Dimlite – Roo / Feedback Children

I posted the video two days ago, but I had to come back to this once more. Apparently, Dimlite has decided to put this out as digital single via his Bandcamp site.

<a href="http://dimlite.bandcamp.com/album/roo-feedback-children-digital-single" target="_blank">Roo (A dedication) by DIMLITE</a>

Both tracks were meant to be part of the the cancelled Prismic Valuta Rising album. You can buy the single for a price of your liking, starting at only €3.99.

Misel Quitno – Sleep Over Remixes Vol. 1

Following 2007’s release of Sleep Over Pieces Vol. 1, score to an imaginary movie, Misel Quitno will release an EP with remixes in November.

Including remixes by Ritornell, J. Sayne, Dorian Concept, Caural and Dimlite, Sleep Over Remixes Vol. 1 will be out on vinyl and digital on Ish Records.

Nov 18, 2009 Finally out, the record has been spotted at Rush Hour