Kaidi Tatham – Organic Juggernaut (live)

As the latest show by Benji B has a Maida Vale session by Kaidi Tatham, I was looking on YouTube for any videos of that. Coincidence or not, I found this newly uploaded video from last year’s album launch party.

Rumor has it there’ll be a new album sometime this year. In the meantime you can pick up his last one, or educate yourself by listening to K15’s excellent Introduction to Kaidi Tatham.

And as if there wasn’t enough coincidence involved yet, Kaidi Tatham will play at the Jazz Re:freshed birthday party tonight!

Kaidi’s 5ive Album Launch

We have featured so many videos of Kaidi Tatham performing live (this and that and this) by now and we still can’t get enough. Here’s another one showcasing the man’s genius, recorded at his album launch party last week at London’s Mau Mau Bar.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of Kaidi’s 5ive, we strongly suggest doing so. You can buy the CD on the Jazz Refreshed site and the digital release from the Bandcamp page.

Kaidi Tatham – Kaidi’s 5ive

Kaidi Tatham - Kaidi's 5ive

Cover Artwork

The second album in Jazz Refreshed‘s 5ives series comes from a true genius, the multi-instumentalist and keys player extra-ordinaire Kaidi Tatham. If you liked his last longplayer In Search Of Hope, you will find a similiar vibe on the five tracks on this CD only release.01. Don’t Hide Your Love
02. To My Surprise
03. Dyno
04. For All Love In Time
05. Organic Juggernaut

You can get your copy from the Jazz Refreshed website, and if it’s not too late yet, you can pick up a copy at today’s album release party at London’s Mau Mau Bar.

5 tracks, 5 pounds – highly recommended!

August 31, 2011 Turns out there’s a digital release of Kaidi’s 5ive available on Bandcamp