Thundercat Live on KCRW

Every now and then, Santa Monica’s KCRW radio station hosts live-sessions from musicians we love. Their latest addition is LA-native bass-player Thundercat, who I should have to introduce to any of you. Outside of his solo-work, he has gained a great following in recent years through his collaborations with Flying Lotus, Erykah Badu and Kendrick Lamar.

The first track “Them Changes” is taken from the all new Thundercat EP on Brainfeeder, while the second “Heartbreaks & Setbacks” is off his 2013 album “Apocalypse”.

Tokimonsta – Go With It (live)

Mind if I share a pop tune with you today? I’ve never really been into Little Dragon and the sorts and I was a bit suspicious when Tokimonsta signed to that label. But well, it can be tiring to be a music snob all day and I guess I’m somewhat falling for the catchiness of this tune. It’s one of two songs recorded live on KCRW the other day, you can watch the other one over here.

Mark de Clive-Lowe – Get Started (live)

Only yesterday, Los Angeles resident Mark de Clive-Lowe played a short live session on local radio station KCRW. He brought Nia Andrews, Tim Lefebvre and Dexter Story to play tracks from his new album Renegades.

For the full six tracks and an interview with Mark, head over to his blog for the player.

James Blake – CMYK (live)

One of the tracks that gave James Blake‘s career a boost, quite some time before the album came out, was clearly CMYK. In fact the demand was so high, it was repressed several times and in several editions. The rest is history, these days it’s no longer a surprise to hear the man on the airwaves.

This is only one of the tracks performed live on KCRW, you can listen to the entire session on their website.

Also, don’t forget James did a Essential Mix last week, the stream will be online for three more days!

Chico Mann – Ya Yo Se (live)

I remember Chico Mann‘s debut album Manifest Tone Vol. 1 as one of my favourites of 2007. However, I did miss his new album Analog Drift, which was released on Wax Poetics earlier this year. In the video he performs a track from that album live on KCRW.

And you can listen to the entire session, including an interview by Jason Bently.

Arthur Verocai – Sylvia (live)

Brazilian composer and arranger Arthur Verocai plays an exclusive session for KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic show, accompanied by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on violin, Justo Almario on flute and sax, Fabiano Do Nascimento on guitar and singer Diana Booker.

For a video of the full session, head over to the KCRW website, where you can also stream the music alone. And of course, I still recommend Mochilla’s Timeless DVD with a full concert by Arthur Verocai and a 30-piece orchestra!