Beat Spacek x Kutmah

Who needs a full-grown selection of weekend mixtapes, when there’s 70 minutes of music taken from Steve Spacek‘s back catalogue, put together by master selector and disc-jockey Kutmah. The answer is, of course, nobody! Spanning over 28 tracks, the mix features music from Steve’s band Spacek, Africa Hitech, Harmonic 313 and various other Mark Pritchard collaborations, Theo Parrish, and solo material as Black Pocket and, well, Steve Spacek.

01. Theo Parrish feat. Steve Spacek – Chemistry
02. Beat Spacek – I Wanna Know (Seven Davis Jr Remix)
03. Mark Pritchard & Steve Spacek – Turn It On
04. Black Pocket – Boungie
05. Sun Ra – When There Is No Sun
06. Africa Hitech – Light The Way
07. Africa Hitech – Too Late
08. Spacek – How
09. Space Invadas – Way We Feel
10. Steve Spacek – Take Her Away
11. Troubleman feat. Steve Spacek
12. Steve Spacek – Smoke
13. Black Pocket – Al Softly
14. Steve Spacek – After Beris Step
15. Beat Spacek – Search N Development
16. Kingsbread feat. Steve Spacek
17. GB – Simply So (with Steve Spacek)
18. Spacek – Eve Demo
19. Spacek – Eve
20. Spacek – Eve (Jay Dee Remix)
21. Spacek – Getaway
22. Spacek – Act For You
23. Harmonic 313 feat. Steve Spacek – Falling Away
24. Steve Spacek – Thursday
25. Spacek feat. Mpho Skeef – La Bougie
26. Steve Spacek – Dollar (Let The Dollar Circulate)
27. Steve Spacek – Dollar Live (Breakdown)
28. Raphael Saadiq & Steve Spacek – Pookie Blue Room

Needless to say that the whole reason for this musical celebration is the release of the Beat Spacek album Modern Streets, available now from Ninja Tune. Also read Laurent Fintoni’s article on Steve Spacek in Fact Magazine.

Harmonic 313 at Golden Pudel

The first mixtape we’re posting in a while is a DJ-set from Harmonic 313 recorded last July at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel club. Below you can listen to the second part of that set, which I prefer for its selection of jungle and footwork records (but there’s more to it as you can see!)

01. Subnation – Scottie
02. New Blood – Worries in the dance
03. King of the Jungle – Loveable
04. Roni Size and DJ Die – Music Box
05. LTJ Bukem – Horizons (Phillip D Kick Remix)
06. Ballistic Brothers – I’ll Fly away (Junior Boys own)
07. Traxman – All I Feel (REMIXX 2012)
08. Rashad Manny Spinn – Do It Again12
09. Traxman – Blow Your Shit (DA OUT OF HERE REMIXX)
10. Hudson Mohawke – Costas
11. Harmonic 313 – You Don’t know me (Version 1)
12. TNGHT – Higher Ground
13. Lumo – R U Ready
14. 32 Seconds
15. Dorian Concept – Toothbrush Portamento
16. Fumio Hayasaka – Seven Samurai
17. Dub Phizix feat. Mr Fox – Never Been
18. Loxy & Resound – Anomaly
19. Photek – Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu
20. Vertigo – The Drained
21. Burial – Night Bus
22. Aphex Twin – 942937
23. Sugar Minott – Sheriff John Brown (John Brown Version)
24. Twinkle Brothers – Magnetic Enforcer
25. Nicolette – Dove Song
26. Hudson Mohawke – Scud Books
27. Moondog – All Is Loneliness

You can download both parts from Mark Pritchard’s SoundCloud page.

Wiley/Pritchard – Scar/Money Man

Wiley/Prichard - Scar/Money Man

Cover Artwork

Earlier this year, when Wiley’s Evolve Or Be Extinct came out, I asked how long we had to wait for his collaboration with Mark Pritchard. Scar premiered on Benji B’s Best of 2009 show and it took full two years until it was released as part of the album. Well, to be honest I didn’t care too much for the album and was secretly hoping this would happen: a 12-inch with both of the Pritchard produced tracks. Eventually, it happened!

1. Scar
2. Money Man (Harmonic 313 Remix)
3. Scar (Instrumental)
4. Money Man (Instrumental)
5. Money Man (Harmonic 313 Remix Instrumental)

As you can see, there are five tracks on the digital release. The 12-inch only comes with four, leaving out the original instrumental of Money Man. Shouldn’t matter that much, as both Ninja Tune and Bleep add the files to the vinyl purchase. Out on October 15, 2012 – that’s after this weekend on Monday!

Mark Pritchard remixes Radiohead

As mentioned yesterday, Mark Pritchard has contributed two remixes to the new Radiohead 12-inch, one of them under his Harmonic 313 moniker. You can stream both versions of Bloom after the jump.

Mark Pritchard remixes Radiohead

Sounds good? Yes! Luckily, these are available as of today on 12-inch and digital release, also including a remix from Nathan Fake. Get your copy from Bleep or wherever you usually find good music.

October 1, 2011 All the tracks from the forthcoming remix album are now available for stream!

Win tickets for Soundcrash at Koko

Soundcrash with Harmonic 313, Kode9, King Midas Sound, Dorian Concept


London has always been a place where you could go on a random weekend and find a party where one of your favourite DJs/producers will play the best music you ever heard. But even in such a place there are some special events and from the look at the line-up, next weekend’s Soundcrash event could be one of them.

United at Camden’s Koko, you will get to hear DJ sets from heavyweights such as Harmonic 313, Hyperdub founder Kode9 and Eglo’s very own Alex Nut. And there’s more to it with live performances from Austrian Korgmeister Dorian Concept and another Hyperdub’s King Midas Sound.

We’re giving away two pairs of tickets and here is how you can enter the competition: If you are 18 years or older, all you have to do is leave a comment with your email address (won’t be published.) Winners will be picked randomly, but then again we’ve always had a soft spot for anecdotes. If you have a story worth telling related to any of the performing artists, that might increase your chances a little. The give-away Wednesday at midnight, London time.

Regular tickets can be ordered for £16 at Koko‘s website. The party starts at 9 pm, be there early!

Update According to this tweet, regular tickets are almost sold out!

Harmonic 313 Laboratories Test No. 1

Here is an interesting experiment from the Harmonic 313 Laboratories. Mark Pritchard took one bar of his track Word Problems and sequenced a track consisting of loops from the original master and MP3s at different encoding rates.

The purpose is to demostrate the loss of quality when encoding a file using lossy data compression. Unfortunately, there is no more data like which encoder was used and what kind of settings have been chosen.

While I find this experiment interesting and look forward to more of this, there is also a valid argumentum e contrario: MP3s might just be enough for you, depending on your ears and audio-setup. Anyway, you can download Test No. 1 and try it for yourself.

Harmonic 313 on Viral Radio

Got to thank my man Creaminal for pointing out to me the latest show of Viral Radio. This week, Juha and Cinnaman have very special guest Mark Pritchard, who brought lots of new music from his new Africa Hitech (with Steve Spacek) project and some new Harmonic 313 bits as well.

01. Hudson Mohawke – Fuse
02. Noah D – Serious
03. Joker – Output one and two
04. Kode 9 – Time Patrol
05. Lorn – Until there is no end
06. Mala – Level nine
07. Drank Instrumental – Electrik Red
08. Harmonic 313 – LFO
09. Harmonic 313 – Dutty
10. Harmonic 313 – Lion
11. Africa Hitech – One two
12. Mark Pritchard | Wiley – Scar
13. Mark Pritchard – Elephant dub
14. Untold – Stop what your doing
15. Africa Hitech – Boingy
16. Africa Hitech – Step
17. Claus Speeed – Don’t Ever Antagonize The Horn
18. Eprom – Zoning (Instrumental)
19. Hudson Mohawke feat. Wednesday Nite – Paint The Stars
20. Hudson Mohawke – Acoustic Lady

All in all, this show is something you don’t want to miss. Fortunately, all Viral Radio shows are available for download on their SoundCloud page.

Harmonic 313 – Battlestar Remix

Mark Pritchard’s album When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence is without a doubt among the best releases this year. Warp Records has just posted the video to the upcoming new 12-inch.

The Battlestar Remix (feat. Phat Kat & Elzhi) will be out on vinyl and digital on June 15th, 2009.

(thanks MrBeatnick)

Weekly Bits 16/2009

My favourite free track this week comes from Greymatter, who reworked Azymuth‘s Carambola. The track was remixed by Mark Pritchard and Roc Hunter back in the year 2000 and this new version brings back some memories.

Jonny Miller was so kind to send me a copy of the latest Jus’Listen digital release. I had no time to review it, but can still recommend giving it a try. It features two tracks from Daco and Chimpo, the latter being a favourite!

For the last 10 years, Mark “Snowboy” Cotgrove has been working on a book about the Jazz Dance scene in the UK. On 300 pages, From Jazz Funk & Fusion to Acid Jazz features many interviews, photos and other documents from the seventies to the mid-nineties. The book is out now!

There are two more bits from the previous week I don’t want to leave unmentioned. Remix Magazine did an interview with Harmonic 313‘s Mark Pritchard, focusing on more techy things like the production process of the album When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence. Should be an interesting read for all you producers out there! Another interview comes from Evil Monito Magazine, who had the chance to speak to legendary DJ Bob Jones.

Harmonic 313 Mixtape for The Fader

Another quality mixtape, this time from Mark Pritchard under his Harmonic 313 moniker. His album When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence was just released on Warp Records and is a first favourite of the year – so far! What else could I say, the tracklist speaks for itself.

Harmonic 313

Harmonic 313 Mix (download)
01. Harmonic 313 – Harmonic 313 lab ident
02. Jeroen Tel & Christian Huus – Battle valley (Harmonic 313 edit)
03. Slugabed – Motherfuckeeeeer
04. Harmonic 313 – Cyclotron
05. Flying Lotus – Ab–original
06. Hudson Mohawke – Polkadot Blues
07. Dorian Concept – Fort teen
08. Harmonic 313 – No way out (remix)
09. Dizz 1 – Konotakosuke
10. Floating Point – Shangrila
11. Harmonic 313 – Music Substitute System
12. Danny Breaks – Zappity Zip Zip
13. Jaydee – Dilla beat
14. Harmonic 313 – Dutty
15. Harmonic 313 – Battlestar feat. Phat Kat and Elzhi (Remix clean)

Let me also mention that Mark is currently touring the world as a DJ. If you want more of this, you better catch him on of the many dates.

Big thanks to Creaminal, who sent me the link to the mix minutes ago!

When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

About a year ago, Mark Pritchard came up with his first Harmonic 313 EP, a tribute to Detroit’s electronic hip-hop (313 being the city’s area code). What first didn’t seem to have the potential for a full album, has grown to become a diverse longplayer, set for release on February 3rd through ever-innovating Warp Records.

A lot has happened in the year since EP1. While all tracks still have the chiptune feel in common, the album covers a variety of styles. There are traces of Hudson Mohawke, Luke Vibert, Dabrye (check out the track with Phat Kat & Elzhi), Flying Lotus or Boards of Canada (Köln!).01. Dirtbox
02. Cyclotron
03. No Way Out
04. Music Substitute System
05. Köln
06. Galag-a
07. Word Problems
08. Battlestar (feat. Phat Kat & Elzhi)
09. Cyclotron C64 SID
10. Call to Arms
11. Flaash
12. Don’t Panic
13. Falling Away (feat. Steve Spacek)
14. When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence
15. Quadrant 3
I don’t see a reason to sleep on this, unless you dislike analogue synthesizers, warm basslines or the sound of 8bit computer games.

You can pre-order the album from Rush Hour or Juno, and a digital release should be available at Bleep and iTunes in the next couple of days.