Machinedrum – aeolia

Created by Warp Records in 2004 as follow-up to their Warpmart online store, Bleep will be celebrating its 10th anniversary with a compilation full of exclusive music. Among the artists contributing is New York’s Machinedrum, whose track aeolian is one of the first you can listen to upfront (the other being by Fuck Buttons.)

Other contributors include Shackleton, Dabrye, Lone, Nosaj Thing, Oneohtrix Point Never and others. And while Bleep: 10 won’t be available before May 10, 2014, you can instantly download both tracks available for preview when pre-ordering a copy. It will be available on 2-LP vinyl, CD and digital download, all wrapped up in a beautifully sleeve designed by Give Up Art.

Resident Advisor Podcast by Machinedrum

I don’t recall when we last highlighted a mix from Resident Advisor‘s podcast series, but the latest from Machinedrum is a worthy one. Tracks old and new from the man himself, including his previously mentioned FSOL remix. Recommended listen!01. Machinedrum – Rise N Fall
02. Machinedrum – The Palace
03. Machinedrum – Show Ur Love
04. Future Sound of London – Ill Flower (Machinedrum Remix)
05. Machinedrum – Knowfuture
06. Skeptical – Eyes Down
07. Om Unit – Deep Sea Pyramid
08. System – Sound Man
09. Tek 9 – Spring
10. Rob & Goldie – Shadow
11. Dwarde – Algid
12. Tessela – Hackney Parrot (Sam Binga Crackney Parrot Refix)
13. Ital Tek – BB
14. Jon Convex – With You (Kid Drama’s Autonomic Mix)
15. Instra:mental & dBridge – White Snares
16. Naibu – Just Like You (Fracture’s Astrophonica Remix)
17. AMIT – Human Warfare (Machinedrum Remix)
18. FIS – Love Drama Stress (Machinedrum Edit)
19. Machinedrum – Overtime

As always, make sure to download the mix before reading the interview.

Machinedrum – Gunshotta

The wait for the new Machinedrum is virtually over, Pitchfork has the full stream of Vapor City before it hits stores five days later on October 30, 2013. On top of that, a second video (following Eyesdontlie) has been revealed today. “Gunshotta” will also be part of another second single, including remixes from AMIT and Fracture. And lastly, you can catch Machinedrum play in venues around the world.

Machinedrum – Clissold VIP

2012 saw the first two in Astrophonica‘s VIP series —including this one from Om Unit— now the third one is about to follow in a couple of days. The new one comes from Berlin-based Machinedrum, who previously showed hi expertise poaching in the worlds of footwork, jungle and juke, as heard on his Dream Continuum collaboration or the more recent Pseudogeddon compilation. Clissold VIP will be out on April 1st on a highly limited vinyl release, pre-order your copy at Surus.

FSOL – Ill Flower (Machinedrum Remix)

A couple of days ago, just in time for the imminent apocalypse, Om Unit gathered some like-minded producers to put out a free compilation of jungle footwork, similar to his own Philip D Kick releases. As much as I love the entire compilation, Machinedrum‘s rework of FSOL has been the tune that has been on constant repeat. Listen to Pseudogeddon on their website or download for free.


Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart are JETS (yes, it’s their initials), already one of the most exciting collaborations of the year. Their debut EP came out on Leisure System and a full-lenght will hopefully follow in the not so distant future. British Fact Magazine asked them to contribute to their podcast and you can listen to that one below.

JETS Elements Radio Vol. 1
01. Machinedrum – Dentist Beat (unreleased)
02. Jimmy Edgar – Do Something Bad (unreleased)
03. Machinedrum – Want Me (unreleased)
04. Steek – Disco Cesar (Jimmy Edgar Rediscovery Foundation Remix)
05. JETS – Lazerkords (unreleased)
06. Three 6 Mafia – Who Run It (Machinedrum Remix)
07. Luxury – Crucified (Jimmy Edgar remix)
08. Jimmy Edgar – I Wanna Be Your STD (Instrumental)
09. Sepalcure – The Water’s Fine (forthcoming Hotflush)
10. Jimmy Edgar – 18th Street Reflections (unreleased)
11. Machinedrum – Don’t Want 2 Lose You (unreleased)
12. Aliya Lenya – My Man Aint Shit I Need a New One (unreleased)
13. Machinedrum – Back Seat Ho (unreleased)
14. Jimmy Edgar – 84 Beat (unreleased)
15. Machinedrum & Prefuse 73 – The Only Scarf (unreleased)
16. KW – It’s Time (Jimmy Edgar remix)
17. Machinedrum – She’s So Real (unreleased)
18. Body Language – Lose my Head (Jimmy Edgar remix)
19. Barker & Baumecker – No Body (Machinedrum remix)
20. Jimmy Edgar – You Took My Love (unreleased)
21. Machinedrum – Take Kuntrol (unreleased)
22. Jimmy Edgar – Higher (instrumental)
23. Machinedrum – Neujack (unreleased)
24. Jimmy Edgar – Sh Baby
25. Machinedrum – Swagmoi (unreleased)
26. Jimmy Edgar – Latin Sunrise Dub (unreleased)
27. Machinedrum – Hell No
28. Jimmy Edgar – Funktion of your Love (Machinedrum remix)
29. Morris Nightingale – Untitled 9 (unreleased)
30. JETS – Sin Luv With U

You might also want to check out this recent interview with Jimmy and Travis.

Machinedrum – U Don’t Survive (FaltyDL Remix)

The original off Machinedrum‘s 2011 album Room(s) has been one of my favourites (well, right after Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real) and I’ve been a fan of New York’s FaltyDL for a long time. Still, this remix is not as good as expected it to be, the build up is a bit too long for my taste.

So why am I posting this? There are still enough elements that I like, especially when the Amen break comes in. You might have heard this before, as the remix already came out on earlier this year on Room(s) Extended, which is only available on CD and as digital release.

Mixtape Monday #28

So, I haven’t been posting anything as of lately and it might in fact go on like this for a little more. Thought I through in a selection of mixtapes that popped up during last week.

It was only a question of time until the big ones asked Vakula for one of his rare mixtapes. The Ukrainian house producer put together a selection of his tracks for Resident Advisor and answered some of their questions.

This Wednesday, Ninja Tune’s Slugabed joins Thundercat and Floating Points for a show at London’s Fabric. On the occasion, he did a mix to promote the night.

Berlin-based Machinedrum did a mix for Dummy Magazine last week. If you’re into the records he’s playing, I can also recommend Nightwave‘s podcast by Dazed Digital and Mike Paradina’s personal selection of footwork influenced tracks for RBMA Radio.

It was back in April when Manchester-based Krystal Klear graced Benji B with a guestmix. Unless you downloaded this one before, you can listen to it on SoundCloud and leave some direct feedback on this excellent mix.

And lastly, let me mention these older mixtapes I came across: Blawan’s mix at Boiler Room, Deadbeat for Inverted Audio, and Recloose‘s 2002 guestmix for Gilles Peterson.

Machinedrum & FaltyDL – Give In 2

It should be no suprise really. Two guys got New York in common, they hangout together, eventually end up making music together. Happens all the time, and this time it happened to Machinedrum and FaltyDL.

Oh, and yes – the track is a free download too!

Machinedrum – Room(s) Extended

Machinedrum - Room(s) Extended

Cover Artwork

Without a doubt, Machinedrum‘s 2011 album Room(s) has been one of the best records of the last year. So, I guess many will be as excited as I am about Planet Mu‘s recent announcement on the special Record Store Day edition. It will be accompanied by a bonus CD full of unreleased tracks and remixes by the likes of FaltyDL, Lando Kal, Chrissy Murderbot, and Chicago footwork producer Traxman.

01. She Died There
02. Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real
03. Sacred Frequency
04. U Don’t Survive
05. Come1
06. Youniverse
07. GBYE
08. The Statue
09. Lay Me Down Play
10. Door(s)
11. Where Did We Go Wrong?

01. U Don’t Survive (FaltyDL Remix)
02. Flycatcha (feat. Body Language)
03. TMPL
04. Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real (Lando Kal Remix)
05. Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
06. Fantastix
07. Listen 2 Me
08. From Now On
09. U Don’t Survive (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
10. Mondo Cane
11. She Died There (Traxman Remix)
12. Diepure

Snippets are available on the Planet Mu website where you can also purchase your copy on 2-CD and digital once it becomes available on April 21, 2012.

Gang Colours – Fancy Restaurant (MachineDrum Remix)

This coming February will see two releases by Gang Colours on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood label. First up is the single Fancy Restaurant with remixes by Ifan Dafydd, Deft and MachineDrum – listen to the latter below.

It will be out on 12-inch and digital on February 20, 2012. One week later on the 27th, it will be followed by the Gang Colours debut album “The Keychain Collection.”

Bonobo – Eyesdown (Machinedrum Remix Edit)

Here’s an edit of the Machinedrum remix to appear on the forthcoming Bonobo remix album. I’m not the biggest Bonobo fan and I’m often skeptical when it comes to remix albums, but a look at the featured artists and a listen at the snippets quickly got me excited about this one.

Among the remixers are FaltyDL, Mark Pritchard, Floating Points, Blue Daisy and I could stop here and buy the album already, but let me also mention ARP101, Cosmin TRG and Mike Slott.

A look at the full cast plus snippets are available on the Black Sands Remixed page. There you can also pre-order your copy on 3xLP, CD (plus bonus 5-inch) and digital download.

Speaking of downloads, you can download that Machinedrum edit from above in exchange for your email.

Machinedrum – U Don’t Survive (SBTRKT edit)

2011 has been another exceptional year for electronic music and I guess I’d put Machinedrum and SBTRKT on my best-of list if I was doing any. But don’t worry list loving people, I’m sure you’ll find them on many others.

Instead, I’m sharing this unreleased edit that involves both artists: SBTRKT remixing a track from Machinedrum’s Room(s) album. Doesn’t say whether there’ll be a release, maybe not. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the stream!

Machinedrum – Luster

A lovely b-side taken from Room(s), the album by Machinedrum released on Planet Mu last summer which was a favourite of mine this year.

Seems like there are no plans for the tune, wasn’t even a bonus track for Japan or something like that. Looks like we have to bear with this stream.

June 22, 2012 Apparently, the track will be part of the Electronic Explorations compilation and it’s now available for free download!

Backstage Pass: Machinedrum

As I was just sitting on my bed, browsing through some videos, I came across this nice interview with Machinedrum. He talks his reasons for moving to NYC, sample based hip-hop compared to making electronic music from scratch and his philophy of making music.

With Room(s) Machinedrum delivered one of my favourite albums this year. Having seen him play twice this year already, I must also urge you to check one his live-shows, whether it’s solo or as Sepalcure.