Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid – Strings Of Life

Kieran Hebden’s own Text Records is about to release a much anticipated piece of music in collaboration with the late Steve Reid. The track in question is a rework of Derrick May’s seminal “Strings of Life”, released in 1987 (!) under his Rhythim is Rhythim moniker. Hebden and Reid performed their cover version almost 20 years later at the 2006 Green Man Festival.

A limited 12-inch will be “available soon” with hand-printed sleeves designed by Marta Dos Santos, and once again all proceeds will go to the Steve Reid Foundation.

Martyn + Four Tet – Glassbeadgames (8 Hours at Fabric Dub)

There’s little info about this tune from Martyn and Four Tet, but you’ve probably heard it in one of their DJ sets from the last couple of months. Apparently, it’s taken from Martyn’s forthcoming album The Air Between Words on Ninja Tune, set for a release in mid-June. Judging from the name, the version you can hear above is probably different from the album track. As I said, no info available.

May 6, 2014 Kieran just confirmed on his new show on NTS Live, that the version above is not the one on the album. Instead it will be available on a separate 12-inch.

Just Jam 117: Four Tet

It’s a video. It’s a mixtape. Just Jam is an online channel recording DJ and musicians while performing and their latest issue features Four Tet playing records for 45 minutes. And since I’m still all over that recent Four Tet show on Rinse, I had to share this one as well. Be sure to also check out the other guest from that session, they were Pearson Sound and Daphni (otherwise known as Caribou).

Four Tet: Looking Backward, Moving Forward

In this short video documentary by The Creator’s Project, Kieran Hebden looks back at some of his early releases as Four Tet, giving some insights on making them, putting them in context.

(via Green Tea Session)

Four Tet On His Live Set

Watch Kieran Hebden as he breaks down the setup for his live set for the students at the Red Bull Music Academy in NYC. Involves an Acer laptop running Ableton Live, a Monome, a SoundBITE XL Auto-Loop Module, Dr. Sample SP 303 and another laptop running Cool Edit.

Four Tet – Lion (Jamie xx Remix)

As much as I hate posting an article with hardly any information value at all, I do love a good track by Four Tet or Jamie xx. Or both, as in this lucky case of one remixing the other. It’s safe to assume that this remix will be out on Kieran’s Text label and in the past those releases followed relatively quick after the track was uploaded to SoundCloud. Keep your eyes open, it shouldn’t take too long!

November 29, 2012 You can now pick up the 12-inch at the Bleep store

Four Tet – 128 Harps

Only last week, Four Tet declared TEXT016 as ready, now he’s giving us a preview to one of the tracks from the new 12-inch.

No release date or any further info along the announcement, but usually the Text releases follow shortly after. I’m guessing this month or maybe July, will keep you updated in any case!

Inside Four Tet’s record bag

UK’s FACT Magazine caught up with Kieran Hebden ahead of his in-store set at Phonica Records. In this video, he goes through the highlights of his record bag.

And here’s the list of records mentioned in the clip:

Malcolm Cecil – Radiance (1981)
Don Cherry – Organic Music (1972)
Joan La Barbara – Tapesongs (1977)
Kamikaze – Ghetto Kyote EP (2006)
The Time – Jungle Love (1984)

We could not find Kieran’s last pick, but it appears to be a split 12-inch of James Danso and the Super Sweet Talks.

(via Green Tea Session)

Burial + Four Tet – Nova

Three years after Moth/Wolf Club and a much hyped 12-inch with Thom Yorke, here’s a new collaboration between Four Tet and Burial.

And that’s all there is to say at this moment, no info whether or when this will be out. The stats are quite impressive though, uploaded 6 hours ago and it already broke the 42,000 plays mark.

emanative & Ahmed Abdullah – Lions of Judah (Four Tet Re-Edit)

Many will associate Lions of Judah with Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide, as it opened the show week after week for a period of time. So it’s maybe no surprise his own Brownswood imprint releases a new version as tribute to Steve Reid, the American drummer who passed away last year.

The new version was recorded by emanative and comes with a Four Tet re-edit on the flip. As you might know, Kieran Hebden had a special relationship with Steve Reid himself, the two recorded several albums together between 2006 and 2008, a live recording was released only recently.

Lions of Judah will be out on 12-inch on December 12th and you can pre-order your copy starting today. The release will be accompanied by a charity event in London two days after, keep your eyes open for details.

January 3, 2012 As mentioned on Twitter yesterday, the liner notes for the release are now online

Solid Steel Radio Show with Four Tet

Ten years after his first appearance on Solid Steel, London’s Four Tet returns to the show for one last mix before his Fabriclive drops in mid-September.

01. Four Tet – Locked
02. Floating Points – Untitled
03. Crazy Bald Heads – First Born
04. Sevi G – Beautiful Music (El-B remix)
05. Bad Bwoy Beats – Don’t Go There
06. NnG – I Keep
07. Roger O’Donnell – The Truth in You (Four Tet remix)
08. Juk Juk – Winter Turn Spring
09. Michel Redolfi – Immersiens Partial
10. Daphni – Ye Ye
11. First Choice – Baby Aw Shucks (Ron Hardy edit)
12. Four Tet – Pyramid
13. Champion – Motherboard
14. Persian + D Ross – Music
15. Kyle Hall – Xero
16. KMA – Cape Fear
17. Ramsey + Fen – Style (Bug dub)
18. James Holden – A Break in the Clouds (Beat tool)
19. Earl Sixteen – Trials and Crosses

Grab the download and make sure you also check out the promo-mix for the mentioned Fabriclive.59. The CD will be out on September 19, 2011.

Juk Juk – Winter Turn Spring

It’s good to see Four Tet‘s label Text Records growing the way it does. The latest addition is London’s Juk Juk with a track you might have heard on the latest Worldwide show.

I guess it’s no suprise this caught Kieran’s attention, fans of Four Tet should easily fall in love with this. As always, TEXT012 will be a vinyl exclusive release and you should find it in all good record stores from September 12, 2011!

Four Tet – Locked

With every release Kieran Hebden is putting out, he keeps amazing us. And it’s no different with the latest on his own Text Records label. Listen to the full track below!

This will be available on 12-inch sometime in September 2011. That’s just in time for Four Tet’s upcoming Fabriclive.59 mix-CD, which also includes this fine tune.

Radiohead – Separator (Four Tet Remix)

You had the chance to listen to those Mark Pritchard remixes for Radiohead the other week, now here’s the Four Tet mix off the third in the series of 12-inches.

It’s backed up by some equally strong remixes from Lone and Pearson Sound, and you can pick it up on vinyl or digital from Bleep and many other places.

2010: One Last Look

We’re already halfway through the first month of 2011, so you probably don’t want to hear about my favourites of 2010 – and I usually don’t either. Still there are two reasons for this post. First, the previous year had an amazing output of great new music. And secondly, I took it kinda slow last year, writing not many reviews or other special features. So let me take one last look at 2010.

Before we start, I want to point out I don’t list these in any particular order, but I created these categories.

I. The Unquestionables

Cover Artwork

Four Tet – There Is Love In You (Domino)
The year started with the release of Four Tet‘s fifth solo album There Is Love In You, in my opinion his best to date. That is probably because it both works on headphones and the dancefloor. Accompanied by remixes from Joy Orbison, Floating Points, Mosca, Caribou and Jon Hopkins, it should have been hard to miss the album. The overall quality made it clear instantly: this would remain a top spot by the end of the year.

Actress - Splazsh

Cover Artwork

Actress – Splazsh (Honest Jon’s)
Alright, if I had to pick just one favourite I’d have to go for the second album by Werk Disc founder Darren J. Cunninham, better known as Actress. Released in May, Splaszh leaves me with all kinds of weird feelings. It’s sinister and depressing at times, and it puts me in a state of hunger or sleeplessness. I can’t really figure it out , but I keep listening to it over and over again.

Cover Artwork

Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma (Warp)
There is a whole generation now inspired by the music of Flying Lotus and 2010 saw quite some good attempts to stay in his vicinity. But with Cosmogramma Steve Ellison not only raised the bar, he changed the entire game. He could’ve continued just making beat instrumentals or work with any MC he likes. Instead he chose to make his music broader and richer on all sides. It’s maybe not as easy to get into, but once you’re there you know it was worth it.

II. The Unexpected

Cover Artwork

Gonjasufi – A Sufi and A Killer (Warp)
One might argue that sampling a bunch of old records and having a guy sing over them can hardly make a good record these days, I give you that point! Still, Gonjasufi’s debut on Warp has been on rotation for months. It kinda came out of nowhere and it’s the first Gaslamp Killer production that really got me. A great choice of samples and fitting vocals are the simplest ingredients imaginable, but they work terribly well.

Lone - Emerald Fantasy Tracks

Cover Artwork

Lone – Emerald Fantasy Tracks (Magic Wire)
Already the fourth album by Matt Cutler, but the first to be released on his own Magic Wire label. It’s a rather mellow dance album with strong links to late 80s/early 90s house music. However, the overall sound benefits from modern production techniques, so you won’t end up with a set of bleeding ears. Instead you will use the repeat function.

Teebs - Ardour

Cover Artwork

Teebs – Ardour (Brainfeeder)
The debut album by Los Angeles based Teebs had a perfect timing, for me anyway. At the time I was making my own experiences with the wonders of Northern winter. The bells, harps and other wonderful twinkles on the album seemed to be the perfect soundtrack while walking through snowed in European cities. Probably my favourite Brainfeeder release to date.

III. The Underrated

Ital Tek - Midnight Colour

Cover Artwork

Ital Tek – Midnight Colour (Planet Mu)
There were probably a handful of albums that hit into a similar vein as Ital Tek‘s second album Midnight Colour. Ultimately, it was its melodic nature that made the difference to other strong records in the field – say Scuba’s Triangulation or F’s Energy Distortion. The album was also accompanied by a fine set of remixes by Ikonika and FaltyDL.

Sotu the Traveller - Left

Cover Artwork

Sotu the Traveller – Left (self-released)
Probably the most overlooked record of the year, partly due to the bad timing (summer holidays) and for being self-released. To me it was a great relieve to hear the record, as I was suffering from an overdose of dark gritty beat albums. Along came Sotu the Traveller to deliver a super smooth record, stroking your ears at every minute. You can buy Left for a fair price at Sotu’s Bandcamp, where you’ll also find remixes by Daisuke Tanabe, Dynooo and Portformat.

Of course now that I got started, I could go on an mention the albums by Ikonika, Caribou or Shackleton’s Fabric 55. But then I’m quite happy with my selection and I already told you I take it kinda slow these days.