IG Culture – Soulful Shanghai

IG Culture - Soulful Shanghai

Cover Artwork

One of the most underrated cats in the music world to has to be IG Culture. I sometimes think he’s not too unhappy with that status, but there were times when I was worried he might have given up music to focus on making videos. As of today, we all know that’s not the case, as Kindred Spirits announced his new longplayer (The Many Districts Of) Soulful Shanghai.

Among the many collaborators are a couple of familiar faces. Bilal Salaam was already featured on Zen Badizm (hey, that’s my first post ever!) and Akwasi Mensah made his mark on records such as Kaidi Tatham’s Feed the Cat and several of Dego‘s projects. There are plenty more names listed and frankly speaking I don’t know any of them. The snippets however sound most promising, as versatile as IG’s twenty years of making music.01. Can’t Believe It feat. ID4
02. Truth feat. John Robinson
03. Core Exit feat. Bilal Salaam
04. Talkin’ Bout Mine
05. Black Rennaissance feat. Akwasi Mensah
06. Futures Back feat. K Banger
07. Take It There feat. K Banger
08. The (blessed) Mizells feat. Akwasi Mensah
09. Half Black Half Japanese feat. John Robinson
10. Bluff and Fold (Gamble and Bluf)
11. Catalog Pieces feat. John Robinson
12. The Revolution Will Not Be Tell Lie Vise
13. Do The Math feat. ID 4 Windz
14. A Tangible Dream feat. Bilal Salaam
15. Outsider (the lite) feat. Eagle Nebula
16. Whats Happening feat. K Banger
17. The Kikanju Baku Peace Arkestra

I’m very excited about this album, it’s too good to see IG Culture back at what he’s best at. What I couldn’t track down is the exact release date. According to HMV Japan, Soulful Shanghai will be out in April. The guys of Machine, who are once again responsible for the cover-art, confirm it loosely with a release in the first quarter of 2012. In any case you can place your pre-order today directly on the Kindred Spirits website!

May 16, 2012 The album is out now on LP and limited to 1,000 copies, the CD is still a pre-order item

May 23, 2012 Also available on iTunes

Dodge City Productions

Long before Zen Badizm, even long before Coop and New Sector Movements, IG Culture was a part of Dodge City Productions. Formed in 1990 with his partner Dodge, the group was part of London’s rich acid jazz scene, and put out several jazzy hip-hop 12-inches and eventually the album Steppin’ Up & Out.

In fact Dodge City had strong ties to the UK hip-hop scene, the album featured guests from Bello B of Outlaw Posse and MCM of Caveman, but also from singer Ghida De Palma, Sinden Flowers and Wari Culture.

The video above has snippets from a concert at London’s Astoria in 1993 and is spiced up by pieces from an interview (and here’s another interview).

Zen Badizm Remixes

Japanese label Freedom School has announced a remix EP of IG Culture’s Zen Badizm. The scheduled release is this September and it will feature the original version of Girl U Need a Change of Mind, and remixes from Georgia Ann Muldrow and IG Culture himself.

Also, the previously rumored Kaidi Tatham album has been confirmed (in Japanese!) on Freedom School’s website, release date still unknown.

Mar 22, 2010 Who would have thought there are news on this one after such a long time. IG Culture posted the Georgia Anne Muldrow remix on the Holy Roller blog. Probably still coming out?

IG Culture presents Zen Badizm

New album from IG Culture, Co-Op founder and innovator of the so-called West London scene, and the first under his own name. If you heard the New Sector Albums before, than you have to adjust your expectations a bit. Don’t get me wrong, as IG is one of my favorite contemporary producer and I certainly think this could be album of the year!

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Recorded in different parts of the world, it features the likes of Corey Wilkes and Tom Ashe (both on trumpet), Pino Palladino (bass), Josh Deeps (vibes) or Ernest Dawkins (reeds). On the vocal side you get Bilal Salaam, Heidi Vogel, Sacha Williamson and Dee Alexander. The result is one of the richest sounding, most versatile concept albums of the year. Its political, its dance-able, its angry, its soulful, its bebop to acid jazz, house to broken beat.

Ra Bops in Blacknuss

The musical richness reveals IG Culture’s musical background, as the album combines any of the periods he’s been involved in. There’s the vocals reminiscent of the Young Disciples and New Sector Movements, the mad keys of Quango or Likwid Biskit, the tight beats of Son of Scientist. As illustrated on the brilliant cover artwork, you will also find his influences from the likes of Sun Ra, Marvin Gaye, Fela Kuti or J Dilla.

Girl U Need a Change of Mind
Consumed (Refit)

Though divided into three pieces (Zen I, Zen II and Zen III), it’s an album to listen to from start to end. Still there’s material that has the potential as a  single, like the Eddie Kendricks cover of Girl You Need A Change Of Mind. Being released through DJ Kentaro’s Freedom School label, the album is available in Japan only. However, you can find both CD (FSCX-0002) and gatefold LP (FSLP-002 – two extra tracks!) via Juno Records or Dusty Groove.

Update: There’s a video of the release-party available at Dax TV!