Dego & Kaidi – EP2

Ever since Dego turned his back on New York to return to the UK, the 4hero co-founder and 2000Black label-head has been as busy as in his early days. The last couple of months alone saw several new releases on Rush Hour, Sound Signature and, of course, his own label. As of this week, the second Dego & Kaidi on Eglo Records adds to his impressive discography. The track you can hear above was teased for months (months!!) by Eglo co-founder Alexander Nut, and now you finally pre-order the vinyl directly from the label’s Bandcamp store. One more word about the artwork, which is once again the work of Sassy J, who designs her own clothing line and is a magnificent DJ.

Pre-order your vinyl copy today and it will ship on June 17th today, the same date goes for the digital release. Don’t sleep!

Kirkis – Liverbleach EP

It feels like since that Kirkis 7-inch came out on Eglo (and it was only a year ago!), but it was well worth the wait. This time, the Australian producer delivers a 4-track EP and it contains nothing but amazing tunes. I was about to highlight “Kirkis runs the Voodoo Town” and “Vovo”, but after a second listen I tell you to screw that — every single tune is worth buying. An EP to remember for those lists we all love to read at the end of every year!

How is this not available on vinyl, please tell me I’m wrong. Well, you can buy the digital release from the Eglo Bandcamp, Bleep and most digital stores.

Update According to Bandcamp page for the 7-inch, there will be an album of the same name and that will be available on vinyl as well. Keep your fingers crossed!

Floating Points – Nectarines

Nectarines is the b-side of of Nuits Sonores and the EP holding both tracks is available digitally as of today, with the vinyl release following next week. You can pick up the download from the Eglo Bandcamp, Bleep, iTunes and maybe the digital store of your choice. Pre-orders for the vinyl at the former two stores include an instant download!

Floating Points – Nuits Sonores

Say hello to a new track from Floating Points, who continues to release EPs rather than treating us with some bigger work. But let’s don’t take the second half of the previous sentence too serious, if that was a complaint it was clearly on a very high level. The Eglo Records co-founder has won my heart since his very first releases, each shining for its high quality productions. This new one continues in that tradition, as you can hear for yourself.

The digital release will be out as soon as December 8, with the vinyl shipping a couple of days before Christmas. Choose the format of your liking from the Eglo Bandcamp store.

Strange U – The Cake is a Lie

I’ve already overused the word “mysterious” when it comes to Strange U, if not overall (damn those masks!) As little as I know about them, they appear to by a duo and they are signed to Alexander Nut’s wonderful Eglo label. I also think we have posted every single of their videos, because they make some of the most exciting hip hop coming out of the UK. In my not-always humble opinion. So, they have a new one coming out on Eglo and this is their latest video. You can cop the track on Bandcamp for a price of your liking. More to follow (mysterious ending!)

(via Colectivo Futuro)

Fatima – Do Better

There already were a couple of great tracks this week and here’s yet another special one. You might heard by now that Fatima’s debut album Yellow Memories is only 10 days away from its release, and the London-based singer with Swedish roots gathered some ace producers to work with her. The track above is no exception, written alongside Floating Points and Theo Parrish. And.

Excitement is an understatement, but then ask yourself when Eglo Records ever disappointed you. Available for pre-order on Bandcamp or iTunes, and in all good record shops on May 12, 2014!

Kirkis – Worm Jelly

Between past records from Dego & Kaidi and future releases from Floating Points, Shafiq Husayn, and Fatima, it’s easy to overlook this latest gem coming from the Eglo camp: the new Kirkis 7-inch that dropped this week. It’s only the second release by the Melbourne-based producer and associate of Hiatus Kaiyote, but there’s more to come in the shape of his debut album “Liverbleach” on Eglo later this year. For now you get Worm Jelly, available on vinyl and digital.

Floating Points – King Bromeliad

London-based Eglo Records has been gearing up lately with the release of the Dego & Kaidi EP and a the forthcoming new album from Shafiq Husayn. Yet, here’s what’s quite possible the cherry on top of it all, new original music from label co-founder Floating Points. Never shy to throw a party or share amazing DJ sets, it’s actually been a full year since we last got new music from the man, when Wires was released on the Eglo compilation (and later on vinyl.)

“King Bromeliad” and its b-side “Montparnasse” will form the 37th release on the label which will be out soon!

Strange U – Strange Universe in Africa

We’ve previously called Strange U the most exciting hip hop act coming out the UK right now, and this new cut from the duo is only manifesting that bold statement. It’s taken from their forthcoming new EP on the ever-amazing Eglo Records which will be released at an yet undisclosed point in the near future. In the meantime, why not revisit their music from last year?

Kaidi Tatham – Test Mastering Nose

I’ve already expressed my love for the new Dego & Kaidi EP on Eglo (I guess I always had a thing for them doing vocals on their own), now here’s another new demo by Kaidi Tatham sounding very promising. There have been several demos that never made it on a release or stayed up on SoundCloud for longer than a couple of months, so take a good listen before it vanishes for good.

Also, how much longer do we have wait until we can hear a proper London-LA collaboration? Chances might be better than ever before, as Eglo have a Shafiq Husayn record lined up next!

Dego & Kaidi EP

I wasn’t always sure what to make about those last couple of releases by Dego and Kaidi Tatham. The line between having a distinct sound and sounding the same can be a thin one, and indeed it sometimes seemed to me that all that changed was the name under which their music was released. Or maybe I was just into something else at the time. It doesn’t matter anymore, because their latest EP on Eglo Record sounds all good to me. Apart from that I’m happy to see the label and two of my favourite producers working together.

The self-titled 12-inch was released earlier this week, sports four new track (all of which you can stream above) and artwork by Swiss DJ and illustrator Sassy J. Available in all good record stores as of now or the Eglo Bandcamp.

Dirg Gerner – Vicious Cycle

Dirg Gerner, German producer with Chilean roots based in London, delivered his debut on Eglo Records early last month. Adam Reign did a video for one of the six tracks taken from the EP, another great chance to get familiar with Dirg’s music, which is written, produced and sung by the man himself. Get your copy directly from the Eglo store!

Floating Points – Wires

Wow, it’s been —almost to the day— two years since we last heard an original Floating Points production, but he’s making it up with 11 minutes of the most enchanting music. The track is one of the exclusives taken from the forthcoming Eglo Records Vol. 1, a 2-CD compilation celebrating the label’s fourth anniversary. It will be in stores at the end of this month on April 29th and there’ll also be a little celebration in June at London’s Jazz Cafe. I’ve been wondering if the track above should be labeled Floating Points Ensemble, but it’s too hard to decipher on the press shots and I haven’t found a tracklist yet.

Strange U – Klaatu Barada Nikto

Mysterious rapper Strange U continues to fascinate us with his latest video, already the third one taken from his EP on Eglo Records. The title Klaatu Barada Nikto is a reference to the 1951 science fiction film The Day the Earth Stood Stoll and has become sort of an in-joke among film makers (similarly to the Wilhelm scream.) If you’re more interested in getting a copy of that record, it’s been out since late February already (if only I had known!) and you can buy it directly from Eglo, Juno or Boomkat.

Strange U – Scarlet Jungle

If you’re familiar with his previous two videos, you should feel an excitement rising whenever you read the name of Eglo‘s latest signing: Strange U. Featuring US rapper Shadowstar Boxer on mic, the track Scarlet Jungle strangely attracts with its dark uneasiness, its genuine underground character. It’s taken from the forthcoming six track EP by the mysterious Strange , will be available on November 19, 2012.