Jonny Miller – One Step Beyond Vol. 1

For his latest mixtape offering, London-based Jonny Miller dug out some treasures from the early nineties. Oldskool jungle, rave and other hardcore sounds, including many names I haven’t read in a while: LFO, Jonny L, Foul Play and Omni Trio.

01. D-Livin – Why
02. Roger Johnson – One By One
03. Ragga Twins – Shine Eye
04. Hypnotist – Pioneers Of The Warped Groove
05. The Charm – De-Man-Tation
06. Yolk – Bish Bosh
07. Jonny L – Hurt U So
08. Yolk – Music For The People
09. Acen – Life and Crimes Of A Roughneck
10. Mark One – Hoovers & Spraycans
11. Nightmares On Wax – Aftermath (LFO Remix)
12. Ragga Twins – 18″ Speaker
13. 4Hero – Move Wit The House Groove
14. LTJ Bukem – Take Me Away
15. Boogie Times Tribe – The Dark Stranger
16. Symphony Sounds – Pennywise
17. Rap & Aston – Get Rushed
18. Tayla – Bang The Drums
19. Omni Trio – Who Are You
20. Foul Play – Beat Track
21. Omni Trio – Sanctuary (Funky Technicians Mix)

Great mixtape for the headz out there – and everybody else who was either too young or just needs a private lesson in underground music from that period. Mixing the whole thing in Ableton, Jonny somehow managed to create a very warm sound. As a result some of the tunes don’t sound old (or outdated) at all.

Make sure to download the mix and leave a comment over at SoundCloud.