Lukid – Crawlers

Following the teaser video in September this year, Liberation Technologies just released new music by London-based producer Lukid. I already expressed my love for the entire EP on Twitter, now you can find out for yourself. Crawlers is available now on 12-inch and digital download, or you can take a listen to the stream on Spotify.

Lukid – Nine

Finally a sign of life from London-based producer Lukid, who we haven’t heard from since 2012’s Lonely At The Top album on Werkdisc (and what happened to those promised new Glum releases?) The new record is called “Crawlers” and will be out on September 29 on the Liberation Technologies label. First glimpse in that video by Nic Hamilton. Hungry for more!

PVT – Vertigo (Lukid Remix)

PVT‘s fourth studio album Homosapiens came out earlier this year and was already remixed by the likes of Dorian Concept and Nathan Fake. Their next single Vertigo adds some more remixes to that, including this one by Werk Discs associate Lukid. It will be out on June 3rd and you can pre-order one of 300 vinyl records (or a digital release) on PVT’s Bandcamp page.

Lukid – Stripes

UK based animation studio Plastic Horse came up with this video for Lukid.

You can find the track on the vinyl-only Chord album, which was released on Werk Discs last year. If you missed that one, you can still find some copies over at Juno!

Lukid – Brainfeeder Mix

Werk Discs’ very own Lukid has put together this mixtape for Brainfeeder and it’s a good one. It’s one of the better mixes I heard in a while and it features a lot of his own productions and music from his peers.01. Lukid – Spiller
02. Process – E1
03. Nochexxx – Ritalin Love
04. Actress – San Siro
05. Lukid – Just Like Havana
06. Lukid – Untitled
07. Lukid – Veto
08. Infinitirock – Drumhead
09. Actress – Credit Da Edit
10. Newworldaquarium – Star Power
11. Topaz Rags – Dead Horses
12. Martin Dupont – Your Passion
13. James Pants – Mass
14. Bullion – Crazy Over You
15. Loops Haunt – Dusk Mechanics (Samoyed Remix)
16. Anthony Shake Shakir – One Beat (Just Won’t Do)
17. Lukid – Untitled
18. Millie And Andrea – Ever Since You Came Down
19. Lukid – Hair Of The Dog

I hope this means his new album Chords is just around the corner. Until then, go and download the mix!

Lukid – Chord

Lukid - Chord

Cover Artwork

With music from Zomby, Lone, or his own Actress moniker, Darren J. Cunningham’s Werk Discs imprint has continously released some highly acclaimed albums in the last couple of years. What most of you will agree on, is that we would have loved to see those albums released on proper vinyl.

Of course vinyl has become a luxury not many labels can afford, but I’m most delighted to see Lukid’s Chords will be pressed on three discs. Among the tracks is not only new material, but also a couple of tracks from last year’s Foma album.A1. Chord
B1. Veto
B2. Rags
C1. Hair Of The Dog
C2. Child Of The Jago
D1. Saddlebags
D2. Through Gritted Teeth
E1. Lego
E2. Spiller
F1. Stripes
F2. Makes

Chord is dedicated to Davin Gormley, visual artist and designer, close friend of Lukid and longtime collaborator with Werk Discs. Davin sadly passed away in December last year.

No release date yet, will keep you updated on that!

(via Gimme5)

Oct 14, 2010 Boomkat now has copies in stock, Juno on pre-order

Lukid – !@£$%^&*()_+

About a year ago, Lukid released his second longplayer Foma on Werk Discs. It has been one of my personal favourites in 2009, but I always had the feeling it’s also on of the most overlooked ones.

If he isn’t playing records on Ustream (every Monday!), he’s still working on great new music. Such as this new upload to his SoundCloud page.

I also want to mention that Lukid is featured on The Ghostly Remixes, a 12-inch limited to only 300 copies.

Lukid – Foma

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Just when I reported about Luke Blair’s mixtape, I found out that he got his new album out on Werk Discs. The follow-up to 2007’s Onandon is Foma, and it proves Lukid is the first artist of the year you can’t afford to sleep on.

If trip-hop had further evolved since the nineties, or if it still had some relevance in contemporary underground music, this is what it would sound like! It all comes from a kid heavily influenced by Autechre and Boards of Canada, but who produces tracks with the freshness of Flying Lotus or Rustie, Appleblim or Dabrye, Theo Parrish and the late J Dilla.

Foma is a deep dark journey through dubstep, hip hop and IDM, with a consistent mood lurking beneath all tracks. Beautifully wrapped into a design by Davin and Paul Camo, a first masterpiece in 2009!01. Ice Nine
02. Raise High The Roof Beam
03. Veto
04. Slow Hand Slap
05. Saddlebags
06. Chord
07. Foma
08. Fall Apart
09. Laughin’
10. Ski Fly
11. Time Doing So Mean
The album is currently available on CD and as digital download, you can buy a copy at Juno (currently the download only!), Boomkat, iTunes or even Amazon.

While writing this article, I stumbled upon this video on the TrebleO website and this worthwile review on Resident Advisor.

FACT Mix by Lukid

This one is a bit older. Already back in November, British FACT Magazine published a mixtape by Lukid, whom you might remember from his appearance on the Here Comes Treble compilation. It is certainly a mixtape to keep, Lukid mashed up all styles to create this beat-monster!


So tell us about the mix you’ve done for us…
It’s a selection of music that I’ve been into recently. I’ve included a track I made in Barcelona with the help of Tony Nwachakwu, Mark Pritchard and Dorian Concept.

Lukid Mix for FACT Magazine
01. Samoyed – Fuck
02. Autechre – Drane
03. Actress – Redit 124
04. Fluent – Crazy
05. Ssuave – Scotty’s Pikachu Beat
06. James Pants – She’s Out of My Life (Dub)
07. Jana Hunter – The New Sane Scramble
08. Agape – Rejoice
09. Orchestre PolyRhythmo De Cotonou Dahomey – Minsato Le, Mi Dayihome
10. Panda Bear – Young Prayer
11. Lukid – Untitled
12. Theo Parrish – Love Triumphant
13. Fuzz Face – Brainswapper
14. Dabrye – Get Dirty (Instrumental)
15. Dorian Concept – Chocolate Milk
16. Lukid – Chord

Along the mixtape comes an interview with the man, where he talks about his music, his influences and his label.