Weekly Bits 22/2011

As we’ve lost one of the greatest, Gil Scott-Heron, many people dug out their favourite records and payed tribute. Check these from Gilles Peterson, Benji B, Twit One, Black Classical, Ennio Styles, DJ Mayhem, Cookin Soul, Melting Pot or the previously recommended JJ Smoking Sessions. There are probably 500 more of these, but maybe you should start buying his albums instead – if you don’t have them by now.

The city of Munich will host an exhibition on electronic pioneers Kraftwerk later this year in autumn. I’m particularly interested in its catalogue, Kraftwerk: 3D, which should make it to regular bookstores around the world.

FACT Magazine had quite some exciting album news this week, including Zomby’s Dedication, Silkie’s City Limits Vol. 2 and Björk’s iPad album. There were some links up for a stream of Zomby’s album, but they currently don’t seem to work

Frsh Slcts not only put up the second part of the Analogue Monsta Mix, you can also get a free Suzi Analogue EP from the same link.

More free music comes from Georgia Anne Muldrow, who gives away last year’s SomeOthaShip via Bandcamp

Aus Music’s Midland did an exclusive mixtape for URB Mag. So did Dego for W Hotels, but it’s kinda hard to find (click on Living Room, then switch to playlist mode.) Lastly, here is another Kutmah mix for the Sketchbook radio show.

Let’s go back to Gil Scott-Heron one more time: Ninja Mixdump just posted an old concert from 1977. You can listen to the stream on Mixcloud or find the download link over here.

Seu Jorge & Almaz – The Model (Chapter One)

Director Kahlil Joseph, who already shot the video for Aloe Blacc’s I Need a Dollar, and cameraman Bradford Young are responsible for this nicely photographed images for Seu Jorge & Almaz.

In this video, you can hear three cover-versions taken from their self-titled album: Roy Ayers’ “Everybody Loves The Sunshine,” Martinho da Vila and João de Aquino’s “Cirandar” and Kraftwerk’s “The Model”.

The album is out on Stones Throw sidekick Now-Again.

(via Friends We Love)

December 4, 2010 Chapter two is called The Model: Oshun and the Dream and it’s online now!

A Guide to 12345678

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Düsseldorf’s electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk released their eight albums from 1974’s Autobahn to 2003’s Tour de France in a box-set. While some fans will be sad that early albums Kraftwerk, Kraftwerk 2 and Ralf & Florian are not included in the selection, the ones included were remastered for the first time by today’s standards. If you’re not sure what this means or what you can expect, I recommend having a read on 5 against 4 for an in-depth comparison.

Another question for die-hard fans is the language of this 8-CD box set. Kraftwerk originally recorded albums with both German titles and lyrics. For the English speaking part of the world, however, the quartet chose to re-record the albums. Many got to learn Kraftwerk from these “translations” and may want to stick to that. On the other hand it’s not only the orthodox fans that want to get their hand on the “original” versions, but it’s also a chance to discover something slightly different.

So, here’s an overview on the different options available to you. In Germany, Kraftwerk’s own Kling Klang imprint releases both versions of 1234568, otherwise identifiable by the cover saying “Der Katalog” or “The Catalogue”. In the UK it’s Mute putting out the English box set, in the States it’s Astralwerks.

Der Katalog / The Catalogue
Radioaktivität / Radio-Activity
Trans Europa Express / Trans Europe Express
Die Mensch-Maschine / The Man-Machine
Computerwelt / Computer World
Techno Pop
The Mix
Tour De France

Apart from the CD-only box set, all of the included albums are available seperately on remastered LPs. To spot the right version for you, it is recommend to take a closer look. Amazon sells the vinyl versions in  Germany, United Kingdom and the United States. The former is the only one with both versions available. However, if you spot a version at your favourite record-dealer, you better ask staff or listen to the record before buying.

It also seems that U.S. buyers still have to wait for the box to be released.