jazz re:freshed presents Robert Mitchell

The jazz re:freshed guys launched a new blog on which they present footage from their weekly nights at London’s Mau Mau Bar. The latest addition is this 2012 recording of Robert Mitchell performing with vibraphonist Corey Mwamba and percussionist HKB Finn.

Kaidi Tatham live at Jazz Re:freshed

We used to do this more regularly, but I don’t recall any decent recordings of Kaidi Tatham at what’s he’s doing best: playing the keys. The fine people of Jazz Re:freshed uploaded this one moments ago, it shows Kaidi playing at one of their concerts back in 2011. The first track is Do What You Gotta Do taken from In Search of Hope, not sure about the second.

Note to Adam and Bunny: Great job, love how the video looks!

Kaidi at Jazz Re:freshed

Kaidi at Jazz Re:freshed


It has become a kind of tradition by now that in the last week of August, the great Kaidi Tatham is gracing London with a live appearance. We’ve posted videos of these events more than just once, so if you’re in London this Thursday make sure not to miss this show at Mau Mau Bar!

The concert is once again hosted by Jazz Re:freshed, who also released the Kaidi’s 5ive a year ago. For more details, visit their website and check the Facebook page for the event. Hope to see you there!

Jazz re​:​freshed Live – Prelude

Jazz re​:​freshed Live - Prelude

Cover Artwork

Only yesterday we talked about the Jazz re:freshed anniversary. Now there’s a free compilation for everyone that couldn’t make it to their celebration yesterday. Oh Jazz:refreshed, I always wanted to, but I never attended one in 9 years. Anyway, here is one track for every year, including favourites such as Kaidi Tatham, Mark de Clive-Lowe or Richard Spaven – and a lot of artists I’m looking forward to discover myself!01. Kaidi Tatham – Night With Jude
02. 12 Tone Brass Band – Good Times
03. Séb Pipe’s Life Experience – Dice
04. Dan Waldman Band – Vulcan Elements
05. Mark de Clive-Lowe Trio – Smoked Something (interlude)
06. Grant Windsor’s 3 Five Blind – 3 Five Blind
07. Richard Spaven – Maz Live
08. Al Scott Trio – It’s A Start Live
09. The Unknown Mystic Musound – Into The Unknown Live

You can download this live album for free, it’s only the prelude of more live recordings to come in the future.

I have to big up Adam, Bunny Bread and all the others for the artwork, the liner notes and of course for making all of this happen in the first place. If you read this, please grant me one wish and announce your events as early as possible – I would love to witness Jazz re:freshed live once in my life!

Kaidi Tatham – Organic Juggernaut (live)

As the latest show by Benji B has a Maida Vale session by Kaidi Tatham, I was looking on YouTube for any videos of that. Coincidence or not, I found this newly uploaded video from last year’s album launch party.

Rumor has it there’ll be a new album sometime this year. In the meantime you can pick up his last one, or educate yourself by listening to K15’s excellent Introduction to Kaidi Tatham.

And as if there wasn’t enough coincidence involved yet, Kaidi Tatham will play at the Jazz Re:freshed birthday party tonight!

Kaidi Tatham – Kaidi’s 5ive

Kaidi Tatham - Kaidi's 5ive

Cover Artwork

The second album in Jazz Refreshed‘s 5ives series comes from a true genius, the multi-instumentalist and keys player extra-ordinaire Kaidi Tatham. If you liked his last longplayer In Search Of Hope, you will find a similiar vibe on the five tracks on this CD only release.01. Don’t Hide Your Love
02. To My Surprise
03. Dyno
04. For All Love In Time
05. Organic Juggernaut

You can get your copy from the Jazz Refreshed website, and if it’s not too late yet, you can pick up a copy at today’s album release party at London’s Mau Mau Bar.

5 tracks, 5 pounds – highly recommended!

August 31, 2011 Turns out there’s a digital release of Kaidi’s 5ive available on Bandcamp

Richard Spaven – Spaven’s 5ive

London’s Richard Spaven, who has played with everyone from Robert Mitchell to Flying Lotus, Kaidi Tatham to Mark de Clive-Lowe, has finally completed his first solo album.

The album is only the first release in a series of mini-albums on the Jazz re:freshed label. And starting tomorrow, Spaven’s 5ive should be out in stores. In any case you can grab yourself a copy at the official release party, taking place at Mau Mau Bar on December 9, 2010.

OffTheMeters presents Robert Mitchell 3io

The latest video by OffTheMeters.com features clips from Robert Mitchell 3io‘s concert at the Jazz re:freshed night in London, plus some interview sections with the band.

Robert Mitchell 3io has its roots in its leader’s long-running band, Panacea. Drummer Richard Spaven and bassist Tom Mason are the rhythm section of Panacea and, together with Robert, have been developing a real signature in this jazz trio format. Over the years the trio has honed its mix of influences (song, odd metre, freeform jazz, broken beat, hip-hop, folk) with older and more modern jazz/electronica/rock.

In fact, there’s much more material from OffTheMeters worth seeing on the Vimeo page, included videos with King Britt, Peven Everett and Karizma.

Kissey Asplund at Jazz Refreshed

Here’s another one of those Jazz Re:freshed sessions at London’s Mau Mau Bar. It was recorded in October 2008 already, but as it’s been played only 427 times since, I took this as reason to dig it out for you.

The performance comes of course from Sweden’s Kissey Asplund, a great singer who is writing a nice blog herself.

Many more of the performances at Jazz Refreshed can be watched on their YouTube channel!

Robert Mitchell 3io plays 4hero

The Robert Mitchell 3io, winner of the Worldwide Award for the best jazz album, were guests at Jazz re:freshed last Thursday at London’s Mau Mau Bar.

Robert Mitchell 3io has its roots in its leaders long-running band, Panacea. The absolutely ridiculous drummer, Richard Spaven and the bad man bassist Tom Mason are the rhythm section of Panacea and, together with Robert, have been developing a real signature in this jazz trio format.

In the video above, the trio is playing an interpretation of 4hero‘s Third Stream, a classic from the Two Pages album.

Jazz re:freshed presents Kaidi Tatham



For the final Jazz re:freshed session of the year, it’s no other but Kaidi Tatham returning to London’s Mau Mau Bar to present his new album In Search Of Hope.

This Thursday we will be having a party to celebrate… so expect lots of incredible music played by our resident Jazz re:freshed Dj’s and some very special guests…. PLUS Kaidi will be there with his keys and goodness knows whatever else!

Also, you will have the opportunity to buy copies of the new album on CD and LP, rather than paying for the expensive import from Japan, where the album is now available.

Kaidi Tatham Quartet at Jazz Re:freshed

Turns out the Kaidi Tatham Trio was actually a quartet and Jazz Re:freshed host Adam Rock captured their performance at London’s Mau Mau Bar on video.

More on the classic jazz-tip with Kaidi on keys, Shabaka Hutchin on sax, Karl Rasheed Abel on bass and Richard Spaven on the drums.

via Wuzz Magazine

Kaidi Tatham Trio at Jazz Re:freshed

This Thursday, London’s Mau Mar Bar is hosting Jazz Re:freshed with the one and only Kaidi Tatham, in fact the Kaidi Tatham Trio, in concert. As if you needed a teaser, have a look at this video Kaidi doing Roy Ayers.

This week at Jazz Re:freshed we have the amazing talent that is Kaidi Tatham rocking it trio style. This is a warm up to his forthcoming solo album release, which I can assure is gonna be ridiculous!

As if that wasn’t enough, we have the legendary DJ Pogo spinning tunes on the night. With his imminent emigration to Brazil, this’ll probably be one of the last times (if not the last time) he will be spinning in this country for a very long time.

And all of this for a fiver?

Thursday 9th October
Jazz Re:freshed
Mau Mau Bar
265 Portobello Rd
London W10
Doors open 7pm
£5 entry

I hope some of you can make it, I sure can’t 🙁