It’s All Happening! Live!

Not counting a limited Japan-only release (or bootleg?), it’s been long four years since we heard new music from Carlos Niño. A first teaser from the new album was posted only a couple of weeks ago, and this week “Flutes, Echoes, It’s All Happening!” finally became available through Leaving Records.

Watch an improvisation in the Stones Throw dungeon, featuring long-time collaborator Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on viola, Dexter Story on keys, and Jamire Williams on drums.

In related news, also check out Carlos’ latest radio show on Dublab.

Carlos Niño & Friends – It’s All Happening!

There has been a lot of exciting music coming out on Leaving Records and it seems like every week the label operated by Matthewdavid reaches to new heights. The latest announcements has been the forthcoming album by Carlos Niño, which is going to feature a cast of long-time collaborators such as Miguel Atwood-Ferguson or Dexter Story, as well as new age composer Iasos, Brainfeeder-signed saxophonist Kamasi Washington or the legend Madlib.

Titled “It’s All Happening!”, the album will be in stores on April 22nd, and you can listen to a first teaser above.

fLako – Twelve O’Clock Shadow

Looking back, we’ve been writing about fLako‘s music for quite some time. From his humble beginnings on UpMyAlley and his own Kwatro imprint, the German-Chilean producer has come a long way. And if the expectations for his debut album “Natureboy” hadn’t been high enough, his guest appearance on Alexander Nut’s Rinse show made the last week before its release hard to bare.

Always having been a huge fan of Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, this is the album track I want to share with you. However, you can actually go ahead and stream the entire album or pick it up from all good record stores.

Austin Peralta live at Futura

To commemorate the late Austin Peralta, Alpha Pups’ Daddy Kev has uploaded a recording of the full concert from the Endless Planets release party. The concert took place on February 11, 2011 and features Austin Peralta on keys, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on viola, Sam Gendel on the saxophone, Ryan McGillicuddy on bass, Zach Harmon on drums, and Earnest Blount on electronics. Witness 72 minutes of fantastic live jazz with an introduction by Flying Lotus.

The Gaslamp Killer – Flange Face

The Gaslamp Killer - Flange Face

Cover Artwork

When I first heard about the forthcoming album from The Gaslamp Killer, I wasn’t sure what to expect or whether I was looking forward to it. As much as I loved his production work on A Sufi And A Killer, it was clear another album mostly sampling Turkish psych-rock records (and the likes) wouldn’t do. A look at the tracklist was all it took to change my mind: Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Adrian Younge, Shigeto, Dimlite, Amir Yaghmai, Daedelus, Computer Jay(and others.) No doubt, there are some potent musicians involved in the making of the record!

01. Flange Face (with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
02. Flange Face (Low End Theory Edit)
03. Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun (with Dimlite)
As of today, you can get yourself a taste of the record as Brainfeeder released the single Flange Face containing two of the album tracks plus a Low End Theory edit of the title track. You can listen to all of the tracks on the Bleep website, where you can also buy the digital-only single.

Expect the full album Breakthrough to follow on September 17, 2012.

Mark de Clive-Lowe – The Why

As you might know already, Los Angeles based Mark de Clive-Lowe has signed with Tru Thoughts and will have an album out on November 15th. Before that he’s releasing a single featuring the vocals of Nia Andrews and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on strings, just listen below.

The single is completed with a remix from Zed Bias under his Maddslinky alias and Mark himself delivering a remix for the dancefloor (think Restless Soul.) To make the wait until October 3rd a bit shorter, you can download the original version two weeks prior to the release – in exchange for your email address.

Endless Planets Release Party

Hanging out in Los Angeles and not sure what to do tonight? Well, it’s kind of last minute, but we just felt like we should recommend you the Austin Peralta album release party.

You might have heard his new album Endless Planets, which only came out this week on Brainfeeder. In any case check out the videos below.

The full band includes Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (viola), Sam Gendel (alto sax), Ryan McGillicuddy (bass), Zach Harmon (drums & tabla), Earnest Blount aka Ian Simon (laptop) and Austin Peralta himself on the piano.

Check out the events page on Facebook for details!

November 24, 2012 As of today, the entire concert is available for free download!

Flying Lotus Maida Vale Session

Los Angeles’ very own Flying Lotus is joined by his cousin Ravi Coltrane, singer Andreya Triana, Thundercat on bass, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on violin andsome others for a recording session at the BBC’s Maida Vale Studios.

Three tracks from that session are also available on Gilles Peterson‘s latest radio-show, available for 7 more days on the BBC iPlayer.

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble – Drips/Take Notice

Not so long ago, I posted a video of the rehearsals for the concert you can watch below. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson invited some friends to join him play a concert at Grand Performances in Los Angeles.

Among the musicians are the likes of Flying Lotus and Thundercat, the full line-up can be found here. You can download this and another track featuring Bilal for free.

The quality of the recording leaves some hope that Mochilla might release a DVD of the full concert at some point. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

September 4, 2010 Greg Ponstingl notified me that Mochilla did not produce the video, but he did. So that’s it for the DVD I guess. Well, if Greg has further plans, I will let you know!

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble – MmmHmm

Only a low quality snippet from rehearsals by the Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble, just nice enough to mention it here.

The track is MmmHmm by Flying Lotus, which actually didn’t make it into their performance at LA’ s Grand Performances two weeks ago.

For the full line-up, visit the YouTube page for this video.

Arthur Verocai – Na boca do sol

Here’s another excerpt from Mochilla’s Timeless box-set, taken from Arthur Verocai‘s live performance at the Los Angeles Theatre Center.

For the fullscreen video, you need to visit the VTech website. There you can also download an MP3 of the song.

Arthur Verocai – Sylvia (live)

Brazilian composer and arranger Arthur Verocai plays an exclusive session for KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic show, accompanied by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on violin, Justo Almario on flute and sax, Fabiano Do Nascimento on guitar and singer Diana Booker.

For a video of the full session, head over to the KCRW website, where you can also stream the music alone. And of course, I still recommend Mochilla’s Timeless DVD with a full concert by Arthur Verocai and a 30-piece orchestra!

The Miguel Atwood-Fergusons

I actually just wanted to mention this interview with Build an Ark’s Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, but then I came across this wonderful montage of him playing strings.

You might want to check out the other videos on The Qualities of Light, for instance this with Computer Jay.

Georgia Anne Muldrow remixes Suite for Ma Dukes

LA’s Georgia Anne Muldrow steps up to record a remix of Miguel Atwood-Ferguson’s Suite for Ma Dukes.

Remixing Suite for Ma Dukes is a brave undertaking. Several producers and MCs at first accepted and then declined the job. In the end we think we got the right person. It is with great pleasure on the week of Mothers Day to release this remix. Done while mothering by none other than Georgia Anne Muldrow.

You have to visit the VTech website for the fullscreen version, there you can also download an MP3 of that remix.

Suite For Ma Dukes DVD

You might have heard about the upcoming DVDs from Mochilla, one of them featuring the legendary Suite for Ma Dukes concert arranged by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. Following previous excerpts from both the concert and the rehearsals, VTech has posted this brand new video.

For some reason, you have to follow a different link for a fullscreen version of the video. Also make sure to grab yourself the MP3 of that song.