Dolphin – Basic Life

Portland’s Fresh Selects just unveiled their new Digital 12-Inch series with this incredibly suave piece by Dolphin. I know what you’re asking: what’s a digital 12-inch?! I’m sorry, I can’t answer that, maybe I don’t even care. What I can answer though that this “package” contains two track by the Baltimore-based multi-instrumentalist and singer and is available for $1 – yes, one dollar! – from the Fresh Selects Bandcamp. And if you’re into that, why not check out last year’s Young Black Mind as well?

Mndsgn – Inedia

There aren’t many remixes packages that contain nothing but appealing interpretations of the originals, more often they aim at attracting listeners with different preferences. The follow-up to Mndsgn’s Breatharian clearly aims at the beat-minded listener, but while doing so it maintains an exceptional level of quality. After repeated listen, I have no clear favourite among the five tracks, every single one of them is a pleasure to listen to. Titled Inedia, it’s once again released through Frsh Slcts and available from the Bandcamp store.

Mndsgn – Breatharian

The fellow bloggers of Fresh Selects launched their record label this week with a new beat tape by Los Angeles producer Mndsgn. Titled “breatharian”, it’s available as limited edition cassette tape or digital download. You can listen to a full stream below.

To pick this up in a format of your liking, head over to the Fresh Select profile on Bandcamp. All orders will be completed with a download of Mndsgn’s Frugal Earth Vol. 2 mix, bonus edits and a digital booklet with liner notes.