Mo Kolours – How I

Mmmh, that’s interesting. I heard this Mo Kolours track before, but it has such a classic feel to it that I expected it to be and old Theo Parrish or maybe a Kenny Dixon Jr. tune. Instead it’s the title track from his latest EP, available digitally and on vinyl from his Bandcamp store. You can probably tell the video is the work of London’s animation studio Plastic Horse, who you might know for their work for Paul White, The Heliocentrics or Nochexxx.

Weekend Mixtapes #43

It took me a while, but I finally caught up listening to some more recent DJ mixes. Here are a couple worth checking out, including some brand new ones!

There is now way around this first one, as Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet has once again graced the decks at the studio. If you just look for one mix to listen to, make it this one!

Next up there is Luke Vibert‘s mix for FACT Magazine from a couple of weeks back. Brilliant selection ranging from eighties boogie and electro to proto-acid.

Alex Phountzi and IG Culture have teamed up last year to form NameBrandSound, experimenting with juke and bass music, with an album in the pipeline for Ninja Tune sublabel Technicolor. Here’s their mix for Solid Steel Radio.

Oh, and don’t miss the later part of the same show, featuring a mix by Mo Kolours, whose debut album is available now!

News from Aardvarck are rare, but they usually involve a DJ mix by the former Rednose Distrikt man. Listen to The Present House of Aardvarck before it’s gone (which often happens quickly!)

I remember hearing about a Dublab livestream from UpMyAlley founder Joscha Creutzfeldt, but unfortunately it was only the day after. But the man was good enough to share his selection of soulful music on SoundCloud the other day.

And we’ll end this selection with two of my favourite producers from the early noughties: Domu, now officially back from retirement, recorded a new mixtape for our listening pleasure, while Titonton Duvanté rediscovered one recorded in 1995.

Mo Kolours – Little Brown Dog

I haven’t listen to any music for the last couple of days, but now I’m back from my short-term exile and it feels good listening to music when it’s as sweet as this tune. It’s a track taken from the forthcoming Mo Kolours debut album on One-Handed Music, which –fortunately– isn’t that far from its March 24 release date as the last time we checked. Pre-order the digital download or a copy on CD from Mo Kolours’ Bandcamp store.

Mo Kolours – Mike Black

Following his three EPs on the label, half-Mauritian, half-English producer, singer and percussionist Mo Kolours is now set to release his debut album on One-Handed Music. Above you can hear a first full track, an organic house track by the name of “Mike Black”.

For some more bits, make sure to also check out the album trailer below.

Pre-orders of the self-titled record are now open via the label’s Bandcamp page. It will be available in stores worldwide on March 24, 2014.

Mo Kolours – Bomptious (Shafiq Husayn Remix)

1. Session
2. Will Be
3. Bomptious
4. D. Conference
5. Tusk Dance
6. Promise
7. Laser Wind Tunnel
8. Bomptious (Shafiq Husayn Remix)

We’re now only three days away from the release of Mo KoloursTusk Dance EP, the missing piece in his trilogy for One-Handed Music. You have probably heard (and downloaded) the original version of Bomptious before, now it also got the remix treatment by Sa-Ra’s very own Shafiq Husayn. Tusk Dance will be out on vinyl and digital and can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp.

February 24, 2013 The Tusk Dance EP is out now!

Mo Kolours – Brave

It took the new Mo Kolours 7-inch little more than six hours to sell out. I’m sorry if you were after a copy, but the hand-stamped white label was only limited to 300 pieces. However, if you don’t mind a digital release, you can still grab Brave/Dredd Music in a format of your choice. In fact, you can download the a-side for free!

Mo Kolours – Banana Wine

The reason why I hardly ever post video montages is mostly bad quality of the source material and the lacking relation to the actual song. Both of which is not true for this new Mo Kolours video. In fact I’d like to take my hat off to Jim Deth for even coming across this marvellous material and putting it together.

Banana Wine is taken from the second Mo Kolours EP on One-Handed Music. The vinyl is probably hard to come by now, but you could always grab the free digital release.

Weekly Bits 11/2012

As you might know by now, the great IG Culture is about to release a new album on Kindred Spirits. Reason enough for Alexander Nut to invite the legendary West London producer on his Rinse FM show to play records. If you missed that one, click here to listen again

Alex Chase’s One-Handed Music is giving away the second Mo Kolours EP for free, the digital that is. You can buy the vinyl at the same link, unless you prefer shopping at Rush Hour, Sounds of the Universe or elsewhere.

Following the very special Julia Holter podcast, FACT Magazine has interviewed the Los Angeles-based producer about her latest album.

I’m very excited to hear there’ll be a new release from Shokazulu, which is likely another moniker of Dego McFarlane and Kaidi Tatham. Should be in stores this week, snippets are available here.

Benji B invited Scratcha DVA on his show to talk about his forthcoming debut album and play some music from it. There’s also a video interview with the man to check out on i-D Magazine.

With spring starting in the Northern hemisphere, we restocked our shirts and sell them cheaper than ever before. If you want to show your love and support this site, please consider buying one!

Mo Kolours – Drum Walking Mixtape

In celebration of his debut on One-Handed Music, half-Mauritian percussionist & singer Mo Kolours has put together this little mix for Wax Poetics.

01. Nilija
02. Math Samba, Luc Assa, Alpha Konate, Prosper N’Kouri
03. Unknown
04. Hermeto Pascoal
05. Roy Haynes
06. Buddy Miles
07. P.Lapouble
08. Ray King, Mike Rose, Pablo Gonsales, Sam Kelly, Joey Dee
09. Carlton “Santa’ Davis
10. Bernard Purdie
11. Easy Santa
12. Sol Amarfio
13. Stomu Yamash’ta
14. Ed Green, Gary Coleman
15. Gregg Gregg
16. Nilija, Pudim, Ben Hassan
17. Adama Drame, Siaka Bamoro
18. Eddie Knowles, Charlie Saunders, David Barnes

As you can see there’s no real tracklisting, just the names of the drummers on each track. If you can figure out all the tracks first, One-Handed Music will award you with this t-shirt. Just leave a comment on SoundCloud, where you can also download the mix.

To get yourself a copy of EP1: Drum Walking, head over to Bandcamp and choose between 12-inch vinyl and a digital release. Or try your favourite record store.