New bits from Bembe Segue

Oh right, wasn’t there talk about a solo-album from Bembe Segue a long time ago? I forgot myself and was only reminded when she uploaded some new tracks on her MySpace page.

I’ll find a myriad of excuses why not to add new tunes….”its not ready”, “its not mixed”, ” arrangement still needs work”, “hmmm not sure about the lyric in verse 3”, “its too jazz, certain peeps wont like it”, “it’s not jazz enough- certain peeps wont like it”, “its too broken”..”.its not broken enough”,”i like it but is it ‘bembe’?” […] I have a confession – over 1,000 tunes sit on various hard drives all mentally listed with one of the above excuses

I don’t want to claim that Bembe has a creative block, but she doesn’t sound too sure about her work. Go and read the full blog entry to see what I mean, and send her some love and encouragement. Just in case that she really deleted the post in the meantime, as she said she might, I got a screenshot of that entry.

New Kaidi Tatham Album?

This weekend I’ve been to Freedom School’s page on MySpace and look what I found: a logo saying Kaidi Tatham!

Freedom School MySpace

Freedom School MySpace

I already heard rumors about a new solo work following the 2000Black album and actually this would fit very well into Freedom School’s current portfolio, following MdCL’s Journey 2 The Light and IG Culture’s Zen Badizm. Also there are some new tracks up on Kaidi’s own MySpace page, though they’re more likely demos.

At the moment there’s no news on the Freedom School website, just two videos of Kaidi playing keys. I’m trying to get a word from official sides and keep you posted.

Aug 28, 2008 Apparantly the release on Freedom School has been confirmed on Worldwide earlier this year and is supposed to hit the streets (of Japan) in November 2008.

Sept 28, 2008 Finally a confirmation, the album will be called In Search Of Hope!

Oct 4, 2008 Tracklist and thoughts from Matt Lord can be found here.

Oct 27, 2008 HMV adds some confusion about the name of the album!

Nov 18, 2008 Photographer Adrian Wood speaks about the photo session for the album cover

Nov 19, 2008 Rush Hour has snippets from the album

Nov 27, 2008 Freedom School posted an interview with Kaidi

Jan 1, 2009 ..and finally the review!