to round this up properly, check out the new iO guestmix for Hyponik. Just to make sure, iO is not to be confused with these cats!

Weekly Bits 35/2011

Our friends at Colectivo Futuro posted an article on Outliers Vol. 1, an interesting series of shortfilms on Iceland’s uncharted music with an soundtrack curated by Deru.

Now-Again has released an deluxe edition of Kashmere Stage Band’s Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974. It not only contains the album on CD and 2LP, but also a DVD with documentaries and a making-of by B+ and Flying Lotus!

Britain’s Guardian wrote a nice article on photographer Elaine Constantine on her love for Northern Soul and her documentary of the same name.

Georgia Anne Muldrow has been working on a new album, which won’t be out before November. However, you can listen to some of its track over at Animated Car Tunes.

Another new album comes from Aardvarck, who just released his third album on the Dutch Eat Concrete label. Get your copy from Rush Hour!

German label !K7 did a Q&A with Motor City Drum Ensemble on his most excellent DJ-Kicks and how he worked putting it together.

More good mixes are coming by the way of Rinse FM. Floating Points did a nice Brazil special, Bugz in the Attic’s Daz-I-Kue guests the Digital Soundboy show, and Simbad played a three hour set alongside Mosca.

We mentioned Dego‘s upcoming live-show in London before, but Europeans can catch him on several DJ gigs as well.

Weekend Mixtapes

There are quite some mixtapes making the round lately and it’s all quality stuff from what I heard so far. So if you’re not following my Twitter stream, here’s a roundup of recommended mixes to get you into the weekend.

With her new EP out on Brainfeeder, Tokimonsta is currently on touring across Europe and the UK. And for those that can’t make it, she has put together the Analogue Monsta, the first of a two part mix series.

Rinse FM had two absolute killers this week, first a two hours set from Africa Hitech, who also announced their new single this week. And secondly it’s SBTRKT‘s new show, which is even better than the previous. Lot’s of exclusives, new remixes and tracks from his forthcoming debut album.

We got a bit concerned about Dabrye lately, haven’t we? Pulse Radio managed to pin down the man for an interview and even got the man doing his first official mixtape. You wouldn’t want to miss that!

More beats are coming by the man of Jay Scarlett, who is guest on Pixelatique‘s latest podcast. And Pete Concrete has made an exclusive mix for this year’s Oddstream Festival.

Towards the end, let’s go uptempo again with BNJMN‘s mini mix for SHOOK, the new Solid Steel with a guestmix from Jackmaster and lastly a mixtape by Brendon Moeller.

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Pete Concrete – Eat Amp Soul

Eat Concrete founder Pete Concrete is back with a new mix, showcasing 5 years of music on his label as well as some future releases. Put together for Jay Scarlett’s Amp Soul Generation Radio, it features music from the likes of Aardvarck, Caural, Herrmutt Lobby, Take, Knalpot and many more.

01. Caural – Underground Hip Hop Happened Ten Years Ago
02. Hearin’ Aid presents D-Frost Beats – I B Buc
03. Kubus – Zonder Baan
04. Hearin’ Aid – The Difference
05. Baconhead – Fly Traps
06. Aardvarck – Stamp
07. Knalpot – AV 1
08. Boy King Islands – Wear You Well
09. Enemy Earth – Omiture
10. Herrmutt Lobby – Play
11. Hearin’ Aid – The Difference
12. Take – All Around
13. Caural – Sugarcane Girlfriend
14. Aardvarck – Stolen Jazz
15. Evan Odd – Kitezh
16. Enemy Earth – Motto Sh*t
17. Caural – Sunburned
18. Aardvarck – Heal
19. Boy King Islands – Lights In The Sky
20. Lumisokea – Lilya
21. Aardvarck – Poesco Talk

If the stream is not enough, you can download the mix to your gadget of choice.

Caural – Sugarcane Girlfriend

Chicago based multi-instrumentalist Caural is probably the best recommendation I ever got on last.fm. You might have heard of him through his remix for Misel Quitno (aka Dimlite) or his own music on Mush and Chocolate Industries.

The track above is a first taster taken from his new EP titled “Die Before You Die”, which will be out on Dutch label Eat Concrete later this spring.

Pete Concrete – Introducing Skiphop

The man behind the Dutch Eat Concrete label, Pete Concrete, was interviewed on 3voor12 radio about the history of the label and upcoming releases, such as the new Aardvarck album. On that occasion, he also provided this fine mixtape.

01. D-Frost Beats – I B Buc
02. Autechre – Etchogon-5
03. Biomekano – Plot Ratio
04. Evan Odd – Numb
05. James Blake – Footnotes
06. Ital Tek – Heliopause
07. Africa Hitech – Blen
08. James Blake – CMYK
09. Kubus – In Je Graf
10. Funckarma – Clinter
11. Roel Funcken – Koortshond
12. Aarvarck – Kermis
13. Shlomo – My Neck My Back
14. Exile – San Pedro Cactus
15. The Books – A Cold Freezin’ Night
16. Untitled – Untitled
17. Locust – Wrong
18. Aardvarck – Glitch
19. Kuoyah – Dark Muse
20. Lorn – What’s The Use
21. Dimlite – Can’t Get Used To Those
22. Hektagon – Lofied
23. Flying Lotus – Do The Astral Plane
24. Take – Crystallia
25. Massive Attack – I Against I
26. Baconhead – Goonies
27. Free The Robots – Orion’s Belt Buckle
28. Baconhead – Wookie
29. Lorn – Void I
30. Portishead – Nylon Smile
31. Sleep Reserach Facility – Deck A
32. The Books – The Story Of Hiphop

You can download it via SoundCloud, and for those fluent in Dutch here’s the original article

Aardvarck – Heal

Following the preview release Choice on 12, the new album from Aardvarck will be out on Eat Concrete in September.

Choice is already available on the iTunes store, the CD version can be pre-ordered at Rush Hour.

Midweek’s Mixes

Missed a couple of good mixtapes recently, here is a selection of bass-heavy material.

Following up her album Contact, Love, Want, Have, Ikonika returns with an exclusive mix for the XLR8R Podcast. In the next couple of weeks, you can catch Ikonika touring North America.

I keep recommending to subscribe to the LuckyMe podcasts. If you haven’t yet, you just missed mixes from James Pants, Hyetal, Optimo and many others. Get them all here!

From RBMA graduate Tokimonsta comes a selection of her favourite tunes, available for streaming on the Red Bull Music Academy Radio.

Kindred Spirits have a mix from Mwëslee, Aardvarck delivers a preview to his upcoming album on Eat Concrete, and the latest Resident Advisor podcast comes from Mike Slott.

Lastly, check out these new cloudcasts from Greenmoney: Smutlee and Lil Silva

Pete Concrete – Plankton Mix

Every now and then Eat Concrete founder Pete puts together a mixtape for you. I haven’t been disappointed once, instead I count his mixes to my alltime favourites.

PLANKTON Mix by Pete Concrete (download)
01. Darkstar – Need you
02. Joker – Output One Output
03. Busta Rhymes – Gimme Some More
04. Roel Funcken – Martyrz
05. Hektagon – The Old Days
06. Mark Pritchard – Heavy as Stone
07. Funckarma – Sovtron
08. Link – Archetype Arcadian
09. Blipvert – New Choomish
10. Ras G – Stealth Mode
11. Ratatat – Imperials
12. Adrian Sherwood – No Dog Jazz
13. Juan Atkins – Something About The Music
14. Enemy Earth – untitled
15. Aardvarck – Breaking Bad
16. Ard Bit – Spanon
17. Funckarma – Solaz Flair
18. Meat Beat Manifesto – Children Of Earth
19. Jus Wan – QB-41
20. Funckarma – Moor
21. Lv – Cctv
22. Cotti – Run Things

Once again Pete Concrete proves his knowledge of bass-heavy music from the last decade, making this another much recommended download.

Aardvarck – Titi

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Amsterdam’s Mike Kivits must be considered one of the best in the city’s rich music scene and luckily he is also very busy to maintain this status. You know him best as on half of Rednose Distrikt, and when he’s working solo he calls himself Aardvarck. His debut on the Eat Concrete label came out last month already and it’s his 4th solo album following “Find the Cow”, “Cult Copy” and “Pig Style.”

If you heard any of these, you already know Aardvarck as a restless spirit, always in search of something new or different. While Cult Copy was inspired by Detroit techno, Pig Style was his fresh approach on electronic hip-hop. Some of the early Rednose output was played by broken beat DJs worldwide, and if you heard his recent Bloom series, you also know he’s got a growing interest for dubstep.

On his latest, Aardvarck follows a similiar path as on his 2001 album Find the Cow. Released on Delsin in 2001, it’s his most versatile and most experimental production to date, with influences reaching from early Squarepusher to Domu or Tek 9. Well, Titi may not be as radical and not as nineties-inspired either, yet many comparisons can be drawn.01. Unttld
02. Ndutt
03. Nutelt
04. Titun
05. Teutld
06. Tldt
07. Dlunte
08. Lnttd
09. Ltdutn
10. Dnt
11. Duntit
12. Nutt
13. Tulti
14. Edun
15. Titi
16. Tl
17. Ednui
18. Untitle
19. Nl
20. Idlunt
21. Etuti
22. New Acid (Bonus1)
23. Ahahah (Bonus2)
24. Cow (Bonus3)
25. Troooopmix (Bonus4)
Most of the tracks follow an atmospheric, mostly dark synthesizer with beats ranging from hip-hop to broken schemes. Once again, I must quote Soul in Motion for its comparable mood. This mood lasts until the very end of the album, when the bonus tracks take a different direction, each reminiscent of another of Aardvarck’s periods.

I guess one has to be a fan of Aardvarck to like Titi, but I know there are many among the readers of this blog. When you look at the song titles, you won’t get rid off the feeling these are somehow unfinished tracks. The highlights are clearly within the bonus tracks, which would deserve a release on vinyl. However, Titi is a download only album, available directly from Eat Concrete, Juno and many others. In fact, you should still be able to download a low-bitrate version for free, if that helps you deciding on a purchase.

PLUG TWO mixed by Pete Concrete

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Following his PLUG ONE Mixtape, Pete of the fine Eat Concrete label has put together a new one for you to download.

This time, Mr. Concrete decided to go for a selection of music from Warp, Planet Mu, Alpha Pup, Sähkö and Rush Hour.

PLUG TWO mixed by Pete Concrete (download)
01. Meat Beat Manifesto – Happiness Supreme
02. MIA – Pull Up The People
03. Dimlite – Ravemond’s Young Problems
04. The Chap – Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley
05. Low Limit – The Club
06. Blackalicious – Kalakuta Show
07. Fulgeance – Ann Arbor
08. The Normal – TVOD
09. Daedelus – Missing
10. DJ Shadow – Bring Madlib Up
11. Squarepusher – Body Builder
12. Klute – Evo Sniffer
13. µ-Ziq – Burst Your Arm
14. Mr. Scruff – Ug
15. Hearin’ Aid – It’s A Bwoy
16. Debruit – Sole’s Sweat (instrumental)
17. Nosaj Thing – IOIO
18. BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Dr. Who
19. Mika Vainio – Galaxies
20. Funckarma – stub dane
21. Urban Tribe – RNA World
22. Aphex Twin – Inkey$
23. Luke Vibert – Belief File
24. Martyn – Vancouver
25. Black Dog – Tunnels rmx
26. Meat Beat Manifesto – Guns ‘n Lovers
27. Kenlo Craqnuques – Zoid
28. The Orb – EDM
29. Twinnie – Waitin for my love
30. Plastikman – Ping Pong
31. !!! – Pardon My Freedom rmx
32. Hexstatic – Invader
33. Balil – Parasight

In other news, Eat Concrete has just released the latest album from Aardvarck titled Titi. Forthcoming on the label is the debut EP Serious Outtakes by Knalpot and a release from Funckarma.

PLUG ONE mixed by Pete Concrete

Pete from Dutch label Eat Concrete has sent me his latest mix made for his samurai.fm radio show.

It took only a few minutes to realize that I’m listening to the best mixtape in a long time, everybody with a soft spot for bass-driven electronic music and crisp beats must get this.

PLUG ONE mixed by Pete Concrete (download)
01. Architeq – Birds Of Dub
02. J Dilla – WorkinonIt
03. Herrmutt Lobby – untitled
04. Bretzel Zoo – The Dunk
05. Harmonic 313 – Cyclotron
06. D-Frost – Clyde Ruff Bounce RMX
07. Kenlo Craqnuques – Zoid
08. Hellfish – Turntable Savage
09. Public Enemy – Hazy Shade Of Criminal
10. The Bug – Freak Freak
11. TV on the radio – Satellite
12. Clark – Roulette Thrift Run
13. Herrmutt Lobby – Ghost Roller
14. 808 State – Flow Coma (AFX Remix)
15. Clark – Growls Garden
16. Masters At Work – Justa ‘lil’ Dope
17. Computer Jay – Distance
18. Architeq – Sleeping Bear Lament (James Pants Remix)
19. Nosaj Thing – 1685
20. Harmonic 313 – c64 sid
21. Bullion – Get Familiar
22. Take – After Words
23. Take – Paper Garden
24. Blipvert – untitled
25. Take – Bottom of Santa’s Sleigh

Please note that apart from the usual suspects, there are a lot of Eat Concrete artists on this mix. Music from Take, Herrmutt Lobby or Blipvert, stuff that you can buy directly from the label.

Weekly Bits 18/2009

The third edition of the Low End Theory Podcast is now available for download, featuring Gaslamp Killer and Ras G on the decks. Gaslamp Killer is currently touring in support for Flying Lotus, there are still some chances to catch them live.

Another mixtape comes from Rednose Distrikt‘s Aardvarck. In fact, this has been around for a while already, but Crazy Birds brought it to my attention.

Speaking of Aardvarck, Dutch label Eat Concrete has put together an exclusive compilation for Nalden!

Detroit producer Waajeed (Bling47/PPP) was the first DJ to play records on Deviation TV, a new live format from Benji B. If the link doesn’t work for you, try this instead.