Ahu, Dilla and Busta Rhymes – Turn Me Up: Love

Sweet remix by Mr. Beatnick here, putting Ahu’s To: Love over Busta Rhymes’ Turn Me Up, which itself was produced by J Dilla.

Limited to 100 downloads only – be quick game over!

Paul White – Stones Throw Podcast #62

We wouldn’t want to miss out on a new mix by Paul White, so here’s news about his latest podcast for the cats at Stones Throw.

Wolf City.
A New Way.
Ancient Treasure (Paul White’s Day Off Remix) ft. Guilty Simpson.
The Magic Window.
Hype Strings.
Future Adventures.
Electronic Logos Inc.
Mogwai’s Singing Lessons.
The Doldrums.
The Professor.
Tranqill – Payroll (Paul White’s Nasty Business Remix)
The Curve.
MED ‘Classic’ ft. Talib Kweli (Paul White Remix)
So Far Away.
The Pointless Forest.
London Town Interlude.
King Arthur.
Guitar Riff Part IIII.
Loopy Tunes Interlude.
Run Shit ft. Marv Won.
League Under The Sea.
We’ll Never End.

I believe most of these are actually Paul’s tunes, go for the download!

FOE – A Handsome Stranger Called Death (Paul White Remix)

The ever busy Paul White returns with a new remix for fellow Briton FOE. Due to a lack of a release date, all you can do now is listen to the track..

..or grab the free download. Or you might want to listen to the original version.

Ahu – To: Love

Following previous collaborations with Flying Lotus, Grooveman Spot, Soundspecies, Mr. Beatnick or Emanative, the debut single from Turkish singer Ahu is finally available on One-Handed Music.

Produced by the label’s very own Paul White, it comes with two fantastic remixes from Dimlite.

<a href="http://ahumusic.bandcamp.com/album/to-love" target="_blank">To: Love. by Ahu</a>

The vinyl should be out in two weeksTo: Love is out now on 12-inch, but you can already buy digital copies via Bandcamp. Plus you can download the original version for free!

Paul White Mix for 6 Music

When there’s a new mix by Paul White, I find that reason enough to take a break from my holiday and write about it. Just having released his new album, he dropped this guestmix for the Tom Ravenscroft show on 6 Music two weeks ago.

01. A Personalised Record For Paul – Play The Game
02. A Personalised Record For Paul – Where Are You?
03. Paul White – The Doldrum
04. Paul White – A New Way
05. Paul White – E Flat Double Style
06. Bombay Bicycle Club – Magnet (Paul White Remix)
07. Paul White – OOOooo My Love
08. Paul White – Pride
09. Paul White – Garfield’s New Thing
10. Paul White – Goes To Hollywood
11. Time Is Flashing Interlude
12. The John Betsch Society – Open Pastures
13. Smoke – Griffo
14. Airto – I Don’t Have To Do What I Don’t Want To Do
15. SBB – Pamiec W Kamien Wrasta
16. Paul White – Ancient Treasure feat. Guilty Simpson
17. The Radiophonic Workshop Outro

Available for stream and download!

Paul White Beat Showcase

One-Handed’s Paul White did this guestmix for BTS Radio, showcasing some of his new beats. Many of these can be found on his just released album Paul White & The Purple Brain, which is out on Now-Again Records.

Paul White Beat Showcase01. Cheech & Chong Intro
02. Paul White – My Guitar Whales
03. Paul White – Ancient Treasure feat. Guilty Simpson (Assumin’ Remix)
04. Paul White – Wait For Me
05. Paul White – And Nico
06. Paul White – Pride
07. Paul White – Moonlight
08. Paul White – The Galaxy Window
09. Paul White – Synth March
10. Paul White – Versus The BBC
11. Paul White – Ancient Treasure feat. Guilty Simpson (Day Off Remix)
12. Paul White – Dance Scene
13. Paul White – Right On
14. Paul White – Garfield’s New Thing
15. Paul White – The Doldrum
16. Paul White – Bernard Fevre Remix
17. Paul White – Back to My Roots
18. Paul White – Highlife
19. Paul White – A Gentle Freak
20. Paul White – Evasive Action
21. Paul White – Goes To Hollywood
22. Paul White – Marshen Signals
23. Paul White – Death Star
24. Paul White – Another Mind State
25. Paul White – Speed Racing
26. Pharoah Sanders – Hum Allah Hum Allah Hum Allah
27. Weather Report – The Elders
28. Laboratorium – Ikona
30. Clint Eastwood & General Saint – Can’t Take Another World War
31. Can – Hallelujah
32. Belle Epoque – Miss Broadway
33. Bo Hansson – Rabbit Music
34. Uele Kalabubu – Matata

Download here!

Paul White – Pride

The latest offering from Paul White will finally come to stores this week, time for another video by (name removed on request).

You can get Paul White & The Purple Brain on 2-LP, CD and digital, the first vinyl pressings come with a bonus 12-inch of Ancient Treasures featuring Guilty Simpson.

If you’re in the United States or Canada, it’s recommended to get the album from the Stones Throw store.

Paul White – Shake Your Leg Mixtape

With his new album Paul White & The Purple Brain nearing release, Paul has finished another mix to get you in the mood. He keeps to surprise with an unusual selection of music, which is exactly why his mixes among my favourites – there’s a lot to learn from them!

01. Bruce Haack Intro
02. Bob James – Love Power
03. Azymuth – Last Summer In Rio
04. The Alan Parson Project – Nucleus
05. Can – Paperhouse
06. Gong – Dynamite: I Am Your Animal
07. Aaron Harry – On Golden Sands
08. Interlude
09. Phil Upchurch – Adam And Charlene
10. Hummingbird – Annas Song
11. Les Crane – Esperanza
12. Rick Wakeman – Dante Period
13. ELO – Yours Truely, 2095
14. Paul White – The Doldrum
15. Interlude
16. U-Roy – Natty Rebel
17. U-Roy – So Jah Jah Say
18. Ken Boothe – Aint No Sunshine
19. Weather Report – Lusitanos
20. Weather Report – Badia
21. Paul White – Future Adventures
22. Paul White – Dance Scene
23. Paul White – Space Princess
24. Paul White – Roots
25. Paul White – Moonlight
26. Neil Outro

The album will be released in early June on CD and triple LP version, a single featuring Guilty Simpson can be downloaded at Bandcamp. The release party will take place at London’s Plastic People on May 27, 2010.

Click to download the mix.