Letherette – Restless (Jimmy Edgar Remix)

Shortly before their debut album came out on Ninja Tune earlier this year, the duo of Letherette picked Clark and Dorian Concept to remix their upfront single D&T. For their new EP, their selection is equally good. The Jimmy Edgar mix above is currently available as a free download, further remixes by Bibio and Barker & Baumecker will be out in stores on Monday.

Letherette – After Dawn (Bibio Remix)

I had to check his discography before realizing that I know more Bibio remixes than this excellent Gonjasufi one. Above you can hear his latest, remixing the Ninja Tune-signed duo of Letherette. As you can hear, he doubled the amount of eighties funk from the original, probably not what you expected after those recent acoustic sessions. It will be part of Letherette’s upcoming single and feature further remixes from Jimmy Edgar and Barker & Baumecker, release date is August 26, 2013. Oh, and you can download the Bibio remix over at XLR8R!

Letherette – Letherette

Since their debut on Alexander Nut’s Ho Tep label about three years ago, Letherette have come a long way. The duo from Wolverhampton signed a deal with Ninja Tune and gave an impression where they’re headed with two noted EPs on the label, including their first single off of their self-titled debut album.01. After Dawn
02. D&T
03. Restless featuring Natasha Kmeto
04. I Always Wanted You Back
05. The One
06. Gas Stations And Restaurants
07. Cold Clam
08. Warstones
09. Boosted
10. Space Cuts
11. Hard Martha
12. Say The Sun
13. Film Music (Bonus Track)
The album finally came out today, you can listen to the snippets above or go straight to the NinjaShop to buy it in a format of your liking.

Letherette – D&T

The Letherette debut album might still be more than two months away, but Ninja Tune has started the promotion for the record nevertheless. So this is the new video directed by Konx-Om-Pax and earlier this week a Dorian Concept remix was making the rounds. Pretty exciting stuff if you ask me, just too bad the album won’t be out before April 15, 2013. Sigh!

March 7, 2012 As Ninja Tune just announced, D&T will be out on March 11, 2013