Braille – A Meaning EP

As of this week, the second EP from NYC’s Braille is available through Hotflush Recordings. The b-side of his previous release is already one of my favourite tracks for the year, and I look forward to the release of the Sepalcure debut album later in autumn – Sepalcure is the another project he’s involved in together with Machinedrum.

A1. A Meaning
A2. Riverbed
B1. Breakup
B2. Chain Gang

If you’re interested in making this EP one of your’s, I’ve spotted the vinyl on Rush Hour, Bleep also has a download in various formats.

Scuba – DJ-Kicks

Scuba - DJ-Kicks

Cover Artwork

They say the age of the mixed CD has come to an end, and in the new age of the internet it’s easy to believe. There’s hardly a music publication without its own podcast and live-recordings from clubs around the world are only a click away. But I believe in the rule of exception and !K7’s DJ-KiCKS series is not only one of the first mix CD series, for me anyway, but also an exceptional one (again exceptions apply everywhere!)

Today, they’ve announced their latest addition from no other but Hotflush founder Paul Rose, better known for his music output under the names of Scuba and SCB. From his reputation as a DJ and his taste in selecting artists for his label, I have reason to believe he will continue the recent winning streak (I’m thinking of Apparat and MCDE) in the series. At least that’s what the tracklist suggests.01. Sigha – HF029B2
02. Surgeon – The Power of Doubt
03. DBridge – For Tonight
04. Badawi – Lost Highway (Incyde remix)
05. Peverelist – Sun Dance
06. Until Silence – The Affair
07. Addison Groove – An We Drop
08. Roska – Leapfrog
09. Trevino – Shorty
10. Beaumont – CPX11
11. Function – Two Ninety One
12. Braille – Breakup
13. Quest – Everybody in the Place
14. Sigha – Let Me In
15. George FitzGerald – Shackled
16. Jon Convex – Streetwalk
17. Mr Beatnick – Don’t Walk Away From My Love
18. Boddika – Acid Battery
19. Marcel Dettmann – Captivate
20. Arkist – Rendez-Vous (SCB edit)
21. Locked Groove – Drowning
22. Recloose – Tecumseh
23. Sigha – Where I Come To Forget
24. Sex Worker – Rhythm of the Night
25. Scuba – M.A.R.S.
26. Jichael Mackson – Gedons
27. Rivet – Running S
28. Recondite – Backbone
29. Ludovic Vendi – Mental Bright
30. Rivet – Slant
31. Scuba – Adrenalin
32. Sepalcure – Inside

Scuba’s DJ-KiCKS will be in stores on October 25, 2011. While this hasn’t been confirmed, we expect it to drop in the usual trilogy of CD, LP and a 12-inch with exclusive music.

Mixtape Monday #23

Here’s a micro-edition of our popular Mixtape Monday, featuring four new mixes and another we slept on before.

Let’s start this with Ital Tek‘s summer mix for Percussion Lab. The man will be on an extended tour through the United States in October. Listen to the mix and you’ll know why you want to go.

Barcelona based Cardopusher first came on our radar when he released his (highly recommended) album Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up on Tigerbeat6. For FACT Magazine Portugal he contributed a mixtape containing music off that album as well as some unreleased joints.

George Fitzgerald had some strong releases on Aus Music and Hotflush this year. We also liked his mixes for URB Magazine and Sonic Router. He has made another one, this time for Resident Advisor!

Remember Sonar Kollektiv? They released a podcast mixed by their very own Stee Downes to promote a label night going down in September.

Lastly, here’s one we slept on before. It comes from Braille, who is one half of Sepalcure, and was released for Hotflush’s podcast series earlier this summer.

Mount Kimbie – Carbonated EP

The final single off Mount Kimbie‘s much acclaimed Crooks & Lovers brings my favourite track to the turntable once again. In addition to that, the double 12″ features two previously unreleased tracks and remixes from Klaus, Airhead and Peter van Hoesen. Listen to snippets from all tracks below.

01. Carbonated
02. Flux
03. Bave’s Chords
04. Adriatic (Klaus remix)
05. Carbonated (Airhead remix)
06. Carbonated (Peter van Hoesen remix)

You should find Carbonated in all good record stores as of today. Besides the vinyl release you can also get it on CD single (!) or digital download. Whatever you prefer, get it directly from Hotflush or online shops such as Bleep, Juno and iTunes.

Weekly Bits 14/2011

The good people at Sonic Router premiered this free EP from Golau Glau, consisting of seven tracks in a minimal techno flavour with dubstep influences here and there. Get the music from Bandcamp and don’t miss the the interview.

While we’re at Sonic Router, their latest podcast was mixed by Hotflush’s George FitzGerald and we think you want that.

Another recommended mix comes from Tom Trago, whose new album Iris is finally available in stores around the world. Also check out his podcast for DJ Broadcast.

Former Bugz in the Attic member Seiji was guest on the latest Solid Steel show, you can download his hour long guestmix on SoundCloud.

However, my favorite mix this week comes from Dark Arx signed Gerry Read. If you like a fix of good house music, get this one!

The track of the week comes from New York duo Sepalcure. Their remix for Schools of Seven Bells is a free download on the XLR8R website.

Lastly, here’s a new video from Bibio, whose new album Mind Bokeh is available now (also some nice shirts!)

Incyde – Kmag Guest Mix

New York’s Alex Incyde talks to Knowledge Magazine about the new Hotflush compilation “Back and 4th“, the label’s history and upcoming releases. And he made them a mix them with this tasty looking tracklist.01. Incyde – Aquazo
02. Appleblim & October – NY Fizzzzz
03. Incyde – Sykle
04. Furreshu – Lucid (Shifted Remix)
05. Incyde – Emeraldz
06. Incyde – Axis
07. 2562 – This Is Hardcore
08. Photek – 101 (Boddika’s Drum Machine Remix)
09. Lando Kal – Time Out
10. Ike Release – Don’t Know
11. Pangaea – Inna Daze
12. Distal & HxdB – Booyant
13. Boxcutter vs Kab Driver – Little Smoke
14. Arkist & Kidkut – Vanilla Imitate
15. Incyde – Traverse
16. Incyde – Telophase

I suggest you grab the download and while you listen to it you can read that interview.

Weekend Mixtapes

It’s been a while, so let me just update on a couple of mixes I’ve enjoyed recently.

On the occasion of having a new release out, Dorian Concept was featured on this Austrian radioshow. And they even talk in English over some of Dorian’s favourites and his new material.

Another huge favourite comes from DJ Nuts, who joined Gilles Peterson for one of his podcast sessions. Over an hour of quality Brazilian music!

It seems I missed out on a couple of recent Hotflush podcasts, but the latest comes from Twisted and it’s a recommended download.

For more hybrids between dubstep and techno, also check out the latest FACT Mix by Hessle Audio founder Pangaea or Dark Arx Podcast #5.

How about the recent show from LuckyMe’s Jacques Greene on Rinse FM?

Circus Maximus have a live-recording from French beatmaker Onra.

Last but not least comes another fine mix from Dutch Sotu the Traveller. Check his website for more of those, including another recent mix for RBMA Radio.

Mount Kimbie – Before I Move Off

The guys of Mount Kimbie just posted a link to the new Jamie Lidell video, but unfortunately it doesn’t play for me. Instead I discovered the duo has a new video out themselves, you can watch it below.

Just like their previous video for the track Would Know, this one was directed by Tyrone Lebon.

Scuba – Triangulation (Interpretations)

Following the groundbreaking Triangulation album on his own Hotflush label, Scuba is about to release new interpretations by himself and like-minded musicians like FaltyDL (big tune!), Will Saul or Joe.

Below you can listen to a 10-minutes mix with all of the album’s tracks:

01. Before (After)
02. Latch (Will Saul & Mike Monday Remix)
03. On Deck (FaltyDL Remix)
04. You Got Me (I Got You)
05. Tracers (Deadbeat Remix)
06. So You Think You’re Special (Joe Remix)
07. Before (Deadboy Remix)

It seems like Triangulation (Interpretations) is a CD-only release, though that might leave the option for several EPs the future. On November 15, you can find it in all good stores.

November 15, 2010 As mentioned before, the record is out now. Get your’s from Bleep or Boomkat. There is also a new 12-inch featuring the remixes by Deadbeat and FaltyDL.

Mount Kimbie – Ruby (live)

There is a new Mount Kimbie EP in sight and it goes by the name of Blind Night Errand. It will be out in late November and features two tracks from their album Crooks and Lovers, an alternate mix of “William” and a live-version of “Maybes” recorded at Berlin’s Berghain.

A1. Blind Night Errand
A2. Before I Move Off
B1. William (Dayglo Mix)
B2. Maybe (Live @ Berghain, Berlin)

Which brings us to the track you can hear above. It was recorded at the same night at Berghain, but it’s available as a free download. To get it, all you need to do is sign up with your email address.

I wouldn’t mind a full release with more live material, it could turn out equally good as Moritz von Oswald’s recent Live in New York album.

Anyway, the Mount Kimbie EP will be out on November 28th, 2010 on Scuba’s Hotflush label.

XLR8R Podcast by Mount Kimbie

Following the release of their album Crooks & Lovers, Hotflush’s Mount Kimbie are currently touring North America and will soon continue to do so in the UK and the rest of Europe. This week they’re also gracing XLR8R with this guestmix.

XLR8R Podcast by Mount Kimbie01. System – All
02. xxxy – This Much
03. Mount Kimbie – Carbonated
04. Pangaea – Dead Living
05. Zomby – Test Me for a Reason
06. Kode9 – You Don’t Wash (Martyn Remix)
07. Dam-Funk – How It Be Between U and Me
08. El Fog – El Cloud
09. Klaus – Tusk
10. Scuba – Hard Boiled (SCB Edit)
11. Senking – Tar
12. Blawan – Fram
13. Untold – Anaconda (Tribal Guarachero Mix)
14. Klaus – Neph
15. Unknown – Unknown
16. James Blake – Klavierwerke
17. Arkist – Only If You Mean It

Head over to the XLR8R website and choose your prefered download format.

Mount Kimbie – Would Know

From director Tyrone Lebon comes this new video for Mount Kimbie, coinciding with the release of “Crooks & Lovers.”

Don’t forget to listen to their new album, eventually buy a copy, or just download a free track from it.

Mount Kimbie – Field

Having build up an excellent reputation with Maybes, Sketch on Glass and two remix EPs, Mount Kimbie will deliver their anticipated debut album Crooks & Lovers next week, July 19th.

To make the wait more bearable, Mount Kimbie are giving away the track above for free. You can also stream the entire album over at Fact Magazine.

Mount Kimbie are also touring Europe and the United States over the next couple of months.