Lokiboi – Hood Cuts

Returning for another offering of instant dancefloor head-turners is Moscow born Lokiboi. Picking up where he left of after his last release ‘Night Swing’ on Telefonplan, Lokiboi treads a new path this time away from party anthems to a darker side in the form of ‘Hood Cuts’.

‘Hood Cuts’ has been realised on the Moscow ‘Capital Bass’ who have already and impressive CV with such releases as Pako’s dark and stylish ‘Legacy’. Kicking things off is ‘I know’ – it seems to rise from the ghetto depths, plateauing into a —beat to beat— kick and snare set. Slinking in behind is a layering of dark static that creates a canvas for the vocals to keep everything in check. The drum machine provides Lokiboi with a partner in crime throughout this EP setting up each tune with a ridged framework for the other elements to intertwine and swell the tracks out. This clever set of ingredients gives each track with self-assurance to express itself individually whether that be a minimal, stripped down attitude as in I know or the sci-fi powered ‘Dats’. Lokiboi creates an unusual three way partnership between tribal syncopation, sci-fi led synths and hard house hits in Dats – Lokiboi’s use of high-hats here really lay in parallel to early dubstep producers such as Silkie and Quest; the work both in unison with the beat but operate on their own skipping around this super cool track. This impressive work is another big hitter for Lokiboi, each hardware-packed track sets the regimented theme for the synths and vocals to float in and out uncontested.

Urge you to go and bag this one from Red Eye or Juno.

Moxie Presents Vol.1

I first heard the name of Moxie when she was Benji B’s invisible (or inaudible) sidekick on his show many years ago. That said, I don’t even know if she’s still on the job, since the heydays of the show are long over (for me anyway!) What I do know instead is her own regular show on NTS Live.

Today, she released a free compilation featuring music of some of her favourite artists, including the likes of Ikonika, Lokiboi, Kowton, SCNTST and more. Not one of terrible 50 track compilations, this feels more like some real selection has been done.

Check it out for yourself, it’s a free download!

Lokiboi – Late Reaction EP

The month of May sees the return of Moscow born now London beat affiliate Lokiboi. With only  a small arsenal of previous releases under his belt (quality may I add), he steps up off the subs bench and treats us all to his newest exciting choice cut – Late Reaction E.P. An inherent balance of old and new, managing to make the newest and freshest rhythms sound as if they were made in times gone by; (personal) parallels being easily drawn to the likes of El-B and 2562 purge the idea Lokiboi has his allegiance deep in both the garage and house camps respectively.

Being handed the baton as title track ‘Late reaction’ does not hang around in kicking off the show. Tribal hits accompany the tough guy- kick-snare-house-rhythm, they let off steam and explore as the piece progresses. This superb backdrop gives the warbling bass, pitched vocals and non-committal synths a chance to twist and churn their way to the four and a half minute finish line. Another notable favorite is the faultless ‘Love saves the day’ Lokiboi invites the ever popular Citizen in to deliver his own unique musical algorithms, giving this track the extra nudge it needs to become surely a loveable club favorite. Cute synths stabs ground the piece and create a plateau for this duo to run wild with. A lengthy head-bopper this puppy may be, but also the flagship of the house-side of this two tone E.P.

‘Help yourself’and ‘Keep on loving me dry’ wear the home colours on the garage side. Arguably not a strong as the house cuts but still an exhibition of Lokiboi’s talent in the production seat. Both peppered with Burial style vocal moans and spaced out skippy beats, it’s great to see him experimenting with some more minimal, sparse rhythms. As the curtain falls, ‘Keep on loving me dry’ blissfully swoops its last soft set of chords bringing an EP quite full of extremes to an unexpected yet fitting end.

Organised basslines, structured beats and well thought out vocal placement make this EP and solid bit of work for both business and pleasure. Available now from Somethinksounds Late Reaction is another sign of Lokiboi gradually wedging his foot in the future-music door.

Buy directly from Somethinksounds, Bleep or iTunes.

Words by Untrst

Weekend Mixtapes #25

As the weekend is about to kick off, the internet has a very special selection of mixtapes this week. Let’s have a look at them.

With his much anticipated third album Nebula Dance finally in stores, Brighton’s Ital Tek is about to tour the U.S. in the coming weeks. He also did a mixtape for Self-titled Mag and picked his 10 favourite footwork tracks for Dummy.

Another album to look out for is Kid Kanevil and Daisuke Tanabe’s Kidsuke, which will be out on November 2nd. In the meantime, check out their mixtape for Finest Ego’s Monthly Mix.

Next up, we got a triplet of uptempo mixes: London’s xxxy got to play a show on Russian radio Follow Me Studio, Scuba showcases lots of new Hotflush material on his mix for FACT Magazine, and you can stream Objekt‘s 2-hour mix from this year’s Dimension Festival.

Boiler Room invited Berlin’s Dixon & Âme to play at their ADE party the other day, that’s 4 hours in the mix!

Hyperdub’s first lady Ikonika did a guestmix for Rob Booth’s Electronic Explorations and she included a previously unheard remix of hers.

Legendary Philadelphia DJ and producer King Britt was approached by the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage “to curate a show on Afrofuturism and its influences on me and my compositional work.”

Hot on the heels of his new single on Brainfeeder, London’s Lapalux stopped by at Los Angeles’ KCRW to do a mini mix.

The oldie of the week comes from Jneiro Jarel, who posted his Houston We Have A Solution Mix made in 2005 (careful, it’s a Facebook link!)

And lastly, let us remind you we had two new mixes out ourselves: Lokiboi contributed to our own podcast series, and Tetsuo did a mix for Colectivo Futuro.

Volume 16 – mixed by Lokiboi

Like previous by Gerry Read or B-Ju, our all new podcast aims at the dancefloor. It was mixed by Londoner-based Lokiboi, who you might know from his collaborations with Klic or his excellent Rinse FM mix. Read an interview, download the mix and enjoy the music.

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us what you do outside of music?

My full name is Vladimir Strabykin and I am a Moscow-born producer from London. I moved to London at the age of 8 and since then I’ve been exploring the British culture. I am currently doing my last year at South Bank University and I am writing my dissertation on early disco culture.

Do you know that book by Tim Lawrence? He wrote about the American dance music culture of the seventies.

Yes, most of my references are from there. Actually from two books, You Better Work! and Love Saves The Day.

What made you decide to write your dissertation on disco?

I study Music and Sonic media and since I got on the course I’ve been learning about House culture. On my last year I decided to go even deeper, to the days before House existed. It’s like a beginning of everything for me, it’s like being in love but not really understanding why it’s happening.

Was house music of the nineties that got you into producing?

Funnily enough, it all started with Dubstep for me, that was my starting point. Material from around 2006-2009, the Mary Anne-Hobbs show on BBC Radio 1 [sends a YouTube link] played massive role on my understanding of genres. Even these days I find it incredibly inspirational.

So you haven’t really been making music for that long?

No, not really. I use to play in bands when I was like 14, I played the drums. It all started with the drums.

Are you still connected Russia, your country of birth? What do you make of the rising music-scene over there?

I am going back to Moscow all the time. We recently did a party there, it was absolutely great vibes. The scene is definitely rising in Moscow, things are popping off very quickly. Mujuice is great, personally I think he is one of the top Russian lads, but also people like OL and Lapti.

The first stuff I heard from you were collaborations with Klic, how did that come about?

Klic, now also known as Medlar, I’ve met him at university. Straight away he was the only person in class whose sound I was digging. We had similar views and started exploring House and Disco music together. Straight away we did remix swaps and collaborations. We worked together on the Won’t EP on Top Billin and more recently we had  a 12-inch on Kolour Records.

What have you been working on lately, is there any new music coming out?

Yeah, I am currently working on few tunes with Citizen. I also have an EP coming out on R1 Ryder, two tunes and two remixes.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. FCL – It’s You (Charles McCloud & Vin Sol Remix)
02. Maddslinky – Compuphonic
04. Randomer – Get Yourself Together
05. Shadow Child & James Talk – Comb Over
06. Kolombo & Loulou Players – Don’t Go Away (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
07. Claude VonStroke – Chimps (Re-Edit)
08. Coat Of Arms – Is This Something
09. Mosca – Murderous
10. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts 3
11. Lung & Maxx Roach – Booty Call (Randomer Remix)
12. Classixx – Into The Valley (Julio Bashmore Remix)
14. Dusky – Flo Jam

To stay updated on Lokiboi’s doings, you can follow him on SoundCloud, Twitter or Facebook.