Tor Lundvall – Last Light (Nocow Dusty Mix)

I already forgot posting the excellent Ruins Tape from Russia’s Burial, so I didn’t want to repeat the mistake for his latest download, the Nocow remix of painter and ambient musician Tor Lundvall.

You can download this from his SoundCloud page, make sure to leave a comment as well. And don’t forget the free album I mentioned above!

Mixtape Monday, Tuesday Edition

Alright, so it’s Tuesday already, but I don’t think you’d want to wait another week for a proper Mixtape Monday.

I’ve been waiting a long time for a new Isolée album. Now that it’s finally out, he’s been doing some mixes to spread the word. Like the all new Resident Advisor podcast or the guestmix for Beats in Space from some weeks back.

Speaking of Beats in Space, I also have to recommend their latest show which features this guestmix by DMX Krew.

I wonder sometimes why some blogs refuse to set trackbacks. They’re not only the foundation on which all social networking is based on, they’re also a great way to discover great related content. Like these mixtapes by Domu that just surfaced. Whether previously unreleased or not, you already know he’s one of the best DJs in recent years.

More recommended mixes include the all new URB podcast put together by Lukid, Nocow’s guest mix for Gimme5, or this minimix by Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Update The new XLR8R podcast just came in and it was put together by another favourite of ours: London based producer Oriol – don’t sleep!

Nocow – Homeward Rain

Saint Petersburg’s Nocow is one of the less known in this generation of Russian beatmakers. To put some more attention to his skills, he is giving away a free track.

Make sure to download and for more Russian beatscene checkout Error Broadcast’s Fly Russia, our DZA podcast and this article on Pitchfork.