Gerry Read – We Are/Narry

RAMP Recordings‘ house offshoot Fourth Wave is about to release a new 12″ from Gerry Read, already the second on the young label. Below you can listen to snippets for both of the tracks, I recommend the paying attention to the second track Narry (which you might have heard on a mixtape before.)

I couldn’t find an official announcement about the release date, but Juno lists it with an availability of September 12, 2011. If you slept on the Gerry Read podcast before, please do listen!

Volume 09 – mixed by Gerry Read

Around the time when our last podcast came out, UK’s Gerry Read released his debut on the Dark Arx label. That was quite some time ago and since then Gerry’s interested shifted from deep, techy dubstep to straight house music. Like on his last mixtape, Gerry continue to shows his love for house on this guestmix.

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We decided against an interview this time, but if you want to find out more, Sonic Router and Get Some talked to the man a while ago.

While Gerry Read has a page on SoundCloud page, you will have to visit Dark Arx and Live Ones to hear some of his music. His forthcoming 12-inch will be released through the new Ramp Recordings sublabel Fourth Wave, snippets of that just went online.