Medlar – Knockhard Pearl

We ever so often posted music by Klic (including this podcast), but most people might know his under his Medlar disguise under which released mainly on Wolf Music. His next on the label is his first solo EP, titled Knockheard Pearl, coming out shortly. Above you can watch the official video, and there’s also a free remix by Bicep.

Volume 07 – mixed by Klic

Signed to the newly founded Hit and Hope label, Brighton based Klic (aka Medlar) is a young producer forging a sound somewhere between techno and garage. For the latest podcast, he put together new music from the likes of Actress, Greymatter, Throwing Snow and some of his own, mostly unreleased music.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. Naive Machine – Afrika
02. Throwing Snow – Delorean
03. Greymatter – When I Was Lost (Milyoo Remix)
04. Greymatter – Only To Fall
05. FCL – Let’s Go
06. The Incredible Bongo Band – Sharp Nine (Klic Remix)
07. The Mountain People – Mountain010.1
08. Herbert – Close To Me
09. Actress – Always Human
10. Klic & Greymatter – Thinking About You
11. Vince Watson – Intrisync
12. Kelvin K – MYloveisTRUE
13. STL & Stephen Hitchell – Dub Zero (Rever Dub House Remix)
14. Pole – Huckenpack
15. Shed – The Bot
16. Klic – Moniker
17. Article – Landn E.L.O
18. Peverelist – Fighting Without Fighting
19. Marchmellow & Riskotheque – I Need Ya

If you’ve enjoyed this mix, please read this interview with Klic and check him out on SoundCloud or MySpace. You can also vote for this mix on Mixcloud!