AFTA-1 – Love is Real Vol. 5

AFTA-1 - Love is Real Vol. 5

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I still got my favourite in the series, Love is Real Vol. 3, sitting on my iPod. Now AFTA-1 has come up with the latest installment and once again he takes us on a journey through laid back soulful music.01. AFTA-1 – Love Suite 3 Pronounced Love
02. AFTA-1 – Occasional Seed : Life Translations
03. Gaby Hernandez – This Tea Makes Love To Me
04. Gaby Hernandez – There Can’t Be More Than This
05. General Strike – Next Day
06. Oriental Sunshine – Across your life
07. Gonjasufi – Sheep
08. Memory Tapes – Swimming Field
09. Erykah Badu – Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long
10. Dâm-Funk – Brookside Park
11. Hudson Mohawke, Robin Hannibal, Myele Manzanza – Ain’t Nobody like You
12. Nikko Gray – Water On The Moon
13. AFTA-1 – Preparing The Sage
14. The Advisory Circle – Sundial
15. Bilal – Levels
16. GB – Baby Amaia’s Dream About A Spaceship
17. King Britt – Soft
18. Robin Hannibal – Amends
19. Ken Barrientos (KenBts.) – Bumps (Dub)
20. Rucyl – Lovebirds
21. GB & A Race Of Angels – Love Is The End
22. Ken Barrientos (KenBts.) – Gt.R.PM
23. Art – Love Is Real
24. AFTA-1 & KenBts. – Radical Center

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Weekly Bits 41/2009

Much sooner than expected AFTA-1 and GAS’D have released the 4th installment of their Love is Real series. To be honest, I haven’t listened to it yet, but knowing the previous volumes and a look at the tracklist you can’t go wrong with it.

And while we’re at soulful music, you probably heard about Bilal’s new album already. It will be released in early 2010 by California’s Plug Research label.

Out soon is the new album from Berlin based producer Robot Koch. It will be available on vinyl and CD, all pre-orders come with these fake Wayfarers sunglasses.

4hero’s Marc Mac twittered this trailer to an upcoming documentary about arranger and producer Charles Stepney called Interrupted Greatness. There isn’t any additional info on the documentary available on the net.

Coinciding with the release of Hyperdub’s anniversary compilation, the Sunday Times has posted an article about the label and its founder Steve Goodman (aka Kode9).

Another enjoyable read are Daniel Wang’s 15 Ways To Clear a Dancefloor for self-titled magazine.

AFTA-1 x GAS’D – Love Is Real Vol. 3

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

It’s already been a couple of weeks back, when AFTA-1 and GAS’D released the third volume of their Love Is Real series. When I first read about it on two of my favourite blogs, MOOVMNT and 92bpm, I downloaded the mix, put it on my iPod and pretty much forgot about it.

Luckily, it’s holiday time and in the meantime I had plenty of time to listen this mix of sweet and schmoove music. And it’s a great one, which is why I don’t want to leave it unmentioned – even if I feel terribly late on this!01. Cazeaux O.S.L.O – Conan Bout With Circumstance
02. Dwilt Sharpp ft. Lorett Fleur – I Need You Close (pts. 1&2 edit)
03. J Dilla – Dimepiece (Instrumental)
04. Self Scientific – Love Bird
05. Boom Clap Bachelors – Tiden Flyver (edit)
06. AFTA-1 – Tiden Flyver Remix
07. Jesse Boykins III – Pantyhose (Instrumental)
08. Platinum Pied Pipers – Stay With Me (Instrumental)
09. Nite Jewel – What Did He Say
10. Dam-Funk – Indigo
11. J Davey – Hi Sun
12. A Race Of Angels – We
13. Sa Ra – Downlow
14. Op Swamp 81 – Another Day
15. Cazeaux O.S.L.O. – Wildo Cheese Wind
16. Shuanise – Etoile (Produced by Fella Vaughn)
17. Dwilt Sharpp ft. Lorett Fleur – U & Endeavour
18. Alpha – Nyquil
19. Steve Spacek – Hidden Track
20. AFTA-1 – Love Suite 2 (Sit Still)

As a little extra, I arranged this mini interview with AFTA-1, so I can give you some more infos on this.

Can you introduce yourself?
Peace, blog world. I am AFTA-1. California native, lover, creator, producer and head of all things SOUND for GAS’D and the Love Is Real movement. For those that may not be familiar with me or my music, i never seem to construct the right words to provide a description, and aside from that, i am a firm believer in removing the genre box and letting the music speak for itself. so, i urge you to visit my myspace or even google “AFTA-1” and see/hear for yourself.

GAS’D is a lifestyle clothing line created by Imani Waddy (lover, visualist, artist, designer) that has been continuously evolving into a free entity fueled by and dedicated to LOVE. represented through 3 basic shapes (triangle, circle, and square) and driven by the simple yet profound truth that, “Love Is Real,” GAS”D’s ultimate goal is to awaken the masses to the realization that there is only one truth, and it starts within us, LOVE…

What were the initial thoughts when you started the series?
The initial thought was actually not a thought at all, more so a feeling. it only made sense to accompany the visuals with their complimentary element, which is music. the clothes, jewelry, art, design and music all form one entity that vibrates to the same center frequency of LOVE. there are certain selections that sound-wise really align with the movement and flow of what we do, and we decided to share them so as to be inclusive of everyone in tune with it.

What else can we expect from you in near future
From AFTA-1 x GAS’D you can expect plenty more music, clothes, film and anything else we are inspired to create. specifically you can expect a video for “Love Suite 2” and of course Love Is Real vol 4 in the coming months as well as the release of my upcoming album

And what’s on your iPod lately?
Simple, Love Is Real vol 3

That last link is of course the download link to this fantastic mixtape. If you need some extra love, you might want to check out the previous volumes in the series.

August 22, 2013 Since it’s still high in demand, here’s a download link for you!