Mark de Clive-Lowe – Journey 2 the Light

I started this blog with a post about IG Culture’s Zen Badizm album and found Kaidi’s album In Search Of Hope a worthwhile start into 2009. Both were released on Japan’s Freedom School label, which started its seminal releases with another great album, “Journey 2 the Light” from Mark de Clive-Lowe.

There are two reasons, why you never read about this here. First, it was released long before this blog even existed. Secondly, and tragically, I never managed to get a copy of it on vinyl! So why mention it now?

Well, as you can see Mark decided to put the entire album on his SoundCloud page, so you can listen to it wherever you are whenever you want. Or, if you’re not as picky as I am, this should convince you to buy a copy of Journey 2 the Light on CD. You really should, because in my opinion it’s the best album Mark has ever put out!

Let me also share this video of Mark and Bembe at the album’s launch party, recorded at Yokohama’s Motion Blue club.

Update Mark mentions on his blog, that there will be a worldwide digital release later this year. However, it seems that will be a live-version of the album.

Kaidi Tatham – In Search Of Hope

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Here is the new year, and it is Kaidi Tatham who deserves the first article of 2009!

It was shortly after Christmas, when the long expected copy of In Search Of Hope finally arrived. While writing this, I noticed how lucky I was, as both LP and CD are currently sold out at Juno Records (Rush Hour still has copies!).

What could one expect from Freedom School, the young Japanese label that brought us two masterpieces from Mark de Clive-Lowe and IG Culture so far. Ever since I read the first impressions from Dego or Daz-I-Kue, I was hungry to find out, impatiently waiting for the moment when the needle would first drop on the vinyl.

The biggest surprise was how unpredictable this album is, being different from everything I have heard from Kaidi so far. Even though one could get a first impression when some tunes showed up on podcasts and radio, this shows a whole new side of the man they call Hands.01. In Search Of Hope pt. 1
02. Swift Inspiration (Quick Kid)
03. Do What You Gotta Do
04. Could I Ever Know
05. He Laughs She Cries
06. So Amazed
07. I’m High
08. Simiya
09. On A Vibe
10. These Things Will Pass
11. In Search Of Hope pt. 2

Apart from the tracks I’m High and Do What You Gotta Do (a favourite!), In Search Of Hope is an instrumental album. Kaidi on the Rhodes, Kaidi on the flute, the drums and all the other keys I couldn’t name. There are strings too! You read somewhere that Kaidi calls this “computer music”? Production-wise that’s true, but the sound is 100% organic. This sound stretches over the entire record, consisting of mellow, yet playful grooves. Listen again and you will discover other details each time.

At the end of the day it’s still computer music. We’re trying to make it as live as possible but it’s still computer music. I just can’t wait until all this stuff goes live, man. I can jump up on the flute; two or three keyboard players; two percussionists; badboy drummer. I want people who can play more than one instrument so we can alternate around.
(excerpt from an interview) After my first listen, I instantly saw him sitting on stage, wearing that smile on his face, like a child playing his latest tricks. Kaidi knows all the tricks! This album not only deserves to be brought on stage, it also taught me why instruments get played, not operated.

Apr 08, 2009 has the album on stock for only €20 or $27!

Interview with Kaidi Tatham

It’s almost every week now, that Freedom School drops some news about the upcoming Kaidi Tatham album In Search Of Hope, which will finally be available in about two weeks. This week we get an interview with the man, conducted by Zaid Mudhaffer from Spine Magazine.

via Brownswood

On the Kaidi Artwork

Photographer Adrian Wood is the man responsible for the cover-artwork for In Search Of Hope, the upcoming album from Kaidi Tatham. On the Freedom School website he speaks about the shooting, where he first met Kaidi.

Kaidi Tatham, photo by Adrian Wood

We had to wait a while to get in the recording studio, but when Kaidi and Akwasi finally arrived it was all good. As soon as we stepped through the door, Kaidi dropped his bag and jumped straight on the drum kit and started banging out drum patterns for about 20 minutes straight! They were good rhythms too!

Then my assistant and I set up the lights and Kaidi jumped on the Rhodes and started vibing, almost forgetting about the camera, it was totally natural and organic. As we all started to get into the rhythm of the shoot he started telling us stories about Japan and why we should go. He was making us laugh, we stopped shooting at one point we were laughing so much! Said that the people there really submerge themselves into the music and also said I could pick up great rare vinyl and even rarer trainers, a perfect combination! (Freedom school, where’s my ticket!)

In between shooting, Kaidi would disappear and watch jazz videos on youtube and listen to music, I could hear him engaged in deep musical conversations with Akwasi about music, stuff that was way over my head.

He’s definitely got lots of energy that the music seems to absorb in a positive way. I’m a fan of his and the whole bugz crew, so it was a pleasure to shoot him. I hope the pictures do the amazing music justice.

Kaidi Tatham.
He’s a music man.

Adrian Wood

More pictures from the shooting can be found here, unfortunately only in thumbnails size.

Voices on the Kaidi album

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

As the release date nears, more details to In Search of Hope emerge. First there’s finally the cover artwork to see, a beautiful photograph of Kaidi on the keys. Then there are voices from Mark de Clive-Lowe, Daz-I-Kue and Dego.

Japanese label Freedom School also confirmed the availability on both LP and CD, both coming on December 13. It is yet unknown whether the vinyl will feature bonus tracks, like the IG Culture album did before. Pre-orders can already be placed through HMV Japan and Tower Records.

The best album for 2008, 2009 and beyond. A classic has been made from the fastest fingers in the west.

Kaidi is like George Duke crossed with alien breakbeat masters zapped down from the far reaches of outer space. Masterfully and magically created.
(Mark de Clive-Lowe)

The dynamic moods the tension the soul the groove and pace all are felt on an lp that the world of jazz,funk and soul needs.what is great for us listeners is KAIDI has only just begun!

And there’s even more good news! This weekend I got a confirmation, that a Blakai album is already in the pipeline and will be released once label issues have been resolved.

Kaidi Tatham Genius Selekshan

There were a lot of Kaidi Tatham related posts recently, and as the release-date to the new album approaches, Beyondjazz dug out some gems for their latest radio show.01. Likwid Biskit – Sound Orgy (1998)
02. Kaidi Tatham – Armz R Deh (1999)
03. Stateless – Bringin’ Me Down (Agent K Remix) (2003)
04. Down To The Bone – The Flow (Agent K Instrumental Mix) (2004)
05. Cousin Cockroach & Shox – King Tut Fool! (2004)
06. Agent K – Mark I (2004)
07. Izzi Dunn – Out Of My Hands (Kaidi Tatham Mix) (2004)
08. DKD – No Time (2004)
09. Ivana Santilli – Breathe Inn (2004)
10. Silhouette Brown – Monday’s Coming (Instrumental) (2004)
11. Isoul8 – A Silent Force (feat. Kaidi Tatham) (2006)
12. Innerdaze – Supa7 (2006)
13. Kaidi Tatham – Demo Unnins (2006)
14. 2000Black – Lose It (2008)
15. Kaidi Tatham – These Things Will Pass (2008)

It contains a bit of everything, tracks from the past and the upcoming album, remixes and some unreleased tracks, like the demo track Demo Unnins (posted earlier on his MySpace page).

There are also some news about the album itself, the release date has been pushed back to December 13. 2000black fellow Dego also posted some words on the album.

The dynamic moods the tension the soul the groove and pace all are felt on an lp that the world of jazz,funk and soul needs.what is great for us listeners is KAIDI has only just begun

Freedom School, who will be releasing the album, has posted some pictures of the vinyl cutting on their website (and some more pictures here).

More on the Kaidi album

Either we got fooled by the joker, or HMV is simply wrong about their announcement of the new Kaidi Tatham album. As previously reported the longplayer In Search Of Hope is supposed to be released at the end of the year on Freedom School (they confirmed). However, HMV Japan has announced the new album under the name of Future Black Fusion. Though Kaidi surely has enough good material to fill up another album, think it’s likely to be a mis-information.

Thylord on the upcoming Kaidi album

Matt Lord aka Thylord from Bugz in the Attic posted a message on the new Kaidi Tatham album.

Kaidi Tatham, photo by Jan T. Sott

hey hey!
just taking a short break from mixing the album and thought i’d write something!… Everything is nearly finished and we have to deliver on Sunday, tomorrow is final overdubs day at my studio and pretty much everything is done. I can honestly say that its some of the most beautiful music he’s made so far, We’ve been working together for 8-9 years and man he just keeps getting better and better and better.. My friend is blessed with extraordinary natural talent and lives and breathes music but also practices 4-5 hours a day and works extremely hard at what he does.. The album has been ages in the making cos it was so difficult to narrow down what style to go for – Kaidi has like 5-600 killer tracks on his computer, he makes a song a day at least, usually more… The album is very different to Agent K, mainly cos it features a lot less live instrumentation and guest spots – this one is truly a sound that is all Kaidi, no-one else guesting or programming, everything done by the man himself, a lot of it recorded straight into his mac microphone (flute parts featuring cars going past in the background, vocals with phone ringing in there etc!! madness! Initially he spent ages putting together different tracks from the last couple of years for it but in the end has ended up making 10-12 brand new tracks specially for the project. “He Laughs She Cries”, “Do What U Gotta Do”, “Could I Ever Know”, “So Amazed”…. I’d just like to urge everyone reading this to go out and buy a copy when it comes out cos theres so much more in the pipeline ready to come out and some really really exciting stuff almost ready for the next one.. The last year or so has really been hard cos of all sorts of %!%# but I think this album is something really really special and feel like its going to bring a lot of good things for him all fully deserved!!
ok I’ll stop rambling and get back to work…really really hope u enjoy the finished LP.
peace Matt Lord.

Other news is the tracklist to the album, which is set to be released in November:01. In search of hope I
02. Swift Inspiration (Quick Kid)
03. Do what you gotta do.
04. Could I ever?
05. He laughs she cries
06. Lose
07. Interlude
08. Si Mi Ya
09. On a Vibe
10. These things will pass
11. In search of hope II
Apparantly the track These things will pass was previously available on Jazz Refreshed Vol. 1, released earlier this summer through Uprock Recordings.

Zen Badizm Remixes

Japanese label Freedom School has announced a remix EP of IG Culture’s Zen Badizm. The scheduled release is this September and it will feature the original version of Girl U Need a Change of Mind, and remixes from Georgia Ann Muldrow and IG Culture himself.

Also, the previously rumored Kaidi Tatham album has been confirmed (in Japanese!) on Freedom School’s website, release date still unknown.

Mar 22, 2010 Who would have thought there are news on this one after such a long time. IG Culture posted the Georgia Anne Muldrow remix on the Holy Roller blog. Probably still coming out?

New Kaidi Tatham Album?

This weekend I’ve been to Freedom School’s page on MySpace and look what I found: a logo saying Kaidi Tatham!

Freedom School MySpace

Freedom School MySpace

I already heard rumors about a new solo work following the 2000Black album and actually this would fit very well into Freedom School’s current portfolio, following MdCL’s Journey 2 The Light and IG Culture’s Zen Badizm. Also there are some new tracks up on Kaidi’s own MySpace page, though they’re more likely demos.

At the moment there’s no news on the Freedom School website, just two videos of Kaidi playing keys. I’m trying to get a word from official sides and keep you posted.

Aug 28, 2008 Apparantly the release on Freedom School has been confirmed on Worldwide earlier this year and is supposed to hit the streets (of Japan) in November 2008.

Sept 28, 2008 Finally a confirmation, the album will be called In Search Of Hope!

Oct 4, 2008 Tracklist and thoughts from Matt Lord can be found here.

Oct 27, 2008 HMV adds some confusion about the name of the album!

Nov 18, 2008 Photographer Adrian Wood speaks about the photo session for the album cover

Nov 19, 2008 Rush Hour has snippets from the album

Nov 27, 2008 Freedom School posted an interview with Kaidi

Jan 1, 2009 ..and finally the review!

IG Culture presents Zen Badizm

New album from IG Culture, Co-Op founder and innovator of the so-called West London scene, and the first under his own name. If you heard the New Sector Albums before, than you have to adjust your expectations a bit. Don’t get me wrong, as IG is one of my favorite contemporary producer and I certainly think this could be album of the year!

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Recorded in different parts of the world, it features the likes of Corey Wilkes and Tom Ashe (both on trumpet), Pino Palladino (bass), Josh Deeps (vibes) or Ernest Dawkins (reeds). On the vocal side you get Bilal Salaam, Heidi Vogel, Sacha Williamson and Dee Alexander. The result is one of the richest sounding, most versatile concept albums of the year. Its political, its dance-able, its angry, its soulful, its bebop to acid jazz, house to broken beat.

Ra Bops in Blacknuss

The musical richness reveals IG Culture’s musical background, as the album combines any of the periods he’s been involved in. There’s the vocals reminiscent of the Young Disciples and New Sector Movements, the mad keys of Quango or Likwid Biskit, the tight beats of Son of Scientist. As illustrated on the brilliant cover artwork, you will also find his influences from the likes of Sun Ra, Marvin Gaye, Fela Kuti or J Dilla.

Girl U Need a Change of Mind
Consumed (Refit)

Though divided into three pieces (Zen I, Zen II and Zen III), it’s an album to listen to from start to end. Still there’s material that has the potential as a  single, like the Eddie Kendricks cover of Girl You Need A Change Of Mind. Being released through DJ Kentaro’s Freedom School label, the album is available in Japan only. However, you can find both CD (FSCX-0002) and gatefold LP (FSLP-002 – two extra tracks!) via Juno Records or Dusty Groove.

Update: There’s a video of the release-party available at Dax TV!