Shigeto live on KEXP

Before he played at this year’s Decibel Festival in Seattle, Zach Saginaw aka Shigeto payed KEXP radio a visit to perform a couple of tracks live, two of them taken from his latest album No Better Time Than Now. You can watch the entire session (including an interview) above or check out the individual tracks Ringleader, Perfect Crime, R Life and Ann Arbor part 3 & 4.

Shigeto live at Festival des Hauts de Garonne

Having delivered a stunning new album for Ghostly, Detroit’s Shigeto is now taking it to stages around the world. The video above captures nearly one hour of such a live performance, it was recorded back in July at the Festival des Haute de Garonne in, you guessed it right, France.

Shigeto – Detroit Part 1

We shared a live version of Shigeto‘s “Detroit Part 1” with you the last time, now there’s an official music video directed by Rafe Scobey-Thal. The video has it all it takes to win my love, beautiful cinematography and a storyline, not to mention the music from the newly released album No Better Time Than Now. You know what to do, just make sure to do it in fullscreen and high definition!

(via ReqEffect)

Shigeto – Olivia

I didn’t see this coming, but following last year’s Lineage, Shigeto already completed a new album for Ghostly International. For some the Michael Cina artwork might be reason enough to get a copy of the vinyl record, but if the rest of the album sounds as fine as the track above, there aren’t any excuses for not getting “No Better Time Than Now”. According to the Ghostly store, pre-orders will ship around August 20th.

Update You also want to check out this video of Shigeto playing live. In a car. In the desert.